Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 126 - Brother’s Tricks

Chapter 126: Brother’s Tricks

Song Yunxuan appears at the funeral in plain clothes.

The media are shut out.

People who cooperated with the Song family, made good friends with Song Yan before his death, and are ready to have some contact with the Song family’s successor arrive in time for the funeral.

Song Yunqiang’s eyes are covered with red blood. Song Yunjia’s face is pale and her eyes are red and swollen with crying.

She is unprepared for the sudden death of Song Yan.

He left behind a will that really can’t be true anymore.

The real will that Shao Tianze has shown to Song Yunjia before becomes meaningless after the appearance of Song Yunxuan’s.

The old lawyer refuses to interfere in the affairs of the Song family regardless of Song Yunqiang’s persuasion.

Song Yunjia is disheartened.

But Song Yunqiang is unwilling to submit.

The funeral hall is quiet, and the melancholy music slowly echoes in the hall.

Song Yunxuan wears a black knee-length skirt. It deliberately hides her delicate curves and makes her pale and serious.

When Shao Tianze and Gu Changle come over, Song Yunxuan looks up at Shao Tianze’s eyes.

Shao Tianze gently comforts her, “Yunxuan, don’t be too sad.”

Song Yunxuan nods and has a look at Changle without any trace.

Even attending funerals, Gu Changle is always so beautiful and attractive in her eyes and eyebrows.

Gu Changle begins to change after she survived with Gu Changge’s heart.

Her pure and harmless image fades away, and the enchanting charm hidden inward for decades emerges between the eyebrows.

She no longer needs restraint and concealment. She wants to be a woman worthy of Shao Tianze, even better than Gu Changge.

Song Yunxuan nods gently and watches Shao Tianze and Gu Changle bow to Song Yan. In the depth of her eyes, there is a knife-edge-like coldness slipping slowly.

Soon she’ll send them both into the hell.

People coming to mourn are acquaintances of Gu Changge, and many have no cooperation with the Song family, for example, Su Youyu of the Su family.

She hasn’t seen Su Youyu for several days, but Su Youyu grins when he sees her. “You suffer a lot these days.”

Song Yunxuan shakes head and deliberately has a look at Chu Mochen in the crowd. “My fiancé is here. Is it good for you to come here?”

“I’m here on business, not on private. I think Childe Chu can distinguish the public and the private.”

Song Yunxuan nods, “Thank you for mourning my father.”

“I gave him anonymous clues to investigate your second sister.”

Song Yunxuan is stunned.

Su Youyu doesn’t elaborate, but nods, “Then I’ll go to mourn your father first.”

When Su Youyu passes by her, Chu Mochen’s eyes fall on her. Song Yunxuan is somewhat distracted. He glances at Su Youyu sharply.

However, Song Yunjia and Shao Tianze have left the mourning hall when they are not noticed.

Song Yunjia looks at Shao Tianze with red and swollen eyes. She is sorry. “I didn’t think Dad would change his mind at the end of his life. I really bother you to do that for me.”

Shao Tianze smiles faintly, but his eyes cross the chrysanthemum wreath and fall on Song Yunxuan, who is receiving guests outside. “It seems that your sister is not easy to deal with.”

Song Yunjia has headache. When she hears what he says, she puts eyes on Song Yunxuan. “Yunxuan was kidnapped with father and they were sent back together. My brother and I suspect that the kidnapping incident is conducted by Song Yunxuan herself. The purpose is to take away the legacy.”

Shao Tianze looks around the mourning hall and sneers, “Where are your young sister Song Yunying and Xue Tao?”

Song Yunjia frowns and looks somewhat dissatisfied, “Yun Ying and Xue Tao have been busy from the night before. I hear of that Xue Tao’s mother is seriously ill and falls into a coma. I and my brother can’t contact with them.”

Shao Tianze steps out and says, “They have fled.”

Song Yunjia is stunned.

Then she quickly catches up with Shao Tianze. “Do you mean that it’s Yunying who kidnapped Yunxuanand father?”

Shao Tianze nods. “That’s right.”

Song Yunjia grits her teeth and says, “Such a fool!”

Rarely Shao Tianze’s tone is ironic. “You and Song Yunqiang could have totally eliminated Song Yunying, but I can’t imagine that you didn’t pay the ransom.”

Song Yunjia’s face is paler and more embarrassed.

Shao Tianze returns to the crowd and stops talking, but his eyes fall on Song Yunxuan.

Surprisingly, in this Song family, Song Yunying, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia are busy fighting for the heritage, but only the little sister is the last to gain from the struggle.

