Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 143 - Punishing Song Yunxuan

Chapter 143: Punishing Song Yunxuan

When Huo Jiahui hears Huo Ting’s voice, there is an unspeakable sense of rejection in her heart.

She has to bite the bullet and says, “Brother, did you come to Yuncheng?”

Huo Ting replies, “Yes. There was something wrong with the business.”

Huo Jiahui smiles softly. Her tone is soft, with some blame and more intimacy, “Brother, when you came here, why didn’t you tell me?”

Huo Ting’s voice is cold, “I stayed there less than a day. The schedule was a little tight, so I didn’t go to the Chu Family to see you. How are you getting along with Uncle Chu?”

Huo Ting deliberately avoids mentioning Chu Mochen. He asks her how she gets along with Uncle Chu, not with Chu Mochen.

Huo Jiahui thinks that Huo Ting might have known something.

“Did you meet Mochen?”

Huo Ting has a look at Huo, and then sits on the sofa, “I hear that Chu Mochen has a fiancée.”

“It’s a rumor. Mochen has not been formally engaged, so he doesn’t have a fiancée.”

Huo Ting sneers, “Anyway, that is a woman Chu Mochen acknowledges.”

Huo Jiahui has nothing to say, but Huo Jiaying, who is next to him, nuzzles her mouth to show her anger.

She doesn’t say anything, so Huo Ting says, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up. Remember to come back to mother’s birthday party. Well, go to bed early.”

“Good night.”

Huo Jiahui says good night. Huo Ting hangs up the phone without a response.

Huo Jiaying swoops up, grabs his hand and looks at him. “Brother, she is your sister. You have to help her.”

“But Chu Mochen has a fiancée. If we force your sister into Chu Mochen’s arms, it can only embarrass the Huo Family.”

Huo Jiaying frowns, unwilling to compromise, “But if she marries into the Chu Family, it would be good for us. Brother, I don’t believe that there is any better girl than my elder sister in Yuncheng. Do you agree?”

Huo Ting recalls Song Yunxuan, whom he saw in Yuncheng hotel. His eyes become dim.

That was the first time Song Yunxuan had met him. At first sight, he couldn’t see if this girl had any advantage other than being young and beautiful.

However, as Chu Mochen is interested in her, naturally she has some abilities.

Moreover, the Song Family is not small. It is not easy for this youngest daughter to defeat her brothers and sisters to inherit the Song enterprise.

He turns to look at Huo Jiaying with love of a brother to his younger sister, “I also want to help Jiahui. However, you should meet Chu Mochen’s fiancée first and then decide whether to help her or not.”

Huo Jiaying and Huo Jiahui have deep sister love. She decides immediately, “No matter who his fiancée is, I will help sister beat her.”

Huo Ting can’t help laughing at the way she wants to fight for her sister.

Although they are twins, her character is much simpler than that of Huo Jiahui.

Huo Jiahui is careful and cautious, and always likes to act secretly.

Her sister is different. She is frank and lively, and always moves forward.

He is their brother, but he doesn’t feel so affectionate to them.

Huo Jiaying has been staying at Huo’s house. She is naturally more intimate with him after a long time spent together. That’s all.

Song Yunxuan sets out to Harbor City three days later.

Many financial magazines and newspapers in Yuncheng have made it headlines that Song Yunxuan will take over the Song enterprise, and will personally go to Harbor City to discuss the contract between Song enterprise and its partner Huo enterprise.

Song Yunxuan closes her eyes and has a rest on the plane, and she is accompanied by a young female lawyer.

Her name is Su Bo. She is a young lawyer returning from overseas, 29 years old. She just got married a while ago, but it is said that her marriage is not very happy.

But she doesn’t mind talking about her marriage life, and when talking with Song Yunxuan, she takes the initiative to say that although she and her husband had a flash marriage, their marriage relationship exists in name only.

Song Yunxuan thinks that this woman must be an able woman focusing on her career.

Things may be more complicated.

But it doesn’t matter to her.

After getting off the plane, Su Bo lists the commercial traps that usually appear in commercial contracts and asks if she has any other questions.

She shakes her head, looking at the scenery outside Harbor Sea View Hotel and replies with a smile, “No.”

Su Bo nods dutifully and says to her, “Miss Song, I’ll stay in the room next to yours. You can call me if you need me.”

Song Yunxuan gives her a response showing agreement, and she goes out.

Harbor City is a prosperous coastal city with a humid climate, which is a typical southern city.

The New Year is coming, and the streets are full of strong festive atmosphere.

Looking at the dark sea outside the Sea View Hotel, she thinks that it might rain in the coming days.

To her surprise, it rains at the night.

The wind outside is so loud. She couldn’t fall asleep, disturbed by the wind coming in through the wall and window.

She turns on the light and opens the curtains to see the wind outside lifting the waves. The white waves surge upward. The scenery is totally different from that of Yuncheng.

The next day the Huo enterprise sends someone to have an interview with her.

However, it is not Huo Ting, but a right-hand assistant of the Huo enterprise.

After meeting Song Yunxuan, he asks her to have afternoon tea.

