Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 107 - The Model in the House

Chapter 107: The Model in the House

When Song Yunying gets home in the morning, her parents-in-law are not at home, but her husband changes his routine of sleeping out and comes back home.

When she steps into Xue’s house, the whole Xue’s family is under a deep pressure.

The housemaids dare not even look at her, but bow their heads.

She looks at them suspiciously and feels very unhappy, “What’s wrong? Why are you lowering your heads?”

The servants, as if they had done something wrong, lower their heads and dare not look up.

She suddenly sees a servant hurry to the mansion.

She shouts at her at once, “Amah Liu, where are you going?”

The old servant who wants to slip away stops at once, and does not know what to do.

Song Yunying, supporting her belly with one hand and holding her handbag with the other, goes over, looks at her expressions and says, “What are you running for in panic?”

“Madame, I…”

Song Yunying is impatient with her anxious expression and stuttering. “Does Tao come back? If he’s still asleep, you don’t have to wake him up. Anyway, there’s nothing else to bother him.”

Amah Liu, an old servant of Xue Tao, has looked after Xue Tao from his early age. She knows Xue Tao well and loves him very much.

She ought to obey Madam’s order.

However, instead of retreating, Amah Liu does not move and asks Song Yunying carefully, “Madam, you should have accompanied Mr. Song in hospital. Why do you come back?”

Song Yunying hands her handbag to Amah Liu and walks inside. “My father has woken up and my elder sister accompanied him last night. I come back to change my clothes and go back.”

She is going to go to the second floor room and change her clothes.

But Amah Liu stands in her way, so she couldn’t walk through the porch.

Song Yunying is a little angry. She stops and looks up at Amah Li. “Amah Liu, what’s wrong with you today? Why are you always in my way?”

Amah Liu embarrassedly says, “Madam, in fact…”

“Stop it! How can you do that, Tao? You are so bad!”

Before Amah’s words could come out from her throat, a woman’s voice comes from the living room of the mansion.

Song Yunying is stunned for a moment, and then her eyes are taken up by anger.

Amah Liu tries to stop Song Yunying, “Madam, please listen to my explanation…”

“Get away!”

Song Yunying pushes Amah Liu away and goes into the living room angrily.

The living room of the Xue family is magnificent, with delicate and elegant ivory decoration.

A slender woman in hot shorts is lying on the big imported leather sofa, sideling head and grinning with fingers in her mouth.

That smile is charming and amorous.

Obviously, she is a young girl, but she can laugh so fascinatingly. It can show what she is.

Song Yunying gives the girl a hard look and looks for Xue Tao.

On the side of the sofa is Xue Tao, who doesn’t even wear his jacket.

His pants are loose and baggy, and almost slip down from his waist at any time.


Amah Liu’s voice comes in.

Song Yunying, however, grabs the girl’s long hair on the sofa and throws her on the floor, “You bitch! How dare you boldly seduce my husband! Go to the hell!”

When Song Yunying was in the Song family, she was very fierce and tough. She is known for her beauty and hot temperature among so many ladies.

It’s not surprised for Xue Tao that she beats the tender model whom he just met yesterday.

He just frowns and says, “Don’t kick her head. It will be a trouble if you kick her to death.”

Song Yunying is in anger. She kicks her with her pointed leather shoes, which makes the skin of the beautiful tender model black.

Amah Liu stops Song Yunying and says, “Madam, please calm down. Don’t hurt your baby.”

“Get away!”

Song Yunying pushes her aside. She kicks the model until she screams. Then she grabs her hair and slaps her charming face.

She is so harsh as if she transfers her anger into strength.

The beautiful model is shocked by Song Yunying. After being kicked, she feels extremely painful. Her mouth bleeds.

When Song Yunying releases her, the model could not stand up and falls on the ground.

Xue Tao is a little distressed, but does not help the beauty who has spent a night with him. He slowly lights a cigarette and sits down to smoke. “Ying, don’t you feel you are too harsh?”

Song Yunying sneers, “Does she have your son in her belly?”

Xue Tao shakes his head, “When can you change your princess’s temper?”

