Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 117 - Sky-high Ransom

Chapter 117: Sky-high Ransom

The Song family rises and falls in the tide of public opinion.

However, it can be sure that this is the last disaster of the old master of the Song family.

The internal strife is all because of the will.

As long as the testament is settled, all will come to an end.

Song Yunxuan waits quietly in nearby room for Song Yunying to leave. There is a window in the room.

Outside the window is deep moonlight, and the cold wind blows in through the cracks on the window.

She gets close to the window and there is a waning moon in the sky.

She squints a little looking at the moon.

The door is opened outside, and Song Yunying’s voice is heard, “How did you deal with my sister’s body?”

Zhang Qiang says, “Don’t worry! We have buried her. No one would know that Miss Song has been buried in such a wilderness.

Song Yunying’s satisfied. “That’s good. By the way, you should be careful when calling the Song family for the extortion. The amount must be a sky-high price.”

Sky-high price?

Song Yunxuan’s lips bend slightly and she shakes head with a silent laugh.

Song Yunying is smart after all. How could Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang pay such a high amount to save their father?

If Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang don’t pay, Song Yan will be very disappointed.

The two children he thinks highly of won’t show any sympathy and care when he is in trouble.

However, what can he do with that?

People of a rich family are ice-cold to one another.

She listens quietly. After careful discussions, Zhang Qiang and Song Yunying finally decide a number.

Song Yunying is very satisfied with it.

When she leaves, she tells Zhang Qiang, “If the thing goes well, go to the place where Yunxuan is buried and burn some hell money for her to let her know that the Song family falls into my hands in the end.”

Song Yunxuan laughs softly, but nobody hears her.

She puts her hand on the handle of the door and responds to Song Yunying with a voice that only she can hear, “Don’t worry about me. You are going to have a hard time to protect yourself.”

The extortion call is made sixty hours after Song Yan is kidnapped. It is nine o’clock in the evening of the third day.

It is unexpected. Even working overnight, the police can’t find out where song Yan is within 12 hours.

But it’s also a good time for everyone.

In twelve hours, Song Yan will disappear for three days. If Song Yan could not appear, the will would be announced and the whole Song family would be handed over to others in advance.

Only the Song family got the call, and strangely, the police didn’t get it.

Only Song Yunqiang, Song Yunjia and Song Yunying knew the content of the call.

Song Yunying turns on the speaker when her brother answers the phone. So Song Yunjia can hear the contents of the call.

If Song Yunqiang answered the phone alone and nobody else heard it, he probably wouldn’t tell anyone about the extortion.

Song Yunying turns on the speaker just to prevent Song Yunqiang from concealing the news.

The voice of the kidnapper comes out clearly, not very high, but heavy——

“I want ten billion dollars. Transfer it to my multinational bank account in twelve hours, or I’ll kill your father.”

It is short without saying a specific bank account and which bank it is.

Song Yunqiang’s face turns livid after hanging up.

Song Yunjia and Song Yunying have just the same expression on their faces.

Song Yunjia remains silent. After a moment of silence, Song Yunqiang says, “The kidnapper did not call until sixty hours after they kidnapped father.”

Song Yunjia’s lips are pale and she says, “The call is too short. The police cannot locate him.”

“They ask us to raise ten billion dollars in twelve hours…”

Song Yunjia’s voice is cold, “It’s a sky-high price.”

Song Yunqiang puts the phone back and stiffens because of the ten billion dollars, “It’s about half of the estate of the Song family.”

If half of the estate is taken away, there won’t be much left in the Song’s.

Song Yunying wants to talk, but suddenly her phone rings.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia both focus on Song Yunying’s phone.

Song Yunying answers the phone with some embarrassment. Her expression changes after hearing a line. She stands up and walks out. “I’ll go back right away. Tao, you have to hold on.”

Neither Song Yunqiang nor Song Yunjia knows what the call is about.

Song Yunying grabs her purse and heads out in a hurry. “Xue Tao’s mother is having a heart attack. He is too busy, so he asks me to go to the hospital. I’ll come back later.”

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia nod and watch her go out.

In fact, Song Yunying’s opinion is not important at all. Song Yunying occupies the least property. As long as Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia make a decision, she has no right to say no.

She knows it, so she throws the problem to her brother and sister.

