Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 133 - Song Yunjia Leaves Home

Chapter 133: Song Yunjia Leaves Home

Song Yunxuan makes an appointment with Shao Xue in the afternoon, and they go to Yuncheng Prison by car to visit a prisoner.

Although the driver is trusted, Shao Xue still lowers her voice. “Yunxuan, you have known things well. Isn’t it troublesome to visit a prisoner?”

Song Yunxuan smiles slightly and answers her with certainty, “It’s not.”

It’s true. After all, she has to see what else Liu Wei can tell her.

Shao Xue has heard of the whole thing that happened at the funeral.

“How can you see that Zhang Qiang’s knife-using skills are professionally trained?” She asks with a little fright.

Song Yunxuan recalls that when she was a teenager, Gu Cheng took her to Vietnam to talk about business. They happened to talk about military business and visited their barracks.

Coincidentally, she saw them practicing knife-using skills.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t tell Shao Xue that she revives in a new guise, so she deceives Shao Xue, “I have read the books about it before. It should help me today.”

Shao Xue claps her chest and says thankfully, “You are lucky. It’s a life-saving book. If you didn’t expose his real identity at that time, it would be you who are in the prison today.”

Song Yunxuan laughs amusingly. “You’re right.”

If she didn’t have a timely response at the funeral, she couldn’t wash herself clean even if she jumped into the Yellow River.

Song Yunqiang’s plan is good.

Unfortunately, his opponent is not the little girl he sees, but Gu Changge who has died not long ago.

Although Gu Changge is a little younger than Song Yunqiang, she has a wider horizon and more means than him.

Shao Xue could not help but to ask her as they approach the prison, “Yunxuan, how did you persuade Zhang Qiang’s friend and daughter to testify him?”

Song Yunxuan glances at the driver and says lightly, “Most people tend to be just.”

Shao Xue looks at the driver following her eyes.

She thinks that Song Yunxuan is just talking about the superficial fact.

The fact must be much more complicated than that.

As long as they see Zhang Qiang, they will surely know the truth.

Song Yunxuan gets off at the gate of the prison and then enters the prison according to the procedure of visiting prisoners.

Shao Xue keeps Song Yunxuan company. When they see Liu Wei, Liu Wei looks at Shao Xue and squints doubtfully, “Who is she?”

“Her name is Shao Xue.”

“Shao Xue?” Liu Wei immediately calls out, somewhat surprised, “Is she the biological daughter of Shao Tianze’s foster parents?”

Song Yunxuan nods.

Shao Xue is surprised: “Yunxuan, how does he know…”

How could this person know the resentment between her and Shao Tianze?

Song Yunxuan raises her eyelids slightly. “I know that later. Is Zhang Yimin your college classmate?”

Shao Xue nods.

Song Yunxuan then says, “Zhang Yimin is Zhang Qiang’s daughter. Zhang Qiang wants to kill me.”

Shao Xue frowns, “Why does he know me?”

Liu Wei sees her finger pointing at him and considers it carefully before he says uneasily, “Zhang Qiang has been in prison for ten years, but I wasn’t. I am not a blackmailer, but a fighter.”

Shao Xue frowns and asks, “Do you know me?”

Song Yunxuan looks at Liu Wei.

Liu Wei’s expression in his eyes are complicated, “Shao Tianze once asked me to look for you that year.”

“Look for me?” Shao Xue does not know the reason, “Why did he want to find me?”

Liu Wei says, “He asked me to find out if you knew the real cause of your father’s death. If you did, I would kill you to close your mouth. “

Shao Xue seems to be stunned by his words at once, and opens her mouth slightly. The color fades away from her face.

Song Yunxuan’s expression is clam, “Shao Tianze is afraid of your revenge. You should be careful, and don’t say anything wrong. Or else, you are in danger.”

Shao Xue’s face is pale, and after a while she can react a little. She nods and whispers, “I know it.”

Shao Xue knows enough about what Shao Tianze is.

Although knowing a lot, some people will give up their guard because of their long-term comfort.

However, those who seem to be gentle will seize the opportunity when you give up your guard and give you the last hit.

If they indeed do, you will not have the second chance to survive.

Shao Xue may have not been neglected by Shao Tianze in the Gu Family, but she just does not notice it by herself.

Gu Changge and Shao Tianze have been couples for more than ten years, and they have two children. She has always thought that he is a jade without sharp thorns.

Later she knows that actually he is a sharp knife.

He hides himself well.

Because of the limited time for visiting, Liu Wei comes to the point, “The reason why I helped you is that I hope to clean myself from crimes.”

“You can rest assured. After you get out of prison, I can give you a job which can afford the rest of your life.”

“Thank you, but Yimin…”

“Zhang Yimin went to Australia to study a month ago. She may settle down there. I have told Childe Chu about that.”

Liu Wei nods, “Please never tell Yimin about her father. Although Yimin lives with her mother from an early age, Zhang Qiang is her father after all. If Yimin knew that Zhang Qiang is shot dead because of you, she might resent you.”

