Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 106 - Making the News Hot

Chapter 106: Making the News Hot

Shao Tianze praises Miaomiao as princess.

Miaomiao takes the crown off and holds it in arms. “Dad, you have said that mom is the most beautiful princess. I want to keep the crown for Mom.”

Miaomiao’s big eyes are clear and lovely.

And they’re pure.

Song Yunxuan thinks that Shao Tianze will be unhappy, but he is not.

Miaomiao asks childishly, “Can you take a picture for me and my father, sister?”

Song Yunxuan smiles and takes the mobile phone from her. She finds an excuse, “Sorry, Miaomiao. My phone’s memory is full.”

In fact, it is not.

She just thinks that Shao Tianze is hypocritical. He kills the girl’s mother. So he can’t appear in one picture with his daughter. He does not deserve it.

Miaomiao is disappointed. She puts her hands around Shao’s neck and asks, “Can dad’s mobile take photos?”

Song Yunxuan thinks that Shao Tianze would never take photos because Miaomiao looks like Gu Changge.

The only difference is that Gu Changge was cute but arrogant at this age.

However, Miaomiao is cute but fragile.

Shao Tianze did not show any preference for the girl when Gu Changge was alive. He treated the two children equally.

She thought it was Shao Tianze’s fair love for the two children.

Now, she realizes that this is not love at all.

Love, of course, is not equal.

For example, Song Yan loves his eldest daughter, Song Yunjia more, and Gu Cheng prefers Gu Changge.

When she is lost in thought, Shao Tianze takes out his cell phone and switches it to the photo mode quickly.

Miaomiao asks in a low voice, “Dad, I want sister Yunxuan to take photos with us,”

Shao Tianze stares. Miaomaio whispers in Shao Tianze’s ear, and looks at Song Yunxuan shyly.

Shao Tianze has no choice but to invite Song Yunxuan, “Yunxuan, can you take photos with my daughter?”

“And dad!”

Miaomiao emphasizes.

Song Yunxuan nods, “Of course.”

In the distance, Shao Xue and Gu Yi watch Song Yunxuan take photos with Shao Tian and Miaomiao.

Shao Xue holds her cheek and looks at the three. “Why does Miaomiao like Yunxuan so much?”

Gu Yi carelessly eats, “Maybe she thinks that Song Yunxuan is like my mother.”

Shao Xue does not speak for a long time.

Shao holds Miaomaio. Since it is too late, Gu Yi and Shao Xue go out of Pinocchio.

Song Yunxuan and Shao Tianze walk forward together.

Shao Tianze naturally asks her, “How do you go back?” It’s like that he has experienced the same thing for many times.

“Don’t worry, I can take a taxi.”

Shao Xue holds Gu Yi’s little hand.

Miaomiao is on Shao Tianze’s back. She suggests in a low voice, “Can dad drive sister home?”

Shao Tianze seems to could give Miaomaio anything she wants. He raises his eyebrows and says, “OK.”

Shao Tianze invites Song Yunxuan to get on the car. He offers to send her home.

Song Yunxuan sits quietly in the co-driver’s seat.

Miaomiao is handed to her by Shao Tianze.

She holds the child fluently and naturally. The action is very standard.

Shao Tianze watches carefully and in his eyes appears an expression of caring.

Song Yunxuan is a little bit worried, “Am my right? I heard that holding children is a skill that is worth learning.

Shao Tianze warmly smiles, “It’s perfect”

Song Yunxuan says with relief, “That’s good.”

Miaomiao takes a nap on the car. Shao Tianze drives steadily as usual.

Song Yunxuan does not worry about Shao Tianze’s driving skills. She just watches the change of Shao Tianze’s eyes while looking out of the window.

Shao Tianze is a very complicated person.

He cares about Yunxuan very much, but never watches her.

If she does not know Shao Tianze before, she would believe that Shao Tianze does not care about her.

However, she is Gu Changge.

They have been couple for more than ten years. She knew clearly that Shao Tianze would watch the children, the young Gu Yi and Miaomiao, while he was driving.

As long as Gu Changge sit on the copilot with the child in her arms, Shao Tianze would habitually have a few looks at them as if he cared about the child very much.

However, when the child was not in her arms, Shao Tianze never saw her while driving, unless they had a talk.

Shao Tianze parks in front of the house of the Song family.

Song Yunxuan politely invites him, “Brother Shao, come in and have a cup of tea?”

Shao Tianze smiles and declines gently, “It’s too late. I have to send Miaomiao back. I will visit you another day.”

Song Yunxuan knows that Shao Tianze will not come in. She smiles and watches Shao Tianze’s car leave.

The license plate number is disgusting.


I love you.

