Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 125 - Slapping Brother.

Chapter 125: Slapping Brother.

Song Yunjia goes to Nanding Hospital first.

Then Song Yunqiang arrives.

Song Yan hasn’t come to his senses yet. Out of duty, the nurses of Nanding Hospital stop Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang from bothering Song Yan. “Miss Song, Mr. Song, the patients haven’t come to his senses yet. You can’t come in…”

“Let me go. I want to see my father!” Song Yunjia wants to rush inside.

A nurse couldn’t stop her. Two other nurses come to help.

Song Yunqiang is also stopped and can’t enter the ward. He is so angry that he shouts out, “Get away!”

Three young nurses are pushed away from the door of the ward.

Song Yunqiang pushes the door and bursts in.

Song Yunjia pushes away the nurse that blocks her way.

The nurse doesn’t stand up well and is pushed to the ground.

The other two nurses come to help her. “Are you OK?”

“I’m all right. You inform dean and Miss Song as soon as possible.”

“Who is Miss Song?” A nurse is stunned.

The one falling on the ground gets up, “Song Yunxuan, Childe Chu said that when Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia come, if we couldn’t stop them, we should inform Miss Song Yunxuan.”

The other two nurses understand and quickly go to inform Song Yunxuan and dean.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes narrow when she receives the call from the hospital. The light in her eyes is cold.

She knows what Song Yunqiang would do.

Song Yunqiang is going to shake Song Yan up and force him to overturn the will.

But she must beat Song Yunqiang.

She wants to revenge, and no one can stand in her way.

If heaven gets in her way, she will destroy the heaven; if earth gets in her way, she will split the earth.

Song Yunqiang cannot get in her way.

Song Yan has given them the chance, but as children they don’t care about their father’s life at all. Now why are they dissatisfactory about the result?

She gets to the hospital by car and walks into it quickly.

When she arrives at the ward, Song Yunqiang is grabbing Song Yan’s collar and dragging him up from the bed. Song Yunjia is pushed away by him.

Song Yunxuan feels sink at heart and her eyes sharpen a little.

Pushing the door open, she goes over, grabs Song Yunqiang’s collar and slaps him with strength.

The slap shocks the people in the ward.

Song Yunjia and the doctors and nurses who follow her are also shocked.

Song Yunqiang does not expect that someone would give him such a big palm in public, and he unconsciously loosens his fingers.

Song Yan falls on the sickbed, panting, and his face begins to pale horribly.

His eyes are wide opened, looking at the furious elder son and the powerful youngest daughter, and their figures gradually blur in his diffused pupils.

A tear oozes from his eyes.

The tear, like a snail, slowly slides down the corner of the eye into the black-and-white temples.

Song Yunxuan feels angry. After such a slap, her thin lips are still cold.

Hearing Song Yan’s rapid breathing, she bends down to check Song Yan’s condition, “Dad, are you OK?

Song Yan breathes quickly. His throat sounds suffocating and painful, and his face is covered with a horrible air of death.

Her heart has cooled down, and the tremor of her fingertips has been stiffened by her.

“Doctor, come and see my father!”

Doctors and nurses come over quickly.

“The patient needs rescue.”

“You go out first!”

“Please three of you go out first!”

Doctors are busy rescuing the patient and nurses get the people out the ward.

There is a flush on his cheek, but his eyes are fierce.

After going out the ward, Song Yunqiang stares at Song Yunxuan fiercely, “You must have forced dad to rewrite the will!”

Song Yunxuan raises her eyes and looks solemn and cold. “Who is dragging dad’s collar and shouting at him just now, brother?”

Song Yunqiang clenches his hands into fists and puts them tightly on both sides of his body.

He looks at Song Yunxuan’s calm and indifferent expression and wants to tear her alive!

But he can’t do that!

Even if he wants to tear her apart to vent his anger, he couldn’t do that.

Song Yan has admitted that he has voluntarily given ninety-nine percent of the Song family’s inheritance to Song Yunxuan.

The remaining one percent is just a little as soybean.

That’s no difference from giving them nothing.

They can only live in the Song family until they die.

Song Yunqiang begins to hate Song Yan.

He doesn’t understand why Song Yan does like this!

However, when they are in the tense fighting, the doctors in the ward give up the electric shock decadently.

The door is opened.

The doctor comes out, and he shows regret to Song Yunxuan, “I’m sorry, but the patient is dead. Please accept my condolences.”

Song Yunjia squats on the ground powerlessly as if her backbone was pulled out. Her father dies suddenly and her last hope is extinct.

Song Yunqiang is still in a rage. His father’s death shocks him for a moment. Then he turns around and leaves the hospital quickly.

Song Yunxuan’s heart seems to have been gouged out by a razor blade. It is painful, but she can breathe.

