Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 138 - Come Across Huo Ting

Chapter 138: Come Across Huo Ting

She is startled by the cough and suddenly opens her eyes.

Chu Mochen isn’t in panic. He straightens up and holds her to his arms, protecting her without trace.

Song Yunxuan buries her face in his chest.

When she was Gu Changge, she was always dignified and never kissed Shao Tianze outside her bed.

But after being together with Chu Mochen, she is no longer so conservative and indifferent to this kind of things as before.

She lost her mind when Chu Mochen kissed her. What’s worse, it is seen by others.

She buries her face in Chu Mochen’s arms and has no time to care who is outside.

However, Chu Mochen clearly sees the man.

The man wears a dark suit with a black shirt inside. He doesn’t wear a tie, so it indicates that he is not a prudish person.

However, his appearance overturns this idea. He is handsome with profound facial features and calm temperament.

When he sees Chu Mochen, he jokes, “Long time no see, you seem happy.”

Chu Mochen holds Song Yunxuan. He lowers eyelashes and sighs, “I thought your sister would pick up Jiahui, but I didn’t expect you come here personally.”

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, so I want to have a drink with you.” He looks at the beauty in his arms with a smile on his face, “She’s not like my sister.”

“It’s my fiancee.”

The man nods, “Don’t you make an introduction?”

“It doesn’t seem right now.”

“Then another day.”

The man doesn’t force him. They just say hello briefly and pass by.

However, as he passes, Song Yunxuan raises her head a little, just in time to see the man’s eyes.

His expression in his eyes is cold as a sword.

Song Yunxuan’s heart is slightly shocked for no reason.

This is…

“Who is the man talking with you just now?”

Song Yunxuan asks Chu Mochen in a low voice.

It’s rare that she is so meek. Chu Mochen takes her into the suite and explains, “Huo Ting of the Huo Family.”

“Huo Jiahui’s brother?”

Chu Mochen nods and asks her, “Do you want to take a bath?”


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to.” He wants to hold her.

She slips from his arms, “I would like to.”

She immediately goes into the bathroom.

Chu Mochen helplessly shakes head behind her.

Song Yunxuan suddenly remembers that she has heard of the name of Huo Ting before as she walks to the bathroom.

However, she doesn’t know much about him.

Huo Ting is the eldest son of the Huo Family in Harbor City. His mother died after giving birth to him. The next year his father married his second wife, who was six months pregnant at the time. Then she gave birth to twin sisters, Huo Jiahui and Huo Jiaying.

Huo Jiahui left home early and entered the entertainment circle, while Huo Jiaying has always been in Harbor City. She seems to get along well with Huo Ting.

The Gu Family has been in Yuncheng for many years. It has cooperative relations with some enterprises in Harbor City, except the Huo Family.

So, she feels unfamiliar to the Huo Family.

The Huo Family has a big shipbuilding industry in Harbor City. Later, it develops shipping industry and buys the sea routes in Southeast Asia. It is one of the top three richest families in Harbor City.

With such a background, Huo Jiahui is indeed the right match for Chu Mochen.

Huo Ting should not just want to have a drink with Chu Mochen.

Maybe he will help his sister with her marriage.

Now Huo Ting should dislike her because of the scene in the elevator just now.

His sister might marry into the Chu Family without her.

She thinks it is interesting.

After shower, she goes out of the bathroom with a white bathrobe and a big towel wrapping her hair.

Chu Mochen is on the phone outside. He smiles at her when seeing her come out.

Then he ends the conversation, unbuttons his shirt and walks towards her.

She raises her hand and wraps her collars. She lowers eyes as he comes.

“Why don’t you look at me?” His breath is blowing on her cheek.

Her heart begins to beat faster, and her fine eyebrows curve.

Chu Mochen raises his hand.

She is a little uneasy and tries to step back.

Chu Mochen takes down the big towel from her head.

Her hair falls down, messily covering her delicate white cheeks.

“You…” His face is close to her.

She huddles up, still uneasy.

Chu Mochen pinches her lower jaw and makes her raise head, “You should look at me now.”

Song Yunxuan looks at him, without that kind of charming affection in her eyes, but with some calmness.

“You have no such experience, don’t you?”

Song Yunxuan’s lips move, but she doesn’t say anything.

She has experience, but not in this body.

She used to be different from all women when she was in the Gu Family. They look after their husbands and teach their children. In order to please their husbands, they have to keep beautiful and bright with so many skills.

Gu Changge didn’t take staying with her husband as the only thing in her world.

She didn’t take her husband as her sky.

Her sky was the Gu enterprise.

It was left by Gu Cheng.

So when Shao Tianze betrayed her, she didn’t feel the sky falling down.