It’s ironic.

Song Yunying kidnaps Song Yan, and Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia are reluctant to give up their money.

The final result is that Song Yan feels heart-broken and gives the Song family to the little girl who has been suffering with him.

But he doesn’t think the little girl is so innocent.

Song Yunjia feels that she has been set up, so she is indignant.

After a few steps in the crowd, she wants to talk to Shao Tianze.

Shao Tianze reminds her, “You meet the guests with your little sister. Maybe things will turn around.”

Song Yunjia is dumb, “What do you mean?”

Shao Tianze bends his lips and smiles coolly and softly. “Your brother will not give up. There will be a good play today.”

Song Yunjia follows Shao Tianze’s advice and goes to meet the guests beside Song Yunxuan.

But Gu Changle is jealous, “Where did you go with Yunjia?”

“We have a word behind the wreath over there.”

“It’s not appropriate for you to talk to her alone at her father’s funeral. People will judge you.”

“We were also judged when I walked around with you after your sister just died.”

Gu Changle frowns. She is somewhat annoyed, “You are getting bad!”

She bits her lip and feels proud.

She despises the affection between Gu Changge and Shao Tianze. After Gu Changge died, such a good man transferred his deep love to her.

Song Yunxuan has noticed Shao Tianze and Gu Changle when Song Yunjia comes over. She asks Song Yunjia strangely, “Sister, why does the Miss Changle seem to be very friendly with her brother-in-law?”

Song Yunjia gives her a cold look and says, “You think too much. It’s impossible for them to be together.”

Song Yunjia thinks that Shao Tianze could not marry Gu Changle as long as she is sister of Gu Changge.

It is not decent if a man marries his wife’s sister.

And even if it’s common in the upper class in private, they will always be rejected by public.

She thinks that Shao Tianze would not do such an irrational thing.

However, Song Yunxuan says intentionally, “It’s not always seen that a man walks around with his sister-in-law after the wife dies.”

Song Yunjia’s fingers are clenched tightly.

Song Yunxuan turns head and bows to Rong Six, the representative of the Rong family to mourn.

Rong Six does not speak much because Song Yunjia is here. He just says, “Miss Song, don’t be too sad. Take care of yourself.”

He goes over and bows to Song Yan.

Then Childe Xiao comes over.

This young man, who has connection with Song Yunjia comes to offer condolences.

He just has a glance at Song Yunjia, then he says to Song Yunxuan, “Miss Song, properly manage the Song family as your father wished.”

Song Yunxuan nods and bows to him. “I would appreciate your help.”

The Xiao family has a cooperative relationship with the Song family, but the Xiao family obviously made a mistake when they bet on Song Yunjia.

Now Song Yunjia has been eliminated, and the whole power of the Song family falls into the hands of Song Yunxuan.

The Xiao family, of course, is going towards their favor, and makes friend with the youngest lady of the Song family.

Song Yunjia is angry and her face looks blue.

However, at this time, Song Yunqiang, who doesn’t receive guests, suddenly comes to Song Yunjia and Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunqiang looks at the doorway without other’s notice. Song Yunxuan catches his sight. Her expression changes slightly.

She turns to go out and Song Yunjia calls her, “Yunxuan, where are you going?”

Song Yunxuan says lightly, “My stomach is a little uncomfortable.”

Song Yunqiang’s face twitches, and there appears a vicious smile. “Yunjia, you go with Yunxuan and let her come back quickly. Now that she is the master of the Song family. We need her.”

Song Yunjia does not understand him. She remembers what Shao Tianze said just now.

She nods and goes out with Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunqiang alone receives the guests who come to mourn.

But at the third guest, the assistant next to him hands him the phone.

Song Yunqiang, with a sad face, says sorry to the guests and answers the phone.

The guests have to offer condolence first, but at that moment, Song Yunqiang suddenly shouts, “What are you talking about?”

All the guests around are shocked by Song Yunqiang, and they look at him.

Song Yunqiang’s expression changes dramatically.

He seems to be surprised by something, and he immediately angrily scolds, “Who are you?! Don’t talk nonsense! Yunxuan inherits the whole Song family with my father’s will. How could she kidnap dad and force him to write the will? If you talk nonsense again, I will sue you for libel! Yunxuan is absolutely impossible to do this kind of treason!

The mourners in the mourning hall are all in silence for a moment, and then they begin to talk to each other.

“Is the kidnapping conducted by the youngest girl of the Song family?”

“It’s disgraceful!”

“Does not the Song family teach her something decent?!”

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