Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 124 - Change of Ownership of the Song Family

Chapter 124: Change of Ownership of the Song Family

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia are unconsciously stunned when they hear her words.

Song Yunjia releases her hand. “What do you mean, Yun Xuan?”

Song Yunqiang is more anxious, “How does the will come to you? Dad gave it to the lawyer. Where have you been these three days?

Song Yunxuan looks up at the clock.

It’s exactly nine o’clock.

She takes out the papers in the bag and turns to the lawyer who comes quickly behind her. “Lawyer Su, will you read it?”

“No need to read it. It’s not the will written by my father at all. It’s not the lawyer in our family. You’re young. Don’t fool me and your elder sister.”

Song Yunxuan looks at him calmly, “Brother, he is our family lawyer, but he’s a new comer.”

Song Yunqiang looks stern. Seeing that the lawyer behind her is a woman, he is very impatient, “Yunxuan, why does our family affairs become your responsibility after you disappear for three days?”

Song Yunjia also looks at her coldly, “Yunxuan, you are the youngest in the Song family. There is no place for you to speak.”

Song Yunxuan smiles and walks into the living room. “I really couldn’t manage these household affairs before. But once I was kidnapped, father lets me not only manage the affairs of the Song family, but also…”

She turns head and her smile is more complacent. “He lets me take care of Song’s enterprise.”

Song Yunqiang is shocked by the news.

Song Yunjia looks at Song Yunxuan. She feels that her heart is beating heavily when her eyes are on her.

This feeling makes her very uncomfortable.

She takes the document from the lawyer and takes a look at the will, “What you are going to do today.”

Song Yunqiang also gives her a look, showing an angry expression. “Yunxuan, although father is seriously ill, but changing the lawyer and testamentary cannot be joked. What you have done today makes me feel bad.”

“Brother, I change the lawyer because he has problems. You know it.”

Song Yunxuan’s ingenious words stiffen Song Yunqiang’s expression.

Indeed, that lawyer is really problematic.

However, Song Yunxuan was kidnapped for three days. How did she know there was a problem with the lawyer?

Song Yunqiang looks up at her gravely.

Song Yunxuan looks at him calmly, but the smile on her face converges. “For a lawyer who tampers with the will of the Song family, he has violated the law when he plans to obey other people’s instructions to tamper with and reveal the will. Since he knows the law and violates it, can’t the Song family dismiss him?”

Song Yunxuan is so clear about the lawyer’s problems that his expression suddenly changes.

“Yunxuan… you… “

Song Yunxuan raises her hand to stop what he wants to say. “Brother, you don’t have to wait for the nine o’clock, and you don’t need to find out our father. The will is in the Song’s new lawyer’s hand. You can check whether it’s dad’s handwriting. If you have no opinion, we will inherit our property according to this will.”

The words in Song Yunqiang’s throat seem to be blocked by blood.

Without saying a word, he reaches out to Song Yunjia to hand him the will.

Song Yunjia becomes very bad after she reads the will.

Her long eyebrows wrinkle up, and she looks at Song Yunxuan strangely.

She wants to express her anger, but she doesn’t know how to do it.

Looking at her expression, Song Yunxuan takes the initiative to ask her, “Sister, is there anything wrong with the will?”

Song Yunjia opens her mouth and her voice is dry and dumb, “I want to see dad…”

“Sister, that is to say, there is no problem with the will, is there?”

Song Yunjia’s eyes are full of tears. She looks up and refuses to let the tears come out, but insists, “Where is dad? I want to see him…”

She turns to go.

But Song Yunxuan calls her, “Sister, don’t you doubt that this will is false?”

Song Yunjia suddenly stops, “This is indeed Papa’s handwriting, but he never writes it in such a thick pen.”

“It is written with fingers and with blood.”

Her words make Song Yunjia stunned.

There Song Yunqiang quickly interfaces. He points at her and shouts, “Song Yunxuan, you evil girl! You should hurt dad in order to seize the family property! Dad is kidnapped by you, and you force him to write the will!!!”

He scolds her so firmly.

But Song Yunxuan frowns slightly, and smiles through his words. “So you admit that this is dad’s handwriting.”

Song Yunqiang is shocked.

Suddenly he feels like falling into a trap.

Song Yunjia questions her, “You must ask someone to imitate dad’s handwriting. It’s not the real one. The one that dad wrote before is not this one at all!”

She is a little agitated. She speaks without consideration, and her mind is in a state of chaos.

If she could not inherit the Song family, and Song Yan dies, the Song family would change ownership. Shao Tianze would only think about her when he goes to the hospital to see doctor.

