Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 137 - Which Side Song Yunying Takes

Chapter 137: Which Side Song Yunying Takes

Song Yunxuan arrives at the appointed time, even two minutes earlier.

Song Yunying orders grapefruit tea for her in advance.

Song Yunxuan is not particular about it, but there is no strong feeling in her eyes.

Song Yunying feels uneasy and says, “Yunxuan, the past things…”

“If you really think you are wrong, what you do is more meaningful than what you say.” Song Yunxuan takes a sip of grapefruit tea, peacefully. No special expression.

Others probably think that Song Yunxuan is having an ordinary date.

But no one knows that the woman sitting opposite to her once wanted to kill her.

This woman is her own sister.

Although they are half-sisters.

Song Yunying is interrupted by her words. She is stunned with fingers on the table, head lowering, and her eyes covered by the bangs.

No one can know her helpless situation.

No one in the Xue Family treats her sincerely. Her parents-in-law, her husband, and even the servants treat her with apparent harmony and maliciousness behind her.

Her finger on the table curves up with the change of her mood. They scratch a misty trace on the smooth table.

Seeing her small movements, Song Yunxuan sighs softly and asks her, “Do you support me to take over the Song Family?”

Song Yunying raises head slightly. Her voice is a little muffled, “I follow father’s will.”

“Neither brother nor elder sister supports me.” Song Yunxuan looks at her disapprovingly. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t support me, either.”

“What if I support you?”

Song Yunying raises her head and looks at her with a gambling meaning in her eyes.

Song Yunxuan smiles quietly: “I promise that you won’t lose anything.”

Of course, as long as Song Yunying is on her side, she will make sure that Song Yunying doesn’t lose anything.

But if Song Yunying is not, she will get rid of her immediately.

She will send Song Yunying to prison in six hours.

Song Yunying has no other choice.

However, Song Yunxuan doesn’t force her to make a choice.

“Sister, I know you don’t like me because I have your handle in my hand. What about this?” She takes out a document pouch from her satchel and presses it on the desktop with her thin fingers, “From today on, since that I have inherited the Song Family, I don’t need to hold your handle. I will give you the picture of your child’s biological father, the recording of the conversation between you and Xue Tao to frame Yunjia up, and all the evidence that you instructed others to kidnap our dad and want to murder me.”

Then she pushes it to her.

She doesn’t show any intention of conspiracy, and there is no any change in her expression.

However, what she is thinking is inscrutable.

Her expression and eyes won’t tell others what she is thinking.

The document pouch is slowly pushed to Song Yunying.

Looking at it, Song Yunying is hesitating whether to take it.

She controls herself so that she would not snatch the document pouch and destroy it immediately.

Are all her evidences and weaknesses really in that pouch?

She puts her hands under the table, her left hand grasping the right hand that is going to reach out for the document.

It is silent all around.

Song Yunxuan sits opposite to her, looking at her calmly and waiting to see her reaction.

Song Yunying presses her hand hard, and her back teeth can’t help biting.

Seeing her not getting the document, Song Yunxuan smiles, “You still don’t trust me. Why don’t you make decision after you trust me? I don’t want to work with someone with disloyalty.”

Song Yunxuan gets up to leave. Song Yunying raises her eyes and stares at her. She doesn’t understand why Song Yunxuan leaves before she makes a choice.

Song Yunxuan feels that Song Yunying is looking at her. She stops and tells her in a very light voice, “You don’t have to worry about the kidnapping. Zhang Qiang and Liu Wei are your scapegoats. The police have stopped investigating who is the mastermind. It is just a simple case of kidnapping and blackmail.”

After saying that, Song Yunxuan leaves.

Song Yunying stays in her seat and doesn’t move for a long time.

The Song Family seems calm on the surface, but the waves are still going on. Moreover, it is even more serious than that when Song Yan was alive.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia think the same way.

Song Yunxuan gets on an ordinary black Mercedes-Benz SUV.

The car doesn’t look different from other luxury cars, but the thick tread of the tires and the imported one-way perspective film show that the car is actually valuable.

Besides, it has bulletproof glass.

She raises her finger, touches the glass on the passenger seat’s window, and says softly, “Do I still need to sit on the car with bulletproof glass even when I stay with you?”

Chu Mochen starts the car. His dark eyes loos calm and indifferent. He says, “I seldom drive this car since it was bought. Recently I went out with Jiahui. Her identity is special, so I drive it out of the garage.”

Song Yunxuan turns to look at him, with a little smile in her eyes, “Really?”

Chu Mochen nods, “Yes.”

Song Yunxuan fastens the seat belt and goes to dinner with him.

On the way to the restaurant, Chu Mochen asks her, “How do you think Song Yunying will choose?”

