Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 136 - Big Mouth

Chapter 136: Big Mouth

Song Yunqiang has had a general plan.

He tells Song Yunjia through the phone who is on her way to an appointment.

Song Yunqiang feels strange. “Do you go to meet Shao Tianze again?”

He is against the relationship between Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia. If they are still close, even if Shao Tianze helps him remove Song Yunxuan now, someday he will help Song Yunjia get rid of him after all.

The Song enterprise can only have one master.

If this person is not Song Yunxuan, it can only be Song Yunqiang.

He doesn’t want any accident, and then hands over the Song enterprise to Song Yunjia.

Although they have a common enemy, Song Yunxuan now, after Song Yunxuan is removed, they will fight each other.

Song Yunqiang has predicted something, and plans to prevent Song Yunjia from meeting Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia reassures him, “Brother, I’m going to see a girlfriend.”

“Gu Changle?” Song Yunqiang guesses.

Song Yunjia has been obsessed with academic study these years. She only has few friends. If it’s not Shao Tianze, then it’s only Gu Changle.

Gu Changle has a close relationship with Shao Tianze. Meeting Gu Changle is an indirect way to meet Shao Tianze.

Song Yunjia says, “It’s Huo Jiahui.”

Song Yunqiang is so shocked that he couldn’t speak for a long time.

His brain runs fast, and he can roughly get her purpose.

Song Yunjia doesn’t tell him in detail. She arrives at the coffee shop and finishes the call. “I’m here. I’ll talk to you when I am free. Bye.”

Song Yunjia ends the conversation.

Song Yunqiang feels that Song Yunjia can resort to extreme measures so as to remove Song Yunxuan.

He has heard that Huo Jiahui has returned to China, but he never thinks about that he could make use of her to make Song Yunxuan lose her supporters.

Huo Jiahui and Chu Mochen… If they become a couple, Song Yunxuan will naturally be kicked out.

When Song Yunjia enters the cafe, Huo Jiahui hasn’t arrived yet.

Huo Jiahui arrives about five minutes later.

Celebrities are like this. In order to show that they are noble, busy and their time is valued, they always come late.

However, if Song Yunjia thinks the same about Huo Jiahui, she is wrong.

Huo Jiahui was thinking about how to find Song Yunjia when she received the call from Song Yunjia. The person whom she is looking for miraculously finds her first, which makes her happy.

However, she can’t be too obvious.

She knows that Song Yunjia must have something to ask for, but she doesn’t know what it is.

Therefore, she has to inquire about Song Yunxuan unintentionally.

She has to show that she doesn’t value the appointment very much.

Being late is just a head-on blow, so that Song Yunjia can exchange everything she knows with her.

Although Huo Jiahui is late, Song Yunjia is still friendly.

“Hello, Miss Huo.” She gets up and reaches out to her.

Huo Jiahui smiles gracefully, “Hello.”

After a brief handshake, Huo Jiahui sits down.

A waiter comes here to service them.

Huo Jiahui orders a cup of caramel macchiato and then asks Song Yunjia to order a drink. Song Yunjia says, “A glass of milk, please.”

Huo Jiahui feels strange, “Do you only want a glass of milk?”

“Recently I have a light diet. After my father died, I have a bad appetite. Too much coffee will hurt my stomach.”

Song Yunjia’s answer makes Huo Jiahui find a sign to extend the topic to Song Yunxuan.

“Please don’t be too sad. Take care of yourself.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

At first they are very polite. After the waiter severs the drinks, Huo Jiahui asks, “Why do you suddenly want to see me?”

“A few days ago, when I read news about your return to China, I suddenly thought it was a long time since I saw you last time. I want to ask you out for some coffee. Do you remember me, Miss Huo? We met a few times in our childhood.”

In fact, there are many people who have met several times, but if one of them intends to contact the other, then only a few times of meeting will be the reason for the appointment, for example, Song Yunjia’s appointment with Huo Jiahui.

Huo Jiahui thinks for a while, and suddenly remembers, “It seems that we have met several times, but we seldom meet each other after I go abroad. It’s before I was 13 years old.”

Song Yunjia nods, “You have a good memory. It’s my honor that you still remember me after so many years abroad. You can call me Yunjia.”

Huo Jiahui smiles softly, “You are several years older than me. I remember you as old as Gu Changge. I should call you sister.”

At the mention of Gu Changge, Song Yunjia’s expression suddenly changes.

Huo Jiahui pretends not to notice it. Song Yunjia takes a sad look on her face and takes the initiative to grasp the topic, “I still feel a little sad when you mention Changge.”

Huo Jiahui also restrains her smile and says, “Just call me Jiahui.”