As long as they don’t save Song Yan, he will see the true color of his eldest son and eldest daughter.

Song Yunying benefits with no effort.

After she leaves, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia become even more indifferent.

Song Yunjia first asks Song Yunqiang, “In this family, you are in charge without father. What do you think we should do?”

Song Yunqiang pretends to be eager to get the phone. “Let’s call the police first.”

Song Yunjia doesn’t stop him, but says, “Even the police may not be able to find the kidnapper right away. Since we have 12 hours, we’d better think about how to raise the ten billion dollars first.”

Song Yunqiang’s face is blue and he looks sideways at Song Yunjia. “Yunjia, do you think it is easy?”

Song Yunjia frowns, “What else can we do?”

Song Yunqiang heavily analyzes, “Now our father is kidnapped. Many people are covetous of our Song family. We cannot raise the money with our current cash and bank account deposits .The stock is not worth so much money.”

Song Yunjia’s eyelids jump. “But if we don’t raise it in time, dad will be killed.”

Song Yunqiang persuades her reluctantly, “Yunjia, you are not familiar with the Song enterprise’s situation. Father asks Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian to assist me. It needs father’s own signature to sell stocks. Other groups will take a controlling stake in us and make Song enterprise change ownership.” “

“The will is going to be issued in twelve hours.” Song Yunjia reminds him.

“However, if we publicize that the kidnapper has called us, the lawyer will not publish the will. You know that the premise of publishing the will is that dad has disappeared for three days. But now we got a call from the kidnapper, so technically, dad is not missing.”

“So what should we do?”

Song Yunjia looks at Song Yunqiang.

Song Yunqiang is a bit upset and wants to smoke, but he is stopped by Song Yunjia. “Brother, smoking cannot solve the problem. It’s time for us to make a decision, you have to stay calm.”

Song Yunjia actually has a plan, but she wants to see what Song Yunqiang will do.

After all, she has to respect the fact that he is the eldest son.

She already knows the contents of the will, and most of the family’s wealth will come to her.

But if they pay the $10 billion, and then the three will share the rest. There’ll be almost nothing left.

Although the remaining can grant them a good life, Song Yan is unwilling to see the collapse or decline of the Song family.

Song Yunjia takes a breath and asks Song Yunqiang, “If you have any idea, you can speak out. I cannot make up my mind. We are the most important son and daughter for father. He should be able to understand our decisions.”

Hearing this, Song Yunqiang puts the unlit cigarette on the table. Then he sits on the couch next to Song Yunjia, putting his palms together in sorrow and lowering his head. “We have to save dad, but we can ask the police to intervene after the will is announced.”

Song Yunqiang makes himself very clear. He seems to have considered everything.

But in fact he wants to hold the power first.

Song Yunjia nods. “I agree. We’d better gather the money together in case the unexpected.”

Song Yunqiang nods, but in his heart he scoffs at his sister’s words.

Since they have already decided to choose money over their father, what’s the point gathering the ransom?

The kidnappers have said that without the money, in twelve hours their father will be killed.

Twelve hours later the will shall be issued, and Song’s wealth will change hands by then. It is no longer important whether the old man is redeemed or not.

The two have made a decision.

Song Yunying returns to Xue’s home for only a few minutes, and goes back to Song’s house in a good mood to see if her brother and sister have made a decision.

When she returns to Song’s house, she sees Song Yunjia and Song Yunqiang sitting on the couch and waiting sleeplessly.

Song Yunqiang looks at the wall clock from time to time.

As long as there is no news before nine o’clock tomorrow morning, the whole Song family will be handed over to Song Yunqiang. Song Yunying and Song Yunjia’s shares can be slowly switched over to his hands later.

Tomorrow morning, the kidnappers should kill their father.

The old man cannot change his will again after he dies.

Song Yunqiang’s heart beats fast in his chest. He has never been so excited for the past over thirty years of his life.

Although Song Yunjia seems to be calm, her beautiful white hands are put together.

She’s waiting, too.

She will be in charge of the Song’s at nine o’clock tomorrow and Shao Tianze will help her.

He will help her get a foothold in the business field.

As long as he helps her, she will have more chances to meet him.

For the sake of Shao Tianze, she is willing to give up her job as a doctor.

As long as she can be of help to Tianze.

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