“I don’t know. It’s hard to predict.”

He laughs out, “If so, why do you give her the evidence?”

“I’ve kept eyes on her. If she turns to Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia, I’m afraid that I can’t let her go.”

“You have given her all the evidence. What are you threatening her with?”

Song Yunxuan turns her head and looks at him with a smile, “I don’t think you will believe me like Yunying does, do you?”

Chu Mochen shakes head, “I actually want you to be a person who looks the same outside and inside.”

Song Yunxuan chuckles, lowers her eyelashes, and says in a light voice, “If everyone is like what you think, there will be no cheating.”

Then Gu Changge would not be killed by Shao Tianze.

“Are you going to send your sister to prison?”

“After she knows that I have no handle to threaten her, if she resolutely chooses Yunqiang and Yunjia, I would not allow her to harm me again.”

“You’re waiting for her to come into the trap.”

Song Yunxuan’s long, slender and beautiful eyebrows gently bend up, “In fact, I think my sister will choose me.”

Song Yan is dead. Song Yunying has no one to rely on in the Song Family. Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia have their own plans. They are all busy fighting against Song Yunxuan. How can they help Song Yunying stand firmly in the Xue Family?

Now the Song Family belongs to Song Yunxuan. Of course, some people may think it’s possible to become Song Yunqiang’s or Song Yunjia’s, but she has only one chance for making a choice.

Song Yunying won’t be foolish enough to choose neutrality. She has to take the gamble.

If she makes the right choice, she will have a place in the Xue Family with the help from the Song Family.

If she is wrong, she will lose her place in the Xue Family without the Song Family’s support.

Song Yunxuan is thinking about Song Yunying all the way. When they arrive at the dining room, Song Yunxuan finds it is a hotel.

She looks up at the Yuncheng Business Hotel and turns to look at Chu Mochen, “Do you want to sleep me when people make wild speculation at you and Huo Jiahui?”

Chu Mochen gives the key of the car to the waiter and comes to hold her hand. “No. In fact, I take you to see a man who has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Song Yunxuan frowns slightly and begins to think whom Chu Mochen will take her to see.

After they enter the hotel, there is a low voice behind them.

“It’s Childe Chu with the daughter of the Song Family.”

“Will Childe Chu sleep her?”

“He has Miss Huo at home. It’s inconvenient.”

He pushes her against the smooth wall of the elevator as soon as Song Yunxuan gets into the VIP elevator. She presses her finger on his chest, “Gossip is not welcomed at this sensitive moment.”

Chu Mochen holds her slender waist, hooks up his lips, and smiles naturally, “I don’t think so.”

“You’ve been eccentric recently.”

She feels uncomfortable.

Chu Mochen presses her against the bright and clean elevator inner wall. The tip of his nose almost touches hers. He asks her with sexy voice, “Are you jealous of Huo Jiahui?”

“You are kidding me…”

As soon as she opens mouth, his lips presses against hers.

She freezes.

Chu Mochen leaves her lips without a deep kiss. His eyes are like dark obsidians. He stares at her with a smile, “Are you really not jealous?”


He kisses her again.

She grabs his clothes, almost wrinkling the good handmade suit.

Chu Mochen kisses her deeper this time.

She is a little dazzled, leaning against the wall of the elevator. When she hears the tinkle, she suddenly comes back to her senses.

Then she pushes him away.

Chu Mochen presses the button to close the elevator. He presses her against the inner wall of the elevator, “Where are you going?”

“It’s here. Why not go out?” She doesn’t want to have anything with him in the elevator.

He says, “Eat something first at the suite.”

Song Yunxuan feels that it is not so simple, and there is something profound in his eyes.

Her ears are red, and her white cheeks are flushed. She looks at him with a little angry. “Don’t you bring me here to see someone?”

“You may not like to see that person.”

“Who?” She doesn’t know whom she doesn’t like to see.

It seems that there is no one in the world whom she doesn’t want to see. She wants to see Shao Tianze, Gu Changle, Song Yunjia, even Song Yunqiang.

Although these people will harm her, she is not afraid of them and will not think she won’t like to see them.

Now, Chu Mochen tells her that this person is someone she doesn’t want to see.

Who is this person?

She frowns.

Chu Mochen holds her in his arms and covers her lips again.

She reaches out and pushes him, but he grabs her wrist.

She loses strength gradually. When the elevator tinkles and opens, Chu Mochen does not want to let her go.

His fingers move up from her waist, and the tall body covers her. After kissing her lips, his hot lips begin to move towards her chin and earlobes.

The temperature begins to rise.


An awkward cough suddenly comes from outside of the opened elevators.

She is startled by the cough and suddenly opens her eyes.

There is someone outside the elevator. Who is this person?

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