Song Yunxuan says with a smile when he is about to leave, “Although the afternoon tea is nice, I think the contract should be signed as soon as possible. I wonder if Mr. Huo thinks so.”

The man smiles, “Certainly. It’s rainy these days. Our young master doesn’t like to come out in rainy days.”

Song Yunxuan nods, “Then I’ll go to meet him.”

He is stunned immediately and stops her, “It’ll be too impolite to have you go find him. I think it will be sunny tomorrow. I will call you in the evening.”

Then Song Yunxuan lets him go.

Su Bo used to deal with divorce cases. When she has dinner with Song Yunxuan, the young master of Huo’s family is mentioned. She says, “The men who are ill-tempered in rainy days always have some psychological problems. Miss Song, you need to be careful.”

Song Yunxuan nods and has some good feelings for Su Bo, “Thank you for reminding me.”

Su Bo gives her a glass of hot coffee, “I’m a new employee of the Song enterprise. I feel extremely flattered and surprised that I can come here to help you sign such a big contract.”

Song Yunxuan laughs. “You can’t feel flattered. You are surprised, right?”

Su Po raises her eyes and looks at the 18-year-old Miss Song. She does not nod or shake her head.

Song Yunxuan seems to be able to see what is hidden in her eyes. She lowers her eyes to drink coffee, but there is a smile on her lips with ease, “Su Bo, don’t worry too much. You need to believe in your own ability, and in me.”

In fact, rather than feeling flattered, it is better to say that Su Bo feels she was unlucky to be selected.

She has dealt with so many business lawsuits and divorce lawsuits. Therefore, she can see people though.

Naturally, it is a game of the Song enterprise to get Song Yunxuan trapped. Unfortunately, she has become a chess piece in this game.

Her “general” is Song Yunxuan.

If Song Yunxuan makes mistakes, she’ll be fired right away.

Since she was chosen to follow Song Yunxuan to Harbor City, she has been destined to be a sacrificed chess piece.

She didn’t refuse it.

She thought they might have a chance.

If Miss Song could act cleverly.

Song Yunxuan and Su Bo take a walk with an umbrella after supper. It is just drizzling and has almost stopped completely.

But Su Bo insists on holding the umbrella for her, as if she was caring for her little sister, “Miss Song, it is better to hold the umbrella.”

Song Yunxuan smiles gratefully, “Thank you for taking care of me.”

“You are welcome. I just hope everything will go well.”

Song Yunxuan nods, and Su Bo says, “I just received a short message. The Song enterprise will send two members of the middle-level management to help you sign the contract. If you sign it tomorrow, I may be blocked outside.”

Song Yunxuan frowns, “Who are those two members?”

“Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin.”

She repeats these two names in a low voice, and suddenly laughs, “Are Zhao Kun and Zhang Jin Zhao Yang’s nephews?”

Su Bo is a little surprised, “How do you know that?”

Song Yunxuan shakes her head and smiles, “Uncle Zhao would be uneasy if someone else is sent here.”

If someone else is sent over, Zhao Yang will be afraid that they cannot kill her with one strike.

Song Yunxuan’s smile is mixed with irony.

However, a premium Bentley is parked not far from the hotel.

In the Bentley, Huo Jiaying pouts and says to Huo Ting, “I thought Chu Mochen would like an extremely beautiful woman. I didn’t expect that she was a stupid young girl.”

With a meaningful look in his eyes, Huo Ting looks out of the window at Song Yunxuan, who is walking to the hotel, and says, “Although she is a young girl, Chu Mochen has put all his heart on her.”

Huo Jiaying disagrees, “My sister said Chu Mochen liked her just because the way she looked at people resembled that of Gu Changge. She is lucky.”

Huo Ting says to the driver in front emotionlessly, “Go.”

The driver sitting in the front immediately starts the car and leaves the Yuncheng hotel slowly.

Huo Jiaying wants to continue watching. She protests with some dissatisfaction, “Brother, why do we leave now? I don’t see her face clearly.”

Huo Ting looks ahead. “You can go with me when I see her tomorrow.”

Huo Jiaying refuses, “That’s not necessary. It’s not convenient for me to see that girl.”

Huo Ting looks at her.

Huo Jiaying’s eyes are wide open with eye shadow. They are covered with coldness and malice that has nowhere to hide. “Brother, I’ve thought of a good way to punish Song Yunxuan.”

“A way to punish Song Yunxuan?” Huo Ting repeats her words as if it was incomprehensible.

Huo Jiaying nods seriously. On her face that is the same as that of Huo Jiahui, the look is cold, “That girl is always in the way. My sister likes Chu Mochen so much, and has pursued him for so many years. She has put in much effort. Chu Mochen cannot be stolen by this stupid girl when he is considering marriage.”

Huo Ting stays silent for a moment. He looks at Huo Jiaying and suddenly says, “What are you going to do?”

As if she has got her brother’s support, Huo Jiaying immediately becomes happy, “Brother, a lot of business celebrities will go to mommy’s birthday party in Dihuang Building tomorrow night. Although Song Yunxuan is from Yuncheng, our two families have cooperated for so long. It’s not strange to invite her there, is it?”

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