Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 140 - Yao Mimi Kneeling Down

Chapter 140: Yao Mimi Kneeling Down

When Song Yunxuan wakes up, Chu Mochen is watching her carefully with hand supporting his head.

She is stunned. Being so close to Chu Mochen’s face makes her heart jump.

Rubbing her eyes, she pretends not to wake up completely and asks, “What time is it?”

“Around six in the evening.” Chu Mochen calmly replies to her.

She is shocked, “Do I sleep so long?”

“You’ve had a good sleep recently. You can fall asleep without psychotropic drugs. Congratulations.” Chu Mochen teases her, and at the same time raises his hand to touch her cheek, and then pushes the long hair hanging from her cheek to the back of her ear.

He is very gentle, making her feel that she is deeply loved.

However, just when Chu Mochen looks at her so attentively, Shao Tianze’s face appears before her eyes.

Many years ago, when she was pregnant with Gu Yi, Shao Tianze was so gentle and focused, looking at her gently with warm light.

The tenderness seems to melt people’s heart.

However, what happened then?

She could not help but drop her eyelashes and raise corners of her lips with mock.

What happened later was disgusting.

Shao Tianze is a more skilled actor than the movie king. He can get out from the deep emotion easily as he wishes.

However, she thinks it really funny when Shao Tianze looks at people with deep feeling.

How on earth could he do that?

He sees the curve of her lips and asks her, “What are you laughing at?”

She raises her eyes. The beautiful eyes are as black as ink. The bright pupils in her eyes make Chu Mochen look at her more attentively.

All of a sudden, she falls in love with him, gently, cautiously, and sincerely, draws close to him, and then puts her lips on his lips.

Her eyelashes are thick and black, and they shiver a few times. The temperature of her lips reaches the bottom of Chu Mochen’s heart.

She takes the initiative to kiss Chu Mochen so abnormally. But he doesn’t control the initiative right away. Instead, he gently holds her cheek and slowly inserts his slender fingers into her hair, which is as smooth as the best silk in the world.

When he put his fingers in, he could comb her hair to the end. However, he gently holds the back side of her head and lets her press on his lips, unable to escape immediately.

Song Yunxuan kisses his lips, tentatively and clumsily.

Chu Mochen tyrannically and patiently presses her lips, deepens the kiss, and guides her.

Chu Mochen holds the back of her waist and pulls her to his arms. Song Yunxuan cannot breathe with the kiss.

He releases her.

She puts her chin on his shoulder, her arms around his neck, draws closer to him with an unprecedented intimacy, and whispers in his ear, “Don’t hurt me at any time, will you?”

Chu Mochen hugs her waist and holds her tightly in his arms, “What if I hurt you by accident?”

She chuckles lightly. “What kind of situation are you talking about?”

Chu Mochen kisses her earlobe, “You guess.”

She blinks. Her eyes are as bright and peaceful as numerous stars.

Her long eyelashes hang down quietly, and a quiet and beautiful light is brewing in her eyes, like a still water under the moon.

“If it is the case last night, I’ll forgive you at my discretion.”

“What if it’s something else?”

He puts his hand on her back and touches her butterfly bone, feeling that although she is cold in nature, she is so delicate.

He holds her in his arms and wants to cherish her with all his heart.


“Nothing else could hurt me.”

Chu Mochen smiles and lowers his eyes.

Song Yunxuan is very strong like Gu Changge. Her body may be destroyed, but her mind will never be.

“Which part of you is the strongest?”

“Heart.” She says without thinking. Maybe she thinks her answer is too brief, so she explains to him, “But, maybe, heart is also the most fragile.”

She leaves his arms, raises her eyes and looks at him. The corner of her lips bend, “Why, are you looking for my weakness, and then you want to hurt me?”

Chu Mochen shakes his head, puts his forehead against her forehead and looks at her eyes seriously, “I want to avoid hurting you.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but smile with happiness, “If you hurt me, I will leave you.”

Chu Mochen lowers his eyes and smiles softly.

But he puts his hand on her waist.

With a turn-around, he presses her under his body. There is a slightly bad smile in his eyes. He, so handsome, faces her and laughs, “I would like to see what you will do.”

Her beautiful eyebrows wrinkle, her cheeks turn red, and she reaches out to push him shamefully, “You… Uh…

The kiss blocks all the refusals. Her hand pushing his chest is firmly grasped by him.

His fingers are so good-looking that they make her feel at ease and indulged when they clasp.

Her hair twists on the white sheet.

The night becomes bewitching and intoxicating.

When Shao Xue arrives at Fanxing Magazine, there is already a big shot waiting in the magazine.