But When the Gu enterprise was taken away by Shao Tianze, and she was killed, her world was really ruined.

It was then that she got mad and angry.

Now, looking back, was she wrong at that time?

Should she spend more time on her husband?

She was slightly distracted.

Chu Mochen notices it sensitively. He grasps her wrist and pulls her to his arms. His body closely touches hers, “What are you thinking?”


“Are you thinking about other men?”

He is really sensitive.

Song Yunxuan raises her eyes, seeing Chu Mochen’s staring at her like a hawk. She lowers her eyelashes, “I just want to know if I’m not normal.”

Chu Mochen is stunned and frowns, “Why?”

Song Yunxuan’s eyelashes tremble like the vibrating wings of a butterfly. She is tangled, “Well… It seems that I put too much emphasis on work… “

“Indeed, are you going to make a change?”

“But I don’t like anything more than work.”

Chu Mochen looks at her, and he squints painfully, “Don’t you like me?”

She looks up at him, “How do you want me to answer you?”

“I don’t know.” Chu Mochen releases her wrist and turns back to the bathroom, “I’ll take a bath.”

Song Yunxuan nods and looks at Chu Mochen’s figure. She thinks that maybe she makes him upset.

Or, maybe Chu Mochen feels that she is bored.

After all, man always wants woman to be submissive as a bird staying beside him.

However, she has never been like this.

The Gu Family makes her strong.

Then she becomes ruthless and cold like steel.

Especially after Shao Tianze’s betrayal, she feels that what she likes doesn’t matter at all.

However, Chu Mochen asked her to say that she loves him. Maybe she should say that.

Only he stands on her side and doesn’t hurt her. What does it matter to say that she loves him?

She cannot speak it out.

She stands there, letting the water drop from her hair, but doesn’t move for a long time.

She withdraws her fingers form the lapel of the bathrobe and puts her hands on the knot in the belt.

Then, she unfastens it with a pull.

The bathrobe is unfastened.

She raises her eyelids, with black eyelashes up, eyes as indifferent as ever.

She goes to the bathroom.

The bathrobe on her shoulder slips down with a flick.

She opens the bathroom door.

Then she walks in.

Chu Mochen is wearing bathrobe after shower. He is surprised seeing her come in.

He frowns and strides to pick her up. He goes out and puts her on the big bed.

She lies still, waiting for him to press on.

However, after a long time, what she gets is that Chu Mochen wraps her with a thin quilt.

She turns to look at Chu Mochen, “Why? Don’t you like it?”

“I think it abnormal that you are so eager to throw yourself on me.”

“I don’t.”

“Then what are you thinking about?”

Song Yunxuan is a little weak, “Nothing.”

He ties the waistband of his bathrobe, sits beside the bed and wipes the drops of water on her hair with a large towel, “Do you have a fever or are you in the period?”

She lowers her eyelashes and says, “I feel that if I lack a sense of romance, one day you will… also hurt me.”

She will feel very sad, if Chu Mochen becomes a man like Shao Tianze.

“No man will hurt a woman because of that.” Chu Mochen explains to her patiently.

She turns to him and asks, “What if someone really does?”

He thinks about it and replies, “Maybe he doesn’t like her from the beginning, or…”

“Or what?”



Song Yunxuan bursts out laughing.

Seeing her laugh, Chu Mochen slightly bends lips, “You are just good. I like what you are.”

“Are you proving that you’re not a psychopathic?”

“No,” he says, shaking his head and looking at her, “It also proves that I am sincere and loyal to you.”

Maybe all the women in the world like men to say sweet words.

After laughing, Song Yunxuan looks at Chu Mochen seriously.

In fact, Chu Mochen is very beautiful, but it’s not that kind of effeminate beauty. His figure line is cold and sharp, so he looks steady and heroic.

She used to like the elegant man like Shao Tianze.

Chu Mochen’s deep and calm temperament cannot touch her.

Now with more contact, she feels that Chu Mochen is not always so cold.

He can be gentle, too.

He can gently please her, and gently kiss her.

She takes her arms out of the quilt, leans forward slightly, and then puts her lips to his.

Like a bird, she kisses him gently on the corner of his lips.

Chu Mochen slightly withdraws his smile, and looks at her with a little surprise.

But she moves forward and kisses his lips again.

Chu Mochen stretches out his hands.

She reaches for his hands and clasps them, “Can you feel that I like you?”

Chu Mochen looks down at her fingers and says, “If you continue to seduce me, I may do something that makes you cry.”

“No, unless you hurt me on purpose.” Her eyes are pure.

Chu Mochen moves forward and puts her gently on the soft bed, “Sometimes I don’t hurt you on purpose. I just can’t help.”

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