Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 108 - A Heap of Loose Sand

Chapter 108: A Heap of Loose Sand

Song Yunying successfully confuses Song Yunqiang.

In fact, he also wants to know the partition agreement, but his father doesn’t agree.

He is the eldest son of Song Yan, and he can’t suffer losses.

He will definitely get more property than Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying.

The only thing is that he is not sure how much Song Yunjia will get.

Song Yunying seems to know Son Yunqiang’s mind. She walks forward a few steps and whispers, “Brother, as you know, our father has always been partial to Song Yunjia”.

Song Yunqiang’s eyes sweep over her. He does not speak.

Song Yunying continues, “Think about the previous will. To give us a lesson, father gives Yunxuan five percent more. The money does not mean much to you, but it can reflect father’s changing mind.”

Song Yunying looks at Song Yunying. “What’s he thinking about?”

“The child he likes at the moment does not necessarily get the most.”

Song Yunqiang frowns, so Song Yunying adds, “Yunxuan is a good example. She has not been thought about highly by father. But now she gets as much as I do. I have always been more popular in the Song family than her.”

Song Yunying sighs intentionally and looks at her brother sadly, “Although it seems that father attaches great importance to you, it’s hard to ensure that you are not kicked out to give way for Yunjia.”

Song Yunqiang’s face becomes cold.

He tightens his fingers and his eyes darken.

She is right to some extent. Song Yan becomes difficult to read after he is ill.

And he never gives up the idea of letting Song Yunjia do business. Otherwise, he would not give Yunjia as many shares as him.

Now the old man is going to Germany. He should be worried about the industry.

However, he asks Song Yunqiang to accompany him who has been in charge of Song’s business.

According to Song Yunying’s guess, it is possible that his father would suddenly change the estate division agreement, and then give Yunjia a great amount of shares to let Yunjia replace him.

At that time, he could do nothing about it with the new agreement.

If he doesn’t go and stay here, at least he can persuade shareholders and executives to oppose against Song Yunjia.

Since Song Yunqiang is beginning to think about her words, Song Yunying smiles and says, “Brother, it is a guess. I have always been close to you, so I just want to remind you. You could not hate our father because of my words.”

Song Yunqiang takes a deep breath and turns back, “I know.”

Song Yunying could almost guess what he is thinking.

After her brother leaves, she adjusts her expression and goes back.

In fact, what Song Yunqiang wants to do is to see the new agreement on the division of heritage.

He does not mention it immediately after he goes back.

Song Yunxuan feeds Song Yan a little food and goes to wash the dishes, leaving Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia in the ward.

After his sister leave, Song Yunqiang sits in a chair to massage Song Yan’s leg.

Song Yan has not been walking for many days. Doctors say that he should have massage of legs every day to prevent muscle atrophy.

Song Yunqiang massages his legs with right strength, so Song Yunqiang renews his energy from sleepy mood.

He raises his eyelids and asks, “We are going to Germany the day after tomorrow. Have you finished transferring your work?”

Song Yunqiang’s eyes dim. After pausing for a moment he speaks in a low voice, “Almost.”

Song Yan used to be unsatisfied with his slow action. Now, having heard such ambiguous answer, he is even more upset and cannot help scolding him, “You can leave the Song’s affairs to Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian. They are very stable, and you can trust him.”

What Master Song says is very reasonable.

Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian are both in their fifties this year. They have been following Song Yan since they were young. They are the key staff of the Song enterprise and the shareholders of the Song. They have rights of discourse and have many supporters in the company.

Song Yunqiang thinks that if Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian support Song Yunjia after Song Yan gives the most of Song’s shares to her, he will be helpless even though he is the eldest son.

If he doesn’t deal with it properly, he will end up as Song Yunying said, becoming a passer-by of Song’s family.

He is smart enough to figure out the development of the whole thing.

Song Yan signs and tells him, “You have to explain everything clearly to Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian, and tells them not to see me off.”

Song Yunqiang nods, “I’ll do this in the afternoon.”