He never loves his legal wife.

It’s cold in winter night. Song Yunxuan watches the car disappear in sight before turning into the door.

The camera at the gate quietly turns around in the moon light.

Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying watch the monitor of the computer, and their eyelids jump fiercely at the same time.

They do not expect that Shao Tianze would send Song Yunxuan back.

She is really somebody.

Is Shao Tianze helping her too?

The two siblings have questions, but don’t speak.

Song Yunqiang turns off the computer screen and looks at Song Yunying, “Dad has decided to go to Germany in three days.”

Song Yunying nods, “I ask Tao to accompany him.”

“Xue Tao is trying to take over Xue’s business now. He is busy so he can stay here.”

Song Yunying insists, “No matter how busy he is, it is his duty to accompany father. After all, after I marry him, his parents become mine. Similarly, my parents are also his.”

Song Yunqiang has no doubt about Xue Tao’s going.

Anyway, Xue Tao is not popular in the Song family. Even if he goes with them, he would not talk to father.

He does not worry about Xue Tao would interrupt his plan.

“Since you are insistent, Xue Tao can follow us.” Song Yunqiang is going to leave, but Song Yunying does not move. He asks, “Do you live here tonight or go back to Xue?”

“I’m a little tired. I don’t want to drive back. I’ll stay my home for one night.”

Song Yunqiang nods and tells her, “Go to bed early. Take good care of yourself.”

Song Yunying thanks for his concern and goes upstairs.

As soon as Song Yunxuan comes home, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying return to their rooms.

They just tell her to go to bed early without anything more.

It’s just nine o’clock. Song Yunxuan goes to the dining room and drinks a glass of milk. She thinks about something quietly for ten minutes before leaving the dining room.

Song Yunxuan stays up all night. At five o’clock, she gets up and opens the curtain to see the sky outside the window.

The sky is dark, and it looks like it is going to get worse again.

The cold wind outside keeps the branches shaking.

She looks at the sky quietly and does not move.

At seven o’clock, Song Yunqiang and Song Yunying leave for the hospital and Xue’s house respectively without eating breakfast.

Song Yunxuan eats quietly, eating a little more than usual.

“Miss Yunxuan, you have a better appetite today.” Amah says when she gets porridge for her.

“Dad is getting better. I relief a little so that my appetite is naturally better.”

Amah looks at Song Yunxuan. She feels relieved since Yunxuan has a better life in the Song family.

After the breakfast, Yunxuan begins to read the newspaper. Reports about the Song family have lost its fever since Song Yan claimed that he would go abroad for treatment.

Not only is the news of the Song family not on the front page headlines, it is even moved to a less noticeable corner.

She puts down the newspaper, drinks the last sip of milk, goes back to her room to dress herself and goes out.

The meeting place with Xiao Hong is in a somewhat remote library, where the “ZUI Queen” and “ZUI God” published by Fanxing Magazine are placed in the most prominent places. The sales are very good.

The Magazine whose cover is Yao Mimi sells best.

The cover person of “ZUI God” is a little mysterious. Some girls looks it through and puts it down regretfully. Then they reluctantly come back and take pictures of it.

“It’s really strange why there is only a side face of this Wall Street manipulator. I don’t know what he looks like.”

“The handsome men like him are low-key and mysterious. If you know who he is, you will search him on internet”.

“There is not much information of him in the exclusive interview.”

“The interview doesn’t matter too much. A lot of people have bought it just for the cover.”

After thinking twice, the little girl is determined to buy one. “It’s no big deal that I eat instant noodles for a few days at the end of the month. Anyway, the cover is beautiful enough to feast the eyes.”

Watching the two little girls laughing and buying the magazine, Xiao Hong couldn’t help laughing, “Miss Yunxuan, you give the magazine an accurate position.” “The ZUI God” has received great attention for just half a month.

Song Yunxuan nods and pulls out a copy of the “Monetary Banking” from the bookshelf. She looks through several pages and says, “Although the positioning is accurate, I would like to ask you for some help.”

Xiao Hong stops for a while and says, “Of course.”

Xiao Hong has predicted that when she was asked to talk in such a place.

Song Yunxuan must have something to tell her, and maybe it is a bit difficult and need to be kept secret.

Song Yunxuan holds “Monetary Banking” and goes on to pick other books, “The Song Family is surging, and it’s time to stop it. From now on, I would like you to spread the news in every way you can find.”

Song Yunxuan writes a line on the book.

At once she looks at it, Xiao Hong becomes serious.

“Must heat the news up, but it cannot be too hot. Could you catch me, Mrs. Xiao?”

“Miss Yunxuan, please trust me. I can deal with it properly.”

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