She steps backwards.

She slowly leans her shoulders against the wall.

Song Yan dies.

The old man who has always favored his elder daughter dies.

She succeeds in getting the Song family.

However, she feels a little uncomfortable.

Suddenly she remembers the tear from the corners of his eyes before the pupil spread.

Song Yan must be very sad.

His daughter and son please him just for his inheritance, but they don’t really respect and care him.

But this is what the world is like.

Humanity is killed for the sake of benefit.

How much of the affection between parent and children can be retained?

She remains still.

After leaving the hospital, Song Yunqiang goes to several places before finally getting a telephone number.

He dials the number and slowly opens his mouth with a grim look after he hears the voice, “As long as you help me prove that Song Yunxuan is the behind-the-scenes person who kidnaps my father, I will help you escape from prison.”

The person over there is stunned.

He hasn’t spoken for a long time.

The play of the Song families fighting for property comes to an end with the death of Song Yan.

At eleven a.m., the death of Song Yan is announced.

The whole Yuncheng City is shocked.

The reason for the shock is not the death of Song Yan, but the fact that Song Yan leaves all his property to Song Yunxuan at the end of his death.

The little girl who is rumored to inherit the Song family succeeds in getting it after rumors and kidnappings.

Next come all kinds of trouble and speculation of public.

At six o’clock in the afternoon, the news of Song Yan’s death and the handover of power are transported across the sea to the United States.

Song Yunying, who gets the news abroad, is almost dumb.

Her father, Song Yan, is dead.

All she does is in vain, and she flees away on charges of kidnapping her father and killing her younger sister.

The power of the Song family unexpectedly falls in Song Yunxuan’s hand.

She feels unbelievable, murmuring, “Isn’t Song Yunxuan supposed to die? Why is she still alive? “

Isn’t Song Yunxuan supposed to be buried for a long time? Why can she inherit the Song family in real life?

She doesn’t know the reason.

Xue Tao is swearing at her and asks her indignantly, “Didn’t you say that Song Yunxuan has died? How does she inherit the whole Song family, and what are you used for as daughter of Song Yan and Song Yunxuan’s second sister?

The letter faxed to her by her people in Yuncheng falls to the ground.

Song Yunying says two words, “Go back.”

Xue Tao looks at her as if she was a neurologist. “Are you mentally ill?! Your sister knows it’s you who kidnap the old man! It’s you who want to kill her! She’s in the ascendant now, and she’s bound to get revenge!”

“Let’s go back.”

“If she calls the police, we’re all done.”

“If she wants to call the police, it’s already reported, but there’s no report of Song Yunying kidnapping the old man yet. That means that she doesn’t call the police. She’s waiting for me to go back. I’m going back.”

Song Yunying immediately gets up to pack her luggage.

Since Song Yunxuan does not die and inherits the whole Song family, then she has to go back.

Song Yunxuan knows so many secrets about her. If she wants her life, she can crush her with one finger.

Not to mention the kidnapping, the real identity of the child in her abdomen can make her lose all her reputation.

She has to go back to Song Yunxuan, no matter what plot Song Yunxuan has to wait for her.

“Even if Song Yunxuan has not dealt with us now, the Chu family will never let us go!”

“Only Song Yunxuan can stop Chu Mochen. If you don’t want Xue’s family to go broke so soon, you should go back immediately and congratulate her on inheriting the Song family!” Song Yunying makes the analysis of the situation very clear.

We can only stand on the same line with Song Yunxuan. Otherwise, we will perish very quickly.

If you want to live, you must listen to others.

Xue Tao does not think so, “Gu’s Shao Tianze has been linked with your elder sister Song Yunjia. Why don’t we rely on Gu family?”

“But you have planned to depend on the Chu family before!” She clearly remembers that Xue Tao wants to depend on the Chu family at the beginning of the struggle for property.

Xue Tao and Song Yunxuan’s hatred is deeply rooted. Having heard Song Yunying’s words, he becomes angry. “I have the final say in Xue family. I have decided that Xue will cooperate with Gu, and then that is. It is not your turn to interrupt.”

Song Yunying looks at him angrily.

Xue Tao is upset. “Don’t look at me like that. You’re pregnant. I don’t want to beat you all the time!”

Song Yunying turns around and covers the suitcase severely. Then she drags the suitcase out of the hotel room.

Xue Tao scolds her in the back.

Her eyes are filled with tears, but she feels frightened.

Even if she returns home, she is not sure that Song Yunxuan would not deal with her, but if she does not return home, domestic assets would be taken away by Song Yunxuan and the Chu family little by little, and even the whole Xue family would collapse.

Her child can’t lose all before he is born!

She must help her child get Xue’s family!

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