Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 9 - Jumping into the Pond

Chapter 9: Jumping into the Pond

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Ye Jian apologized repeatedly. “I’m sorry, Uncle Hai. I don’t know why my aunt said that I would jump into the pond. Young as I am, I know that it would have killed me if I did jump. This is not a joke.”

“Hey, after your fall, you have become smarter, which is a good thing.” The middle-aged man laughed and raised his hand to rub Ye Jian’s head. “Don’t be like your aunt. She’s going to kill me with her fussing sooner or later.”

Beneath the bank of the pond, Sun Dongqing ran towards them and yelled, “Jian, don’t drag me down with you. Can’t you just behave? You have been silent after that incident. