Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 134 - Drive Song Yunjia Away

Chapter 134: Drive Song Yunjia Away

Song Yunxuan’s voice is powerful. Although Song Yunjia has figured out all the ways to deal with her, they are just for the situations in which Song Yunxuan keeps her.

She never expects that her young sister would mercilessly push her out of the house when she insists on leaving.

What’s more, Song Yunxuan is so ruthless that she couldn’t change her attitude.

Song Yunjia’s face is pale. She puckers up her long eyebrows and blinks her eyes with a little bit fear.

Song Yunxuan looks at her hopeless appearance and smiles, “Sister, if you don’t have the determination to leave and never come back, you shouldn’t make decisions casually. People should be responsible for their decisions. If you always act in a pretentious manner, even if you are not tired, the spectators will lose their interests on you.”

Song Yunjia raises her eyes to look at Song Yunxuan. She stares at her as if she was going to kill her with eyes.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t care about it. She was really killed in her previous life. Now, how can she be afraid of such eyes that will not cause substantial harm?

She bends her soft lips and turns to her room on the second floor. “We are still families, sister. Don’t be childish. Move it back quickly. I won’t laugh at you.”

On hearing her words, Song Yunjia immediately pulls the suitcase and goes away.

Listening to the sound of the suitcase being pulled out, Song Yunxuan pauses on the luxurious red carpet and withdraws her smile.

Song Yunjia is really spoiled in the Song Family. Others just infuriate her on purpose, and she leaves away.

However, she won’t have a good time if she stays.

Of course, it would be worse if she left.

She doesn’t look back, just raising her eyelashes and going to her room.

Song Yunjia will not be allowed to step into the gate of the Song Family until she dies!

Her enemies are about to be removed one by one. It makes her cheerful.

Song Yunjia’s good life will be over soon.

When Song Yunjia pulls the suitcase out, she happens to see Song Yunqiang who just comes home.

Song Yunqiang has seen the workers of the moving company going back and forth before he enters the door.

He has thought that Song Yunxuan is ordering them to move things in the Song’s mansion, but to his surprise, he meets Song Yunjia who comes out with the suitcase.

Song Yunqiang stops the car and gets out of the car quickly, “Yunjia, where are you going?”

Song Yunjia pulls the suitcase forward. She feels so angry that everything in front of her can’t be printed in her mind. She just moves forward blindly. Song Yunqiang’s appearance and shouting make her subconsciously stop and look back.

Seeing that she stops, Song Yunqiang runs quickly towards her and takes a glance at the things in her hands. He says angrily, “What are you doing, moving? “

“Brother…” Song Yunjia calls him almost in tears.

Song Yunqiang frowns, “What’s going on? Does Yunxuan drive you out?

Song Yunqiang clearly remembers that when Song Yan was seriously ill, he and Song Yunying drove Song Yunxuan out of the mansion mercilessly.

Now every dog has its day. He will get his just deserts very soon.

He has thought that after Song Yunxuan takes charge of the Song Family, she will clean up the people who have hurt her. He even thought that Song Yunxuan would drive him out mercilessly.

However, why is Song Yunjia the first to be kicked out?

Song Yunqiang is confused.

When asked, Song Yunjia covers her mouth with hand and cries.

She is very sad. Her long black hair falls from her ears. Her white cheeks are transparent and delicate against the sun.

Song Yunqiang is a little worried, “Tell me what happened.”

Song Yunjia raises her eyes and says, “Song Yunxuan gets the legacy now and looks down upon us. Such a bitch!”

Song Yunqiang hears this and immediately concludes that Song Yunxuan has driven Song Yunjia out of the mansion. He immediately takes her by the wrist and walks into the mansion. “Even if she inherits the Song Family, she couldn’t drive us out right away. Come with me. I want to see what she wants to do!”

Song Yunqiang can clearly analyze the situation. If Song Yunxuan can drive Song Yunjia out, he will surely be driven out as well.

Song Yunjia can’t leave.

She must stay in the Song Family.

Why does the little girl take over the whole Song Family?

As long as he and Song Yunjia stay at the mansion of the Song Family, they can push her down gradually and step on her.

Song Yunjia is dragged for two steps, but she breaks away from Song Yunqiang, “Brother, I can’t go back.”

Song Yunqiang turns back with eyebrows puckering up, and says sternly, “You can only be bullied by Song Yunxuan if you give up fighting. This damned girl has gone mad! “

Seeing that Song Yunqiang is raging, Song Yunjia answers him embarrassedly with her eyebrows folded, “I proposed to leave the Song Family by myself. Song Yunxuan… just makes use of the opportunity…”

“Are you crazy?!”

Song Yunqiang shouts at her.