“Jiahui, you seem to have a deep impression on Changge.” Song Yunjia looks at Huo Jiahui and wants to see the look in her eyes.

Huo Jiahui smiles with a little bitter, “She is an acquaintance of the man I like.”

“Acquaintance” is very intriguing. Mostly he likes Gu Changge, or secretly likes Gu Changge.

And this man…

“Is it Childe Chu who makes you fall in love”? Song Yunjia asks her tentatively.

Huo Jiahui doesn’t leave this topic aside, but nods. She seems lonely, “Unfortunately, I am not the most important person in Mochen’s heart.”

“Are you not the most important?”

Song Yunjia feels it strange. She thinks about it and says, “Miss Huo, have you known that my little sister and Childe Chu are dating?”

Huo Jiahui raises her eyes, “All people in Yuncheng know that.”

Song Yunjia nods, but she says, “In fact, not everyone in Yuncheng knows it. Although they are dating, Childe Chu doesn’t mean to marry my sister at all. Moreover, my sister is not always with him. Sometimes I’m not sure whether they have broken up.”

Huo Jiahui’s eyes flash with a slight light.

Although there is a place for Song Yunxuan in Chu Mochen’s heart, Chu Mochen is not necessarily to marry her.

Seeing the change in her eyes, Song Yunjia smiles and comforts her, “In fact, there is a gap of age between my sister and Childe Chu. Besides, my sister is very headstrong and not sensible. Childe Chu may not like her for a long time. I think that only you can match Childe Chu with such a noble identity and conditions.”

Huo Jiahui modestly smiles, “Yunjia, you are really joking.”

“I’m not joking. My sister is full of flaws. Only when Childe Chu is with her, she shows him the good side, and Childe Chu can barely maintain his love for her.”

Song Yunjia can’t help talking about Song Yunxuan’s shortcomings. She seems to know Song Yunxuan very well and can’t stand her hypocrisy.

Huo Jiahui does not interrupt her.

Song Yunjia suddenly feels she says too much and covers her mouth, “I’m really sorry. I have been complaining in front of you. You must be bored.”

“No.” Huo Jiahui covers her excitement and drinks coffee.

Song Yunxuan has so many shortcomings.

She is also hypocritical.

Except that the expression in her eyes is almost the same as that of Gu Changge, how can she deserve Chu Mochen with her shortcomings?

As long as Chu Mochen knows her true face and her shortcomings, he will definitely hate her.

She lowers her head to drink coffee, but Song Yunjia sighs, “In fact, we all hope Yunxuan can marry Chu Mochen, but the Chu Family is not an ordinary family. It’s an honor for Yunxuan to marry Childe Chu. Moreover, Yunxuan used to live in a small city and she didn’t get much education.”

Huo Jiahui is still gentle and peaceful, “It is not a fatal shortcoming. She can learn later.”

“Jiahui, it seems simple. The deep-rooted inferiority in her bones can’t be erased. It’s not easy to change her nature. I’m afraid that she will make our family shamed.”

“Childe Chu likes her. Naturally, he has his reason.” Huo Jiahui is generous and considerate, as if she was not envious at all.

Song Yunjia doesn’t agree, “I think it’s better for her not to marry Childe Chu in the first place than to divorce him after she gets married. Or else, they would be more painful.”

Huo Jiahui smiles and doesn’t speak again.

Finally, Song Yunjia drinks all the milk. She suddenly thinks of something and takes out a notebook from her bag, “I’ve been complaining and almost forget my mission. My colleague and I are your fans. Although you haven’t acted for many years, my colleague still wants your autograph, so I ask you out. I can’t believe you can come. Could you please give me your autograph? “

Huo Jiahui doesn’t expect that Song Yunjia asks her out just for an autograph, but she would like to come to this appointment because she gets so much information about Song Yunxuan.

She takes over the pen, gives Song Yunjia a beautiful autograph and then returns the notebook to her.

Song Yunjia leaves first because her cell phone just rings.

Huo Jiahui doesn’t leave immediately. After drinking up the cup of coffee in the cafe, she smiles and whispers, “Song Yunjia is not a very intelligent person. She says so many things about her family like a madman. And she also tells me everything about her young sister.”

Then she gets up and leaves.

Her slim figure disappears at the entrance of the cafe.

However, just behind her seat, Song Yunying has had three cups of black coffee.

She turns to look at Huo Jiahui’s car out of her view. She says lightly, “My elder seems smarter than you. She acts much better than you.”

Huo Jiahui met Song Yunjia met when they were children. But she doesn’t know much about her, so she inevitably is cheated by Song Yunjia’s big mouth.

In fact, Song Yunjia is also ruthless. She is not an outspoken person.

If she speaks without thinking, there must be a plot.

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