Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 119 - Are You Crying?

Chapter 119: Are You Crying?

Time goes by.

Zhang Qiang and Old Six are staying beside the phone.

Song Yunxuan accompanies Song Yan.

The electric heater radiates precious warmth in this empty room.

Song Yunxuan rubs Song Yan’s fingers and asks him, “Dad, do you feel warmer?”

Song Yan’s breathing becomes heavier; his condition takes a bad turn.

Zhang Qiang notices that Song Yan is suffering, so gives Yunxuan the tablets and warm water which he has prepared for Song Yan. He sneers, “There are six hours left. If the Song family has not come to rescue you, we would send you to hell.”

Song Yunxuan takes the water cup and the tablet, puts the tablet in Song Yan’s mouth and lets him drink some water, “Dad, you will be comfortable after taking the medicine.”

Zhang Qiang and Old Six sit beside them. They are bored waiting for the phone call from the Song family, so starting mocking Song Yan, “It seems that even though you have tens of billions, your son and daughter are not willing to spend half of the money to redeem you even if you are dying.”

Song Yan breathes heavily and hard.

Song Yunxuan starts rubbing his chest after he takes the pills. She says, “Dad, don’t worry. Brother and sister will save us.”

Song Yan looks at his little daughter with his gloomy eyes.

If Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia had the intention to save him, they should have started working out a rescue plan with the police, and would have called to ask about the location.

However, half of the time for them to think has passed. His daughter and son haven’t taken any action, let alone a phone call.

He senses that there’s something wrong.

After six hours, Song Yunxuan has also concluded that they would not come to rescue him. Her eye shows a little bit sorrow.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang are mostly waiting for the lawyer to announce his will after 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.

As long as they can get the estate of the Song family, they are not so foolish to spend 10 billion dollars to redeem an old man who could not survive for a month, even though the old man is their father.

Zhang Qiang and Old Six smoke in the room while waiting. The room is filled with smoke. Song Yan begins to cough violently.

Song Yunxuan pats him on the chest to relieve the pain.

She also shows her dissatisfaction to Zhang Qiang and Old Six: “You make my father uncomfortable. Can you go out to smoke?”

Waiting exhausts Zhang Qiang and Old Six’s patience. Zhang Qiang jumps up from his chair and grabs Song Yunxuan’s arm. “The three-day deadline is coming. I think it’s better to kill you a few hours earlier than your father. You are too noisy.”

Old Six looks at Zhang Qiang and continues to smoke without objection.

This old one is still useful, but the young one is useless.

Song Yunying asked them to kidnap Song Yan in order to change the will. The old man can be killed as soon as the will is changed.

But the will has not been revised, so they must keep him alive.

He puts out cigarette and then goes to open the window to let the smoke out of the room.

But as he opens the window, he suddenly sees several powerful off-road vehicles are parked in the dark.

“These cars…”

He is shocked and goes to find Zhang Qiang immediately.

Zhang Qiang, with a rope in his hand, is about to strangle Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan’s cold eyes makes Zhang Qiang feel chilly.

Old Six gets scared too when seeing Song Yunxuan’s eyes. He grabs Zhang Qiang’s wrist and says, “Now hide her, and kill her later.”

Zhang Qiang says, “Is Song Yunying coming?”

“The will of the Song family will be announced in six hours. It will be too late if Song Yunying doesn’t come now. Several cars come, so there should be many people. Song Yunying must not know that we haven’t killed her yet. Lock her up here. You come out to deal with Song Yunying. “

Old Six drags Zhang Qiang out, and Zhang Qiang knows that dealing with Song Yunying is the right thing to do now. He throws the hemp rope and locks the door.

Song Yunxuan frowns. Does Song Yunying come to change the will?

Song Yunying should be discussing the issue of ransom with Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia. Xue Tao should be sent here if they wanted to change the will.

And is it necessary to drive several cars?

She places her ears against the door, and listens carefully to the outside.

The doors and windows of the abandoned dormitory are old, and the handrails on the corridors have been demolished a lot.

Many people step on the stairs, which makes Zhang Qiang and Old Six a little nervous.

The men outside walk quickly and open the wooden door of the room.

“Miss Song…”

Zhang Qiang’s voice is stuck in his throat.

The man in front of him is tall and slender, with eyes as sharp and dangerous as an eagle in the dark.

