Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 118 - Let Song Yunxuan Go

Chapter 118: Let Song Yunxuan Go

Song Yunying sits opposite to her brother and sister, and can almost guess what they are thinking from their subtle movements.

Since they will soon get the estate of the Song family, they must be very excited.

She squints her eyes and shows an imperceptible smile on her face.

At that moment, however, her phone receives a text message with prompt tone.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang raise their heads at the same time.

The smile on her face is almost seen by them because she barely has time to change her expression.

Fortunately, she reacts a little faster and looks down to get her phone.

She takes it out from her purse and sees a strange number shown on the screen.

She frowns slightly, slides the screen and reads the text message.

Just a moment later, she feels a sudden shock in her heart.

Then her fingertips freeze and she feels a sudden chill.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang notice something wrong. They ask worriedly, “Yunying, what’s wrong with you?”

“What happened?”

Song Yunying stiffly stands up. “Xue Tao calls me back because his mother is in shock!”

Song Yunjia looks at Song Yunying suspiciously.

Song Yunqiang is not very convinced, either.

Song Yunying takes her bag and goes out, much faster than the previous time.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia look at each other, but do not speak.

Out of the door Song Yunying carefully reads the message.

It isn’t a text but a photo.

It’s a picture of the biological father of the child in her belly.

“Impossible…” She shakes her head in disbelief. “Nobody knows the secret except Song Yunxuan. Song Yunxuan is dead…”

She feels her heart is sunk in hell.

She walks to her car ponderously.

She is in a state of confusion.

Now that Song Yunxuan is dead, how can others know her secret?

She panics with the unsettling and horrible feeling in her heart.

She shivers to start the car. A few kilometers away the Song family, she looks at the telephone number from which the message is sent.

She hesitates whether she should dial the number to find out who the person is.

Cars outside swiftly pass by and her car is lightened by the high beam of the oncoming cars.

But she sees nothing but the phone number.

“Who on earth knows it?”

She grits and puts her finger on the dialing key.

However, just as she is about to press it, the phone rings suddenly.

She hesitates for a moment and answers it as calmly as she can.

A man’s low and cold voice is heard. “Is Yunxuan in your hand?”

Hearing the voice, Song Yunying shivers.

She says with surprise, “Chu Mochen?”

Chu Mochen’s voice is cold, “I don’t want to interfere with your Song family’s business, but I can’t allow you to hurt Song Yunxuan. What did you do to Yunxuan?” his words are oppressive.

Song Yunying never thought that Chu Mochen would know her secret.

Song Yunxuan is the only key to make Chu Mochen pretend not to know it.

But she has already killed Song Yunxuan.


She repeats Song Yunxuan’s name in a low voice, and her mind is blank.

Yunxuan has been killed by her!

But Chu Mochen is asking her about Yunxuan. What should she say?

Is it Ok to pretend to know nothing?

Or is it Ok to say that Yunxuan is good now and she doesn’t hurt her?

How should she say?

What on earth should she say?

She is frightened as if her heart was clenched in someone’s hand and about to explode.

She opens her mouth but cannot say a word.

How would Chu Mochen react if she told him that Song Yunxuan is dead?

She says slowly, “Mr. Chu… my sister….”

“Where is she?”

“In the eastern suburb…”

“Be specific!”

“She is in the eastern suburb wildness…”

Underground in the eastern suburb wilderness, she has become a cold and stiff body.

But she dares not say so.

So she tells him, “In the abandoned refinery dormitory in the eastern suburb.”

Chu Mochen senses something and asks her in a low voice, “Is she still alive?”

“Yes,” Song Yunying answers positively without thinking, “Childe Chu, please pick her up. I didn’t hurt her.”

Chu Mochen narrows his eyes before he hangs up the phone.

Behind him Rong Six is nervous. “How is Yunxuan, brother Chu?”

“Yunxuan is indeed kidnapped by Song Yunying and Xue Tao. She is in the abandoned refinery dormitory in the eastern suburb.” His face is cold and angry.

Rong Six dares not say anything more. He just walks out with him quickly. “Let’s go to find Yunxuan.”

Rong Six pauses. “Should we call the police first?”

Chu Mochen just goes ahead. “Don’t call the police now.”

Although he has a bad feeling, he still thinks that it’s not the time to call the police.

