Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 120 - Out of Control

Chapter 120: Out of Control

The voice is gentle.

Chu Mochen is stunned.

He turns his head stiffly and slowly.

He sees Song Yunxuan in the dim light. Her eyes are pure like a pool of water, warm and clear.

She is fine without any wound.

There is just a little dust on her hands.

“Is that tears in your eyes?”

She points at his face and feels amazed that this man would also cry.

Chu Mochen touches it and does feel wet.

Song Yunxuan raises the corner of her mouth slightly. “You think I am dead, so you feel sad for me?”

Hearing the question, the blue veins pop up from his forehead. Chu Mochen has a strong feeling that he has been played.

It’s the first time that he has had such feeling.

Song Yunxuan reaches out her hand to him, “Well, don’t cry. I am alive. Get up now.”

Chu Mochen does not grasp her hand. When he stands up, he feels quite embarrassed.

Song Yunxuan looks at his cold and gloomy expression. She sighs and turns around. She thinks that he should hate people to see his tears.

Chu Mochen suddenly pulls her over, grasps her shoulders and presses her against the wall.

He clenches his teeth in anger, and his eyes are fiery, “What on earth are you doing?”

“Why are you so angry? I’ve been kidnapped for three days. Haven’t you found out what’s going on?”

Chu Mochen takes a breath and suppresses his anger. “Okay, you’ve done enough. Now come back with me right away.”

“You mean now?” Song Yunxuan is not sure.

Chu Mochen understands that she obviously does not want to stop. He nods at once and tells her seriously, “Now, immediately, go with me.”

He just thought she is dead. She has taken a risk once, and he has tasted the feeling of losing her.

He doesn’t want to taste it again.

He must take her away.

Song Yunxuan watches his brows wrinkle and shakes head. She lays her hand on his forehead. “Although you are worried about me, please understand my situation a little. It is the critical time for me.”

“Extortion amount is too large. Your brother and sister will not pay. I will take Song Yan back and tell others that it is you who helped him out of trouble.”

“Can it convince others?” Song Yunxuan thinks.

“If you hesitate, your father will die.”

Song Yunxuan sighs, “My father won’t last long because of his illness, but…”

She looks at the room where Song Yan is in, “If the Song family is unstable, my father will not be relieved even if he dies.”

“What do you want to do?” Chu Mochen becomes vigilant.

Song Yunxuan kisses Chu Mochen gently on the cheek.

Her lips are attached to Chu Mochen’s ear. Her voice is soft and gentle, “My father has to make the final decision.”


“You help me finish the last step.” She is determined.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia think that all will be settled as long as Song Yan is not saved.

Song Yunying thinks that Song Yunxuan has died.

But Song Yunxuan just wants show the settled can also be changed and the dead can also come back to life!

Nobody can stand in Ge Changge’s way.

That is also Song Yunxuan’s way.

Her eyes are sharp and hardened, which is rarely seen in other girls.

Looking at her, Chu Mochen feels like the young version of Gu Changge is back.

He sighs, which is a silent compromise. Even if he wants to argue with her, he will have to wait.

“What do you want me to do?”

Song Yunxuan quickly whispers to Chu Mochen and then leaves.

Chu Mochen hears her clearly.

He can’t stop her, so he can only help her.

“The human heart is unpredictable. You have to be careful.”

“I know.”

Song Yunxuan goes to Song Yan’s room after Chu Mochen leaves.

She finds the key of the iron door.

Inserting the key into the lock, she opens the iron door. Song Yan struggles to look back.

Song Yunxuan goes in and says, “Dad.”


Song Yan is startled, and then he asks her nervously, “How could you…?”

“Dad, Zhang Qiang and Old Six are taken out by Xue Tao to discuss things. I was locked in another room, and I happened to find the key there.”

Then she shows it to Song Yan.

Song Yan nods and tells her, “They’ve been trying to kill you. You’d better run away.”

“But dad…”

“Come on, Yunxuan. If you stay here, you will be killed by your second sister and Xue Tao. These two are cold-blooded.”

Song Yunxuan lowers her eyes. She is sad. “Although my sister and brother-in-law do not care about you, I cannot abandon you. Dad, I will go with you.”

Song Yan is surprised.

Song Yunxuan is going to go with him!

Under this condition, it’s already difficult for one to get away, yet she’s going to take him, this sick old man with her.

