Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 135 - Expel Song Yunxuan from the Song

Chapter 135: Expel Song Yunxuan from the Song Enterprise

Song Yunqiang may be just fooling her for saying that he would let her take office as soon as possible.

Whatever, as long as he says that, she will make him achieve his words.

If he doesn’t, she will force him to do it.

She can force him to resign in numerous ways.

She doesn’t go to the company in the next few days. Song Yunqiang arranges for her with complaisance to study in the business school in Yuncheng, and he personally takes her to attend several classes. Besides, he brings a large number of materials back to her.

She knows that it is just a way of holding her back.

She only reads them when she is bored. She has learned these things ten years ago, and now she doesn’t need to learn them.

The practical experience from the business is much more useful than books.

She is bored, so she finds an excuse to fire Nurse Zhang who has helped to kick her out.

After that, the servants of the Song Family get into a panic.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t pick holes in their work anymore.

Although she was the head when she was in the Gu Family, she didn’t have the habit of finding fault with servants. She doesn’t have the habit now in the Song family, either.

But she doesn’t want to keep people who make her uncomfortable by her side.

Song Yunjia heard of it.

Song Yunjia was taken care of by Nurse Zhang from an early age. Nurse Zhang has brought up Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang, so she is important among all the servants in the Song Family.

Song Yunxuan dismisses her for trivial things. Obviously, she doesn’t like her brother and sister.

Song Yunjia calls Song Yunqiang and asks him about it, “I heard of that Nurse Zhang was fired. What happened?”

At that time, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian are in his office. They will discuss how to deal with Song Yunxuan. Song Yunjia happens to call him. Song Yunqiang wants to show them how vicious his youngest sister is.

He motions to Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian to wait for a while, and then tells Song Yunjia about it, “Nurse Zhang just broke a glass. Yunxuan dismissed her.”

“It’s just a glass. Our dad gave her so much money. Can’t she afford it?”

Song Yunqiang sighs, “Yunxuan said that the glass belonged to dad.”

“She’s lying! Dad’s glasses are all thrown away.”

After Song Yan died, all his tableware was thrown away. Since he had cancer, even after the servants disinfected his tableware, they still felt worried, so they threw away the tableware according to the rules of the Song Family before.

Song Yunqiang pretends to be helpless, “You know Yunxuan’s changeable temper now. Whatever she says will always be right.”

“Brother, why didn’t you stop her? Nurse Zhang is so old. Where will she live?”

Song Yunqiang takes the opportunity and says, “I also felt sorry for her, so I rented her a house. She can leave after she contacts her son.”

This is a good expression of his kindness, and through this incident, Song Yunxuan’s hypercritical character also impresses Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian say nothing with a look at each other.

Song Yunqiang blesses Song Yunjia in the end, “Although Yunxuan doesn’t allow you to live in the mansion, you should take good care of yourself. I will come to see you when I’m free.”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian’s expressions change a little.

They didn’t expect that Song Yunxuan would drive Song Yunjia out of the house of the Song Family.

This little girl is really vicious. Their father just died not long ago, but she drives out her eldest sister.

Song Yunqiang knows that reputation is very important to the new successor of an enterprise, so he takes every opportunity to say something bad of Song Yunxuan.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian wait for him to put the phone down before looking at him.

Song Yunqiang is a little distressed. “I’m sorry for my restless family affairs.”

Zhao Yang sighs and adjusts the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “Your youngest sister is difficult to deal with.”

Song Yunqiang pretends to be tolerant. “She is still young, so she is a little bit capricious.”

“However, from what Yunxuan said at the company meeting, she’s not just capricious.” says Zhao Yang.

Song Yunqiang also knows that Song Yunxuan’s opinions are sharp and to the point. It is not the speech of a wayward girl who has no idea. He is speechless.

Zhou Jian continues, “Zhao, I had a meal with Yunxuan. Although she is a girl with insight, I think she is still young and aggressive.”

It’s a big drawback to be greedy and rash.

Especially in the development of a commercial enterprise, if you make sharp and aggressive decisions in all kinds of programs, after considerable achievements at first, the shortcomings will emerge very soon.

And it will hurt the whole enterprise.

You make up the loss of the ten years in the next twenty years.

The development is still slower than that of other enterprises.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian have followed Song Yan for decades. The enterprise has always developed stably.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian get old now, so they decide to support a successor who is honest and not so bold.

They don’t want a rash young successor to destroy the enterprise after decades of stable development.