He would never see her at any other time.

She does not want to be so good-natured to save Gu’s life. She wants to get the whole Song family.

Then she collaborates with Gu’s company to become Shao Tianze’s business partner.

Then she will have other reasons to contact him.

But why does it become the way it is now?

Song Yunqiang stares at the contents of the will, and even looks through it fiercely.

At the end of the last sentence, he throws the will on the ground in a huff of anger.

The generous brotherhood is torn apart at once.

He is so angry that he raises his hand and points at Song Yunxuan’s nose. “Song Yunxuan, dad is kind enough to take you from the broken place in Qingcheng. Why do you want to satisfy your ambition with such a way?”

Song Yunqiang’s words are always in line with his identity even when he is angry.

As the oldest son of the Song family, he is so magnificent at any time.

What means does she use?

What ambition does she want to satisfy?

She is amused to think about these.

Her eyes bend gently, and looks at the ground. “It’s okay for you to throw this wills, because the real will is left behind by me. I only bring a copy to you. If this one is damaged, I could ask the lawyer to copy and show it to you.”

Song Yunjia is a little excited, “Song Yunxuan, what did you do to father?

Song Yunxuan says lightly, “You shouldn’t ask me about this. I almost die there. I can come back thanks to the help of noble people.”

Both Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia remain silent. Neither of them could be sure whether the other sent someone to kidnap their sister and father.

They are even suspicious of each other.

Song Yunxuan looks at Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia and says, “The former lawyer has been dismissed at father’s command. Henceforth, this Lawyer Su will be our lawyer.”

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang are reluctant to see Song Yunxuan as the master of the family.

Song Yunqiang is more angrily. “In the testament, ninety-nine percent of the shares of Song family are given to you. What does this mean?”

“That means all the Song family is in the charge of me!”

Song Yunxuan waves and points to the big house of the Song family. She turns to Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia, “Dad escapes from death. He is still lying in the hospital. One percent is left to you because you are his children. I and dad have experienced the death together. So I deserve the Song family.”

Song Yunjia couldn’t believe the result. She steps back and runs straight out. “I’m going to see dad. I don’t believe that the will is real. The old one wasn’t written like this. I’m going to see dad.”

Song Yunxuan watches Song Yunjia run out of the house and lightly reminds her, “Sister, dad is not in the People’s Hospital, but in Nanding Hospital.”

Song Yunjia’s footsteps suddenly pause, and then she rushes out with her lips biting.

Song Yunqiang feels his both hands begin to tremble.

After looking at the Song house, Song Yunxuan looks at her room on the second floor, but her voice is cold and ordinary without pride.

She tells Song Yunqiang like chatting with him, “Brother, when I was driven out of the Song family, I told you that I would come back.”

Song Yunxuan’s trembling. His face becomes blue with the sudden change, and he stares at her with horrible death: “Song Yunxuan, I don’t believe my father give you both the Song family and the Song’s company!”

He has lived in the Song family for more than thirty years. He is the only son of Song Yan.

Since ancient times, all sons have inherited the family business. So it is impossible for father to choose an illegitimate daughter who has lived in Qingcheng Town for more than ten years to inherit the business.

He doesn’t think that things should be like this.

But the testament in Song Yunxuan’s hand is indeed Song Yan’s handwriting.

Song Yunxuan looks at the furious eldest brother, smiles disdainfully, and then touches the retro British-style phone on the table as if there was dust on the phone. She uses his fingers to smear the dust. Her voice is full of deep meaning. “Brother, dad has given you a chance. He waited for you to save him with my elder sister. The whole song family is yours. Why don’t you take out half of it to save dad?

“Song Yunxuan, you don’t have to tell me this. I was wrong about you. I didn’t expect you to have such ambition!”

Song Yunqiang’s eyes are covered with blood. “Dad must have been forced to write this suicide note. I’m going to look for dad!”

Song Yunxuan nods, “Well, you go. I’ll be waiting for you in the Song family.”

Song Yan takes a hard look at her before turning out.

The servants of the whole Song family are silent, and they are even more at a loss in the face of the replacement of power in the family.

Song Yunxuan does not give any advice to any place in the Song’s house.

She just sits on the sofa and looks out of the living room window at the sky.

She has already gotten the Song family.

Next, it’s the best time to get rid of those who have harmed her step by step.

Although Song Yunqiang has not yet revealed his weakness, the Song changes ownership.

Her eldest brother is sure not to bow down.

She really doesn’t know what he will do.

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