Song Yunjia is not willing to be scolded by Song Yunqiang like this. She retorts, “What else can I do? If I don’t move out, what’s the use of staying at home like you? You still have a position in the Song enterprise. How about me? I always work in the hospital. What’s the meaning of living in the mansion of the Song Family? It’s so far from where I work. Song Yunxuan can only suspect that I live here on purpose to spy on her.”

In fact, Song Yunqiang also wants Song Yunjia to live in the mansion and spy on Song Yunxuan.

Nowadays, Song Yunjia actually becomes so foolish that she wants to leave.

It’s not Song Yunxuan’s fault to make use of this opportunity to kick her out.

It’s Song Yunjia who says what she shouldn’t say and does what she shouldn’t do. Song Yunjia is the one should be to blame.

Song Yunjia clenches the suitcase’s rod, lowers her eyelashes, and sheds a drop of tear, “Brother, hold on. I’ve decided to leave. I will be laughed at if I go back.”

“Are you going to live in the apartment?” Song Yunqiang thinks of the apartment that Song Yan gave Song Yunjia before. He nods, “It is good that dad gave you a house. Otherwise, the situation would be worse now.”

Song Yunjia raises her eyelids and says, “Brother, I will help you even if I am out of the home.”

Song Yunqiang is slightly stunned. His eyes meet Song Yunjia’s eyes.

“You have to drive Song Yunxuan out. I don’t believe dad would be willing to give her everything. Dad was just angry with us and did it out of impulse.”

Song Yunjia grits her teeth and her hatred toward Song Yunxuan reaches the extreme.

She has been the pearl in Song Yan’s palm. When Song Yan was alive, she had never been bullied. Moreover, the person who bullies her is the youngest unimpressive sister.

She is furious as if her teeth would be bit to pieces.

Song Yunqiang nods. “Don’t worry.”

After getting Song Yunqiang’s promise, she has a deep look at the home and turns away.

She was born in this mansion and has lived here for decades.

She has affection for it, but she has to leave here now.

Song Yunxuan says that she is acting and she is capricious, so she has no way back.

If she goes back, it will become true that she is just conducting a farce and she is capricious.

She’ll be laughed at to death by others.

The only way for her is to leave the Song Family.

Song Yunqiang watches Song Yunjia get on the car and leave at a distance. The car drives out of the iron door and his view. Suddenly, he feels that the whole family becomes completely strange for him after Song Yunxuan comes to power.

The development of the situation is moving towards the direction that is unfavorable to him, and Song Yunjia’s departure is not a good omen, either.

He turns back and walks into the home.

The furniture in the living room is the same as before. Song Yunxuan has no intention of redecorating.

In Yuncheng, many successors of rich families in business circles will redecorate the mansion once after the death of the predecessors, according to their preferences.

Song Yunxuan doesn’t have such intention.

She even doesn’t change the servants at home.

Suddenly he wonders what conspiracy his sister has for the Song Family.

Song Yunxuan goes downstairs to have dinner with Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunqiang pulls out the chair for her.

Song Yunxuan sits down after saying thanks. She still keeps her politeness.

Song Yunqiang casually chats with her: “How do you feel about the company today?”

After hearing his question, Song Yunxuan can be sure that Song Yunqiang cares much about it.

She takes a sip of soup, and then raises her head and says, “Dad told me to take over the Song enterprise as soon as possible. The quicker I can get to work, the better.”

Song Yunqiang nods, as if he agreed with their father, “He was right. You have no working experience in the Song enterprise and know nothing about business management, so you have much to learn.”

“I think so, too.”

She lowers her head to drink soup. The dinner is healthy and the atmosphere is relaxing.

After thinking for a while, Song Yunqiang says, “Yunxuan, why don’t you go to business school to study? You can gradually take over the Song enterprise. It’s good for you to manage the company with the course guidance of business school.”

“It makes sense. But if I go to business school, I may have less time to go to the company. In this way, when is the best time for me to take over the work?”

She pretends to have no experience at all.

After hearing her words, Song Yunqiang has a plan in mind, “Yunxuan, you are young and have no experience. Someone may be dissatisfied if you suddenly enter the Song enterprise. You’d better …”

“But I can’t start as a small clerk. I should take charge of the Song enterprise according to our dad’s will. If our dad were alive, he would think that I’m useless.”

Song Yunqiang knows that the proposal of starting from the bottom would be rejected by Song Yunxuan, so he is unhappy. He pretends to carefully think about it, “Yunxuan, it is too early for you to enter the enterprise. Our dad just died.”

“Dad said that I must take office as soon as possible after his death, or else, there may be trouble.”

Song Yunqiang should know what she means.

Song Yunqiang pauses and says reluctantly, “I’ll discuss with Uncle Zhao and Uncle Zhou and let you take office.”

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