Zhou Jian’s meaning is clear to Zhao Yang and also to Song Yunqiang.

He pretends to be embarrassed and says, “Although Yunxuan does something inappropriate, my father’s will is left to Yunxuan, and the Song Family is also left to Yunxuan. She is the successor of the Song enterprise, so I have no right to say anything. Although the position of the chairman of the board is temporarily vacant and she is incapable to take this position, the position of the president…”

Zhou Jian suggests, “Yunqiang, the chairman can be elected after your father’s term of office is over. Anyway, there is still half a year to go. Your Uncle Zhao and I can control the situation in this half a year, there will not be any trouble. However, the candidate for the chairman should be determined quickly during this time.”

Song Yunqiang frowns, “It is naturally Yunxuan. She said to me the other night that she would like to enter the Song enterprise as soon as possible and wanted a high position.”

Zhao Yang is not happy, “Does she think the high position is so easy to get? Your father became the chairman after fighting for many years. Gu Changge became the chairman at a young age, but she was the president of Gu’s enterprise at first at 15 years old.”

“You mean…” Song Yunqiang looks at Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang adjusts the glasses on the bridge of his nose again, and then says, “Your sister is the legal successor. Even if we are willing to help you, we can’t do it too obviously.”

“But Yunxuan’s character is not suitable for the position.” Song Yunqiang still doesn’t want Song Yunxuan to enter the Song enterprise.

He wants them to come up with an idea to keep Song Yunxuan away from the gate of the Song enterprise.

Zhou Jian, however, earnestly advises him, “Yunqiang, although your sister is not suitable to replace your father, the will is written very clearly. If we don’t let her take the position, it is usurpation. Do you understand?”

Song Yunqiang nods, “I will quit tomorrow and give the position to Yunxuan.”

“Calm down, Yunqiang,” Zhao Yang says after having a look at Zhou Jian. “You make a compromise and give the position of president to Yunxuan, and then you will be the vice president.”

“But…” Song Yunqiang wants to talk.

Zhou Jian explains, “When Yunxuan came here that day, I had a meal with her. She would not give up easily with the will. If you didn’t let her in, she would make the Song enterprise restless and make others laugh at us. So, you have to let her in and make her as the president.”

“OK.” Song Yunqiang shows his trust in Zhou Jian.

Zhou Jian nods, being pleased, and explains to him, “Yunxuan has no experience, and speaks daggers. She must want to make some achievements to prove herself and want us to accept her.

However, she can’t make any achievement without experience. If you let her in, she will probably make a big mistake in full management. Then, you can take back the Song enterprise. In that way, others can only say that she is incapable, and doesn’t deserve to take over the Song enterprise, don’t you think so? “

Zhou Jian asks him.

Song Yunqiang shows a modest smile, “Yes, you are right.”

Old ginger is still hotter than new.

It’s still possible to kick Song Yunxuan out of the Song enterprise.

As long as Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian are on his side, there is always a way to drive Song Yunxuan out of the Song enterprise. She is having a daydream that she can inherit the Song enterprise.

Song Yunqiang is in a good mood after listening to Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian’s advice.

After chatting with them for a while, Song Yunqiang suddenly says, “By the way, there is something wrong in the contract with the Huo enterprise. We need a representative to correct it. Who will go, me or you?”

Zhao Yang thinks for a moment and says, “The Huo enterprise and the Song enterprise have been partners for more than ten years. There wasn’t any problem in the contract before. No matter who goes there, we must be careful in case of the pitfalls in the contract.”

Song Yunqiang is still worried, “So we need a representative of a higher position. It can show our respect for the Huo enterprise and we can find out the pitfalls of the contract.”

Zhou Jian nods, “You are right. Every time, the president or the major shareholder of the Huo enterprise personally signed contract with us. Therefore, only we three can go there. However, Yunqiang, it’s not appropriate for you to do it at this moment. We……”

He hesitates a little and doesn’t know whether he should go on.

Zhao Yang goes on, “You first find out who will sign the contract with us, the president or the shareholder. If it is a shareholder, either your Uncle Zhou or I can go there. If it is the president, you can ask Yunxuan to sign it. “

Song Yunqiang frowns. Being aware of Zhao Yang’s vicious intention, he says, “Even if I ask Yunxuan to take office tomorrow, she is just a rookie without any experience. If there is a trap in the contract, we will suffer much loss and make a big mistake…”

Zhao Yang interrupts him with a sinister tone, “Then we will have a reason to expel her from the Song enterprise.”

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