His eyes are teary. “Yunxuan, just go. They won’t dare to hurt me. Your second sister still needs me to give her the will.”

Song Yunying will ask him for a new will before the lawyer’s will is issued. Now Song Yunying hasn’t come yet. Even if they escape, she will chase them.

“Yunxuan, as long as I am here, your sister will ask for the will first. She won’t chase you right away. You can run a little farther.”

Song Yunxuan sighs, “Dad, even if I can run away, my sister won’t let me go because I know that she kidnaps you. You’d better go with me.”

Song Yan still has something to say.

But Song Yunxuan comes push his wheelchair and tells him, “Dad, don’t talk. Let’s go out carefully.”

For the first time, Song Yan has a close understanding of the little girl, who isn’t worse than the other three children.

She is even better than them.

Song Yunxuan pushes him out. The sound of playing mahjong and cards is heard in the surrounding rooms.

Song Yunxuan pushes the wheelchair forward quietly. When they reach a corner, suddenly a voice comes from the room, “It’s quite disturbing that the girl has not been killed. I go get rid of that girl first. The old man can wait for a little longer.”

Song Yunxuan turns to see Song Yan’s face.

Song Yan gives her a push, “Go, you should go first…Hurry! “

Song Yunxuan stays calm, pushes Song Yan into the next room where she was prisoned.

She holds her breath and waits at the side of the door, but Song Yan is not at ease. He asks her in a low voice, “What are you going to do, Yunxuan?”

Song Yunxuan gives a shush gesture to stop Song Yan from speaking. She takes a stick in the room with the other hand.

She clenches a fist with firm eyes. She tries to calm herself down.

Looking at her little daughter, Song Yan is getting nervous, and his eyes move nervously between the door and Song Yunxuan.

The old door is opened with a creak.

A man comes in and says, “What? The old man…”


With a thud, he falls forward before he could get the whole line out.

Song Yunxuan wants to give him a hand, but the man is too heavy. She could only pull his clothes and alleviate the sound.

Song Yan is nervous.

Song Yunxuan puts the stick aside gently, and drags the man to the side of the room. She takes away something from him

The door is closed, and no one can see what is going on in the room.

After pulling the men aside, she walks to the wheelchair and grabs Song Yan, “Dad, I don’t think it’s easy for the wheelchair to go down the stairs. I’ll carry you down.”

Song Yan is stunned: “You carry me?”

Yunxuan is slender. Song Yan really doesn’t believe that an 18-year-old girl can carry him on her back.

Song Yunxuan nods. She is firm. “I can do it.”

Song Yan has lost much weight because of his illness in recent years. He is only about fifty kilograms.

When Song Yunxuan pulls him up from his wheelchair, Song Yan suddenly grabs her hand. He looks at her and says, “Okay, Yunxuan, let it go…I know you care about me, it’s enough for me…”

Song Yunxuan looks at Song Yan, but suddenly hears two low voices outside.

“Song Yunxuan, this little bitch! She’s been messing with me the whole time! I’m going to kill her today! Her father can’t run away, either!”

“Zhang Qiang, wait! Calm down!”

The voice outside is getting closer and closer.

Song Yunxuan’s eyebrows suddenly jump. She feels something wrong.

She feels as if she had been suddenly poked at heart. No matter what Song Yan says, she lifts him up with great strength. “Dad, things have changed. You have to go with me now!”


“It’s really dangerous this time!”

She has a very bad feeling. She goes out of the room with Song Yan on her back with unknown strength.

Fortunately, the stairs are so close to them that she takes Song Yan down quickly.

There is a kick at the door upstairs. “Shouldn’t that bitch be here?!”

“Zhang Qiang, calm down. If you go against his orders, you will be…”

Suddenly there is a sound of striking, and the voice of Old Six disappears.

Song Yunxuan’s eyes are fierce, and she carries Song Yan to the first floor.

The first floor is empty.

When they just get out of the first floor and get to a wild and grassy yard, a man jumps out suddenly from the second-floor window.

Although the man’s face is markedly bruised, he is vicious and holds a dagger in his hand.

He seems to be filled with hatred.

Even his eyes are bloodshot.

“Song Yunxuan, you don’t have to threaten me with my daughter! Today, either you die or I die!”

Song Yunxuan’s first reaction is…

Zhang Qiang wants to kill her now instead of going with the plan!

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