He takes a step forwards, and Zhang Qiang and Old Six step back in fear.

There is a sad cough in the room.

Chu Mochen’s eyesight falls on the door of the room where the cough comes.

Zhang Qiang and Old Six are alert, “Who are you?”

Chu Mochen’s eyes are cold, “You don’t need to know who I am, just give me Song Yunxuan.”

Zhang Qiang is stunned, unable to determine whether the man wants alive or dead Yunxuan.

Then he answers, “You’re late, she’s dead.”

If the man was from Song Yunying’s side, he would cause trouble if he were told that Song Yunxuan is still alive.

Chu Mochen’s heart sinks. Rong Six behind him shouts out, “It is impossible!”

The uneasy expression on their faces makes Zhang Qiang and Old Six believe that the fact that they have not killed Song Yunxuan causes them trouble.

Old Six says, “Song Yunxuan has indeed been killed, and her body has been buried.”

Chu Mochen stands still for a long time without moving.

Rong Six reacts quickly and asks the people behind him, “Take them down.”

The men behind him are the bodyguards of the Rong’s family who have good combat skills.

At the order of Rong Six, several men immediately come out and restrain Old Six and Zhang Qiang.

Even those outside the room who want to help them are pinned on the floor with their hands locked behind.

Old Six is pressed on the ground and looks at Chu Mochen angrily. “Who on earth are you?”

Chu Mochen’s commanding eyes fall on his face, as cold as a demon.

“Gag him.”

His speaks softly and slowly, showing no emotion.

Rong Six has a deep friendship with Chu Mochen, and he knows his calm character at all times.

Rong Six waves to indicate the people around him to gag the two.

“Take them outside.”

Rong Six asks the men to drag the people they have tied up outside.

Zhang Qiang and Old Six realize that they come to save Song Yunxuan, so they cry desperately to speak.

But they are dragged out without any mercy.

Chu Mochen does not speak, but his cloudy eyes are as endless as the sea dyed with ink.

Rong Six notices that he clenches his hands so hard that the blue veins even pop up, as if he was using all the strength he has.

Nobody can understand Chu Mochen’s current feeling.

Nobody can understand him.

There is a big stone in his heart with sharp edges twirling his heart. He feels extremely painful.

Besides, he cannot breathe.

But he still has to alleviate the pain, although it’s no use.

When he first saw Song Yunxuan, he thought that this girl would be special for him.

Over time, she reminded him of Gu Changge.

She had wisdom, courage and calmness.

Yet she always kept distance and he could not get close to her.

He wanted to hide her and trap her in his own hands. Besides, he wanted to protect her well.

However, she just walked forwards in the direction she wanted, and refused to stop for him at all.

Now she has died.

She didn’t even give him time to react.

Rong Six calls him gently, “Brother Chu, Song Yan seems to be in the room inside.”

Chu Mochen nods, “You go out first.”

Rong Six comes out with others.

Chu Mochen does not immediately rescue Song Yan.

He does not come to rescue Song Yan.

He just wants to see if Song Yunxuan is safe.

But, how ironic.

He was told that Song Yunxuan has died.

After everyone goes out, he is left alone in the room.

He raises hand slowly, covers half of his face, and takes a breath in the room with dim light.

Suddenly his eyes get red and watery.

He has never cried since he could remember things. His joy and anger are invisible, which is the standard requirement of the master of Chu.

He has always behaved as his father wants.

He becomes such a person.

Today, however, he feels that he can’t deal with the result calmly.

He hits the wall with a heavy blow.

When his finger bones hit the wall, it hurts badly, but he has no time to worry about it.

He slowly collapses on the floor. He has to cover the sharp pain in his chest.

It is the same case when Gu Changge died. He couldn’t do anything.

Even though he had loved her silently for many years, he could not say anything.

He could not even come back to see her when she died.

He could only mourn her as an outsider.

Because she was someone else’s wife.

Now, Song Yunxuan comes back to his life with the shadow of Changge and becomes his fiancée.

But suddenly she disappears.

It’s like a phantom, coming and going in the blink of an eye.

He looks down and feels something coming out of the corner of his eye.

It’s so strange and so painful.

Behind him is the sound of opening iron door.

Then the sound of footsteps comes.

He looks down and does not want to see anyone.

But a hand gently puts on his shoulder. “Hey, are you crying?” the voice is soft and caring.

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