Song Yunxuan nods and promises him.

Shao Xue notices something wrong, “Didn’t Zhang Yimin appear at the funeral yesterday?”

“That’s just a girl who looks like Zhang Yimin.”

Shao Xue looks at Song Yunxuan in surprise. “Did you find her in advance?”

“The police didn’t found Zhang Qiang, so I knew that Zhang Qiang might turn back to kill me. I had to find a life-saver in my hand, but I didn’t expect him to appear on the day of the funeral.”

“How about Liu Wei?”

“Zhang Qiang has not been arrested, so I privately offered a reward for looking for them. However, I only found Liu Wei, not Zhang Qiang.”

All she did helped her in the end.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t stand here today.

Shao Xue admires Song Yunxuan’s meticulousness.

On the way back, she is worried. “Yunxuan, it has been difficult for you to keep a foothold in the Song Family. If you want to fight against Shao Tianze…”

“There’s bound to be more dangerous. Maybe I will get hurt.”

Shao Xue turns her head to look at her, “Will you help me then?”

“Shao Xue, I am helping you, but also helping myself. Some people, even if you don’t harm him, will always come to harm you. Do you understand?”

Shao Xue looks at Song Yunxuan’s eyes and nods, “I understand.”

Song Yunxuan rests her back on the back of the leather chair.

Shao Xue says, “Why do you hate Shao Tianze?”

“He owns me a life.”

Her tone is full of intense resentment.

Shao Xue does not go on asking.

He owns her two lives.

Shao Tianze’s viciousness is always wrapped in the deepest part of his heart and can’t be seen on the surface.

When Song Yunxuan first contacted Liu Wei, she did not know that Liu Wei knew Shao Xue.

When Song Yunxuan forced Liu Wei to confess if there was anyone else who gave him instructions besides Song Yunying, she mentioned Shao Tianze.

Liu Wei remembered the only entrustment Shao Tianze had given him and told Song Yunxuan.

He did not commit any homicide. The most severe crime he committed was kidnapping Song Yunxuan and Song Yan.

He was cheated by Song Yunxuan and spoke out all the truth.

Song Yunxuan has no intention of instilling hatred into Shao Xue.

She just wants Shao Xue to have a sober self-protection in the Gu Family.

Gu Changle and Shao Tianze are both heartless and vicious, but they pretend to be innocent.

If Shao Xue is cheated by their appearance, it will be a big trouble.

She has proved it with blood.

Gu Changle and Shao Tianze are ruthless and greedy.

When she returns home in the afternoon, Song Yunjia is packing and moving out all her belongings.

Those she cannot move are left in the mansion of the Song Family.

The workers from the moving company are helping her to move things outside. Song Yunxuan is puzzled and asks, “Sister, what are you doing?”

Song Yunjia raises her eyebrows coldly and says indifferently, “Father’s will is well known. Ninety-nine percent of the property is yours. I can only sleep in the corridor with the one percent shared with Yunqiang and Yunying.”

“Sister, I don’t mean to drive you out.”

Song Yunjia glances at her proudly, “You don’t have to drive me out. I’m not interested in living here.”

Song Yunxuan frowns and looks at the workers of the moving company who are moving things downstairs from the second floor, “Sister, you can stay here all your life. I will never drive you out.”


Song Yunjia disagrees.

Song Yunxuan says, “You are daddy’s daughter, so am I. If I can live in this mansion, so can you.”

It doesn’t matter that Song Yunjia moves out, but she just pretends to persuade her to stay. In case Song Yunjia changes her mind in the future and would like to move back, it would make troubles for her.

Song Yunjia does not know what Song Yunxuan is thinking, but she has her own plan.

If she stayed in the mansion of the Song Family, she could not hide anything from Song Yunxuan. Song Yunxuan is able to know what she wants to do just with a few sighs.

Just like Yunqiang’s plan at the funeral, they could have overthrown Song Yunxuan at one stroke, but she noticed the danger first and removed those who are dangerous to her in turn.

She moves away from the Song Family only to stay away from Song Yunxuan, but it does not mean that she will stop fighting with her.

Anyway, Song Yunqiang is still at this home. She can know exactly Song Yunxuan’s situation just with one call.

With the same enemy and for the sake of their common interests, even if they are not born of one mother, they can be united together.

“Now you are in charge of our family. I still have a job. I don’t want to live under others’ roof, so you don’t have to keep me.”

Song Yunjia pulls the rod of the packed suitcase and wants to go out.

However, just at this moment, a cold and sharp light slides from Song Yunxuan’s eyes, and her voice suddenly becomes forceful, “Sister, ‘others’ roof means that you don’t take the mansion of the Song Family as your home. In this case, if you go out of this mansion today, then you shall never come back!”

Yes, she’s just going to drive her out of here forever.

She blocks her way back.

She remembers the deep hatred of taking her heart very well.

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