Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 109 - Xue Tao’s Flattering

Chapter 109: Xue Tao’s Flattering

Song Yunying’s car breaks down accidentally on the way home, so she calls Song Yunqiang and asks him to send her back.

Song Yunqiang drives forward. His eyebrows twist fiercely. It seems that he gets into a big trouble.

Song Yunying looks at him for several times and says, “Why do you twist your eyebrows so tight, brother? It may not be as bad as you think.”

Song Yunqiang doesn’t want to talk to her.

He knows how terrible the things are.

Song Yunying sighs, “Brother, you are the only son of dad. Dad can’t make you as miserable as Yunxuan. She can’t get a dime.”

Song Yunying enjoys much from Yunxun’s misfortune.

Song Yunqiang looks at the road ahead and sneers, “Do you really think that Yunxuan can’t get a penny?”

“Otherwise?” Song Yunying is somewhat disdainful.

Song Yunqiang looks at her and says with a quiet voice, “When I accompanied our father the night before last, I went out for supper. When I came back, Yunxuan was sleeping bedsides father. He woke up and put on a coat for her.”

Song Yunying is puzzled, “It’s just a small action of raising his hand. Can it show that dad will give Yunxuan property?”

“You should know that dad is sick now. Even getting up at night and putting a coat on Yunxuan’s back will waste him much energy. He can struggle to put on a coat for Yunxuan with his little strength. Is it not enough to show that he really loves this little girl?”

Song Yunying’s face darkens, “Brother, stop talking. I don’t believe dad will accept Yunxuan again.”

Song Yunqiang’s eyes are cold and his tone is ironic. “I’m afraid you must accept it.”

Song Yunying holds her fingers tightly and stares out of the window.

She thought that it will be enough to provoke Song Yunqiang’s anger for Song Yunjia.

But she forgets that Song Yunxuan is not easy to deal with.

Since Song Yunxuan can record her conversation about publishing Song Yunjia’s photos, it indicates that she will not easily give up the Song family.

It is not enough that Song Yunqiang holds Song Yunjia back.

She also has to deal with Song Yunxuan, the little bitch.

When she arrives at Xue’s house, the lights are bright.

Song Yunying looks at the night scene and says, “Would you like to come in, Brother?”

Song Yunqiang doesn’t get out of the car. He drops the window half, looking at the fountain of Xue’s family coldly, “No, I have something to do.”

Then he leaves regardless of Song Yunying’s invitation.

Song Yunying can understand Song Yunqiang. He must go back to meet Zhao Yang and Zhou Jian.

After all, even if the successor of the Song family is going to be changed, it would be harmless to enclose the two senior subordinates.

Song Yunying narrows her eyes.

In fact, it is beyond her expectation that Song Yunxuan could get attention from her father.

Song Yunying was brought to the Song family at her childhood. She is an illegitimate daughter. Even if she was titled with the family name and enters the family tree, Song Yan has never put a coat for her.

However, it is unfair for an illegitimate girl as Song Yunxuan to receive such treatment as soon as she enters the gate of the Song family.

She turns away indignantly.

When she enters the house, Amah Liu comes over and says, “Madame.”

Song Yunying deliberately stops in the hall for a moment and comes in. “Does Tao come back early today?”

Amah Liu nods, somewhat flattering, “Madam, come in. Childe has asked the French chef to cook a good dish for you.”

Song Yunying is a little confused. Xue Tao usually wouldn’t please her like this.

She changes shoes with doubt.

As soon as she enters the living room, she sees that Xue Tao in a suit is opening a bottle of red wine.

Song Yunying’s eyebrows jump. She looks around the living room and asks him, “Are there any guests coming tonight?”

Song Yunying lightens her footsteps when she enters the door. Xue Tao is shocked and his hands tremble. The bottle opener falls on the ground.

Xue Tao scolds a dirty word and then picks up the bottle opener of red wine. “Why don’t you say a word when you come in? You frighten me!”

Song Yunying sneers in her heart, “How can you manage such a big industry with your cowardice?”

She is now somewhat bored with Xue Tao. Not only does he bring women to the house, but he is also brainless. He cannot take over the Xue’s enterprise. Until now the enterprise is in the hands of Xue’s two old guys.

Xue Tao picks up the bottle opener and leads her to the restaurant. “Ying, come on. I’ve recruited a new French chef tonight. The dishes are very good. We can taste them together.”

Song Yunying has been very tired. She is very unhappy when Xue Tao only cares about eating. “My father will go to Germany. I want to have a rest.”

“I’ve prepared a candlelight dinner. We can discuss it as we eat.”

Xue Tao pulls Song Yunying over. She has to obey him.