Yunxuan hasn’t been found yet.

It won’t be too late to call the police when Yunxuan has been found safely.

If something bad happens to Yunxuan, he will skin them.

After hanging up the phone, Song Yunying speeds up the car and drives to the Xue’s house.

When she arrives, Xue Tao is still sitting on the couch watching the beauty contest held in Yuncheng. Xue Tao pleasantly focuses on those beautiful women in sexy swim suits on the T stage. He doesn’t look at Song Yunying at all. He says, “Number nine is good. I heard she used to be an editor of a magazine. Can you introduce me to her?

“Tao, pack your bags quickly, and we’ll book tickets to leave Yuncheng right away.”

Xue Tao is stunned hearing that all of a sudden. After she turns around and takes a few steps away, he suddenly rises from the sofa and says, “You are crazy. Why are you leaving Yuncheng?”

The top three of the beauty contest will appear soon. He is very interested in the number nine and has asked someone to find out her details.

Song Yunying looks a little pale. Seeing Xue Tao getting so emotional and refusing to leave, she slowly turns back and firmly says, “Tao, we must go.”

Xue Tao looks at her earnest and vague expression, so he notices something wrong.

After a careful reflection, he is immediately shocked, “Has the police caught evidence of your kidnapping of the old man?”

Song Yunying shakes her head and hurries up to the second floor.

She has to pack quickly. It only takes Chu Mochen more than an hour to drive to the eastern suburbs. If Chu Mochen knows that Song Yunxuan is dead, she will not be able to leave.

Xue Tao also panics. He follows her upstairs and asks her, “What are you panicking about now that you have not been found by the police?”

Song Yunying takes a breath and squints. She says unwillingly, “It is not found by the police, but by Chu Mochen.”

Xue Tao is shocked.

He grasps Song Yunying’s hand and scolds her, “Are you crazy? Did you confess to Chu Mochen?

“He asked me for Song Yunxuan.”

Xue Tao is even angrier. He raises his hand and slaps her. Song Yunying staggers and falls on the big soft bed.

She covers her face and stares at Xue Tao. “What are you doing?!”

“Shouldn’t a brainless woman like you be slapped?” Xue Tao takes a step forward and points at her. His face is fierce. “You are really abnormal recently. Song Yunxuan is dead. When Chu Mochen asks you, you should not admit it. What’s wrong with you?!”

Song Yunying covers half of her face. She feels a hot pain on the side of her cheek, “Chu Mochen is onto us already. You are still going to deny it?”

“If you admit, we’ll be dead!”

Song Yunying will certainly not tell Xue Tao that Chu Mochen knows her secret. She is afraid that her secret is enclosed.

“Xue Tao, Chu Mochen said that he didn’t want to participate in the inner struggle of the Song family. He just wanted Song Yunxuan.

“Song Yunxuan is dead!”

Xue Tao warns Song Yunying loudly.

Song Yunying nods and says, “I know. That’s why I ask you to pack up and leave Yuncheng with me.”

Xue Tao is at a loss for a moment.

Song Yunying gets up and packs her passport, travel documents, savings and bank cards. She only packs a few pieces of clothes.

“Now we have to leave quickly. I cheat Chu Mochen that Song Yunxuan is still fine. It will take him more than an hour to get there. We should head to the airport now and catch a plane that takes off as soon as possible, so that when he finds out the truth, we are abroad.”

“But my family…” Xue Tao hesitates a little.

Xue Tao is useless abroad. If the Xue family collapses after being revenged by Chu Mochen, how will he survive abroad?

Song Yunying has already packed up while talking. She takes her suitcase downstairs as fast as she can.

Xue Tao is still standing in his bedroom.

He does not want to leave Yuncheng, but Song Yunxuan’s death would plunge Xue’s family into crisis. Chu Mochen would neither let him nor his family go easy.

If he leaves with Song Yunying, his parents are left to bear the pressure of the Chu family.

He hesitates.

Song Yunying finds Xue Tao doesn’t follow up. She shouts, “If you don’t leave quickly, Chu Mochen will let you pay for the blood debt.”

Xue Tao shudders all over his body.

He clenches his teeth, turns around and rushes out of the bedroom.

Between his life and his family, he’d rather be alive.

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