Of course, her appearance has made the male staff long for love.

Looking at her side face at a distance, some people even begin to imagine how beautiful her eyes and nose are.

And the female staff have come together to discuss which part of her face is made by plastic surgery.

When Shao Xue walks in, two female workers in the tea room are arguing about whether she has surgery in her canthus.

Shao Xue looks at the woman over there for a moment and suddenly cuts in, “The eyes are second, but I think her chin is very delicate, not the assembly line product of the cosmetic hospital.”

The two female workers who are discussing her eyes immediately stop and turn their heads to look at Shao Xue in astonishment.

Shao Xue turns around and asks, “By the way, who is she waiting for?”

“Oh, she’s been waiting since we started work in the morning. She specially looks for our president.”

Shao Xue feels strange, “Mrs. Xiao is here, right?”

The two female workers lower their voices, “This is an expert. She is waiting for Miss Yunxuan.”

Shao Xue’s heart sinks slightly. Does she come here to make trouble?

She doesn’t speak any more. She walks quickly and goes straight into the waiting room.

When the woman in the waiting room hears the door open, she turns around and stands up excitedly, “Yun… Who are you? “

Shao Xue is a little surprised to see her, “Miss Yao Mimi?”

The woman standing opposite to Shao Xue has big black wavy hair. Her eyes and nose are not very special, but her chin and face are rare in the entertainment circle, making people feel that she is very beautiful at a glance.

She is wearing a military green windbreaker with a small white shirt inside. She has slender legs and wears a pair of black leather shoes.

This dress is really not glamorous. It doesn’t look like her usual style.

Shao Xue looks at her curiously from top to bottom and asks her suspiciously, Miss Yao, what do you come for?”

Yao Mimi immediately says with tears in her eyes, “Anyway, please let Song Yunxuan come to see me. I have something important to tell her face to face.”

“Have you talked to Mrs. Xiao?” Shao Xue looks at her and asks.

Yao Mimi nods, “But Mrs. Xiao hasn’t got in touch with Song Yunxuan yet.”

“Yunxuan is my boss, and we are also very good friends. Why don’t you tell me? I will convey your words to her?”

Shao Xue has no idea why Yao Mimi comes here.

Yao Mimi’s fingers curl up and she sits down on the chair beside her, “It can’t be told by others. I want to meet Song Yunxuan personally. Please tell her.”

Yao Mimi is very stubborn. Shao Xue shakes her head and says, “Ms. Xiao is going to call her. Please wait here for a while.”

After saying that, she wants to go out.

Since Xiao Hong has seen Yao Mimi, she will tell Yunxuan that Yao is looking for her. Yunxuan decides whether she will see her or not.

She would not interfere in it.

Anyway, Yao Mimi and Song Yunxuan have no relationship. There must be no good thing for her to come here.

Seeing Shao Xue is about to leave, Yao Mimi stands up and grabs her hand, “Don’t you call Song Yunxuan? Are you not her best friend? “

Having a look at her hand holding her wrist, Shao Xue raises her eyes and explains, “Miss Yao, Yunxuan doesn’t come here often. If Xiao Hong can’t contact her, I can’t make it, either. It’s no use holding me.”

“Then tell me Song Yunxuan’s phone number. I’ll call her by myself.”

Yao Mimi is very excited, as if she has made up her mind to see Song Yunxuan today.

Seeing that Yao Mimi is so persistent, Shao Xue is already very suspicious. She is worried that Yao Mimi is coming to find fault.

Yao Mimi had an affair with Chu Mochen before. Does she want to make troubles with her love rival this time?

However, the scandal between Yao Mimi and Chu Mochen has been put down for a long time.

Shao Xue couldn’t figure out Yao Mimi’s intention and doesn’t want to give her Song Yunxuan’s number, so she throws away her hand and politely replies, “Miss Yao, please wait here. If the phone call is through, Yunxuan will come here naturally. After all, you are a big star who has been specially interviewed by our magazine.”

Yao Mimi’s face is full of bitterness, “I received the interview because I could take photos with Su Youyu as lovers. How can it be misunderstood?”

She murmurs. Shao Xue frowns, “Miss Yao, what do you say?”

“No, no, nothing,” she asks anxiously Shao Xue, “When will Song Yunxuan come?”

When she asks, the door suddenly opens.

They look at it at the same time. It is Song Yunxuan!

Yao Mimi sees Song Yunxuan, as if she saw a life-saving straw. Before Shao Xue could go out, she quickly walks to grab Song Yunxuan’s hands and knees on the ground!

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