Song Yan nods satisfactorily.

Song Yunjia stands aside.

Song Yan looks at Song Yunjia, “You should also arrange your work well and ask yours leaders for a longer vacation. It’s not certain whether you can come back in the future.”

Song Yunjia’s fingers tighten.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying are in a daze.

Song Yunying immediately asks, “Dad, will sister not work in the hospital in the future?”

Song Yan disapproves, “No matter how good it is in the hospital, it’s better to go back to Song’s family business and work for it. Yunqiang is too busy to handle it. Yunjia can help him.”

Song Yunqiang begins to sneer secretly. Superficially, she comes to help him. However, actually it is a transfer of power.

The old man is really too old now. Unless Song Yunjia never marries, otherwise Song’s family will follow other’s name sooner or later.

Song Yunqiang is a little angry, but does not speak much.

However, Song Yunying’s face begins to turn blue and white.

Song Yunjia nods, “I’ll arrange it, dad.”

Song Yan nods satisfactorily.

Looking at the harmonious father and daughter, Song Yunying and Song Yunqiang are stunned.

Outside the concealed door, Song Yunxuan bends her lips with mockery.

Before she gets involved, the three siblings would tear up the Song family.

She wonders how Song Yan could die with this heap of loose sand.

When she was young, she thought she was Gu Cheng’s only daughter. But in the year when Gu Cheng’s health turned bad, she realized that although her mother died young, her father had several women outside.

Not only did these women exist, but also managed to conceive of Gu Cheng’s children.

He had a son and three daughters.

The son was only a few years younger than her, and the three daughters were not much younger than her.

But Gu Cheng never mentioned to anyone that he has other sons and daughters beside Gu Changge, and he did not mean to let those children enter Gu’s family tree.

So the children and their mothers hated her so much. They did not worry about food and clothing, but they couldn’t wait to come back from all over the world to share their family’s heritage when Gushing was seriously ill.

Sometimes Gu Cheng was conscious and sometimes confused before he completely got into coma.

He was still handsome in his forties. He did not want to leave Gu Changge.

But that was just a flash.

He saw four women with children around Gu Changge. The four children and the four women who had good faces and love affairs with him coveted his only legal daughter who had Gu’s surname in the genealogy.

Gu Cheng smiled at Gu Changge even when he was seriously ill.

Gu Changge clearly remembers that her father had asked her to get closer.

Her father’s thin lips spit out a few words besides her ear. “Take care of the Gu family. It can’t be separated.”

She was shocked and she looked at Gu Cheng.

Gu Cheng nodded to her. His handsome face showed tired expression because of his sickness. He said, “I give the family to you, Changge. You have to be strong. I will watch you.”

That was Gu Cheng’s last words.

After that, he fell into a long coma.

It was because of these words that Gu Changge married the three illegitimate girls quickly, and sent the only son to prison.

Although the public commented that she was heartless, she knew that Gu Cheng did not want his family to be scattered.

Those illegitimate children could only divide the family into scattered pieces. How could the family develop and grow?

Her father got the whole family from her great-grandfather. To maintain the wholeness of the family, he even removed several of his cousin-grandfathers.

When he died, he didn’t hope that his next generation would divide the big family.

She was brought up by Gu Cheng and faithfully inherited Gu Cheng’s character and even means.

Although she was a girl, she was highly valued and loved by Gu Cheng.

Although there were other women and illegitimate children, she was the only one who was legal and in the family tree.

Gu Cheng gave her everything.

She felt that her father had always loved her most.

So she forgave her father for having other women after his mother died. After all, her mother died too early and her father was only in his twenties when he was single again.

She lived up to her father’s hope and developed her family into the hegemony of Yuncheng.

However, she accidentally made a wedding dress for Shao Tianze.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter. She will soon take the whole Gu family back from Shao Tianze’s hands.

The Song family is in a mess.

She has paved the way for all three song brothers and sisters.

She is waiting for an opportunity to take over all of Song Yan’s possessions.

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