The young woman falls to the floor and can’t get up. She goes to the sofa and reaches to Amah Liu for her handbag.

Amah Liu shudders and hands over her handbag.

Song Yunying takes out the check book from her handbag and signs on it. Then she throws it on the model’s face, “It’s your salary for spending the night with my husband.”

The tender model is only early twenties with a good figure. She is dressed in exposed clothes so the marks of being beaten are visible.

Despite losing face, the tender model is very observant.

Seeing Xue Tao doesn’t mean to help her, she immediately grabs the check, stands up and leaves with feeble steps.

Amah Liu leads her to take her clothes.

After the woman leaves, she puts the check book and pen away. “I thought you finally would like to go home earlier.”

“I come back, but you aren’t at home.”

“So you bring the bitch back?”

“It’s just for fun! You are pregnant and cannot satisfy me…”

Xue Tao seems to be reasonable.

Song Yunying holds back her anger. She tries to calm down and not to quarrel with Xue Tao.

Xue Tao ignores Song Yunying’s anger, but directly askes her, “Will your father go to Germany for treatment?”

“Yes, it’s two days later. I can’t go with him. You accompany him.”

Xue Tao laughs, “How much does your father give you to pay for my labor?”

Song Yunying’s eyelids jump. She looks at him angrily, “Didn’t you see the will? Now that 10% of the legacy for Song Yunxuan has been taken back, it should be mine.”

Xue Tao, however, does not quite believe what she says, “Can you guess what your father is thinking? You said the inheritance for Song Yunxuan would come from that of Song Yunqiang and Song Yunjia. However, it is taken from yours.”

Song Yunying could refute everything but not this.

She could not refute things about Song Yunxuan.

Xue Tao is right. Her father’s mind can’t be guessed now.

Since Song Yunxuan enters the Song Family, she has never read her father’s mind accurately.

Xue Tao’s tone has a little mockery, “I respect you because you are the second daughter of the Song family. If you can’t get anything from the Song family, you are no different from the bitch that just leaves.”

“You…” Song Yunying’s fingers tremble.

She points at Xue Tao.

Xue Tao beats her hand and walks away impatiently, “Don’t always wait for others to respect you in the Xue’s Family. Think about what your old man has given you. You have always been so arrogant in Xue’s house, but have no place in Song’s house. How can you teach others?”

Xue Tao scolds her and belittles her.

The anger of Song Yunying rises up.

She tightens her finger.

If it weren’t for the baby, she wouldn’t have to tolerate the scum.

She touches her belly. She narrows her eyes to hold back anger and gets up from the seat slowly.

Amah Liu persuades her, “Madam, would you like to take a rest at home before going to the hospital?”


She needs to go back to the hospital as soon as possible to see what is going on.

Moreover, it’s better to ask her father how the property is divided in the new will.

She drives to the hospital.

Other siblings have arrived at the hospital. Song Yunxuan softly feeds Song Yan with fruit in the ward.

Song Yunjia stares at Song Yunxuan and Song Yan silently.

When Song Yunqiang sees Song Yunying coming, he nods and goes out.

Song Yunying stays in the ward for a while before turning out.

Song Yunqiang finishes a cigarette at the corridor and is to go back.

Song Yunying syas to him, “Brother, dad is going to Germany in two days. Don’t you worry about that?”

Song Yunqiang casually says, “There’s nothing to worry about. Yunjia and I will follow him.”

Song Yunying sighs, with some warning, “You are the master of Song’s family before going to Germany, but when you come back, the Song family may become other’s.”

Song Yunqiang notices his sister’s satiric tone, but he pretends to be natural, “Song’s senior managers are loyal and conscientious. I just leave for a few days. There is no need to worry about it.”

Song Yunying turns her back and says in a light voice, “Others can’t take away the Song family in such a short time. But what if father changes your name with others on the will? You will become nothing.”

Song Yunqiang’s eyelids jump fiercely and slowly turns back to look at Song Yunying, “Go on!”

Song Yunqiang is direct. So Song Yunying comes straight to the point. She lowers her voice and asks him with lure, “Brother, don’t you want to see father’s new agreement on the division of inheritance?”

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