They just have a few bites of black pepper steak. Xue Tao begins to toast Song Yunying.

Song Yunying laughs and moves the goblet aside. “I’m still pregnant and can’t drink,” she says.

Xue Tao urges, “Just a little, honey.”

Song Yunying stands up and says, “I’m not very comfortable. I want to have a rest first.”

Song Yunying’s arrogant. She pushes aside her chair and leaves.

After leaving the living room, she hears Xue Tao’s angry voice and the sound of breaking up the cup.

“Such a bitch!”

Amah Liu stops him, “Childe, how can you say that?”

Xue Tao throws the white tablecloth on the table, supporting himself with palm. His face is a little grim. “Without my son in her belly, would she dare to be so arrogant?”

Amah Liu continues to persuade him, “Childe, madam is pregnant now. You can’t ask her to drink. It’s not good for the young baby.”

Xue Tao’s eyes are dark. He lowers his voice a little. “Who cares about that?”

Song Yunying does not return to her room immediately after she leaves the dining room. She listens to the sound inside it.

She’s really mad.

But looking down at her stomach, she holds back all the anger.

She raises her head, grits her teeth and whispers, “As long as I give birth to this child, the Xue’s family will follow my surname!”

She turns back and leaves.

Song Yunxuan goes to Ning Yuan’s office after Song Yan falls asleep in the hospital.

Ning Yuan is a little surprised, but he laughs. “Miss Song.”

“Dr. Ning, I want to know whether my father can be cured in Germany.”

Ning Yuan puts the diagnostic book on the desk, and then sits in the chair. “It may sound unhuman, but I still have to tell you the truth.”


Ning nods and takes off his boundless glasses. “Wherever your father comes, the result will be the same.”

Song Yun Xuan’s heart becomes cold. “Do you mean… there’s no chance for my father to recover from his illness?”

Ning Yuan puts his hands on the table and looks up at her. “Germany’s medical skill is advanced, so your father may be able to survive for two more months.”

“What if he stays at home?”

“He has only two weeks.”

“Thank you.”

Song Yunxuan turns back and leaves. When she is coming out, Ning Yuan suddenly calls her, “Miss Song.”

Song Yunxuan stops and turns to look at him.

Ning Yuan considers it for a while before he says, “I heard your father saw the soul of Gu Changge.”

Song Yunxuan laughs and says, “Maybe he is dazzled. It is just illusionary.”

In fact, the doctor knows better than anyone that a dying patient cannot hallucinate. But Ning Yuan does not help her find any excuse.

He nods, “It’s probably an illusion. I heard Gu Changge was dead.”

Song Yunxuan gives a “hum”, and then thinks about it for a moment. She says, “It’s been about half a year since she died.”

Ning Yuan lowers his eyes and says, “I heard she finally was amputated her limbs.”


Ning Yuan doesn’t speak again this time.

Song Yunxuan sees his fingers slowly gripping up.

Song Yunxuan says goodbye to him.

She feels that it is not easy for Ning Yuan to remember Gu Changge.

When Gu Changge had a car accident, there was need to amputate her limbs, but Ning Yuan could not change Shao Tianze and Song Yunjia’s decision.

Now, when mentioning Gu Changge, maybe Ning Yuan feels a little guilty.

She feels a little comfort.

After all, among the doctors who operated and destroyed her, it is rare that there is one who feels guilty.

It is quiet in the night in hospital. However, kinds of major newspapers in Yuncheng are being printed overnight. The online news upload crazily.

The next morning, the whole Yuncheng is covered with big news.

Song Yunying is particularly sleepy because she is pregnant.

She hasn’t woken up yet at the time of breakfast in the morning.

After reading the newspaper, Xue Tao in the restaurant on the first floor is stunned. He immediately kicks his chair aside and goes to the bedroom on the second floor.

Song Yunying is pulled up by her hair from bed.


She wakes up from sleep with a cry of pain.

Xue Tao’s fierce face appears in front of her.

Song Yunying twits her eyebrows and shouts at him, “What on earth are you crazy about in the early morning?”

“What am I crazy about?” Xue Tao sneers. He throws her roughly on the bed, and then throws the newspaper on her face. “Last night I wanted to ask you what the old man writes in the will. Now it’s all clear. The whole Xue family is going to be swallowed up by your bastard little sister!”

Xue Tao is so angry that his whole face is full of ferocious expression.

Song Yunying is also stunned at Xue Tao’s words. She then quickly takes the newspaper.

Only after reading the headlines does she feel a boom in her head.

“What happened on earth?”

Song Yunying looks at the newspaper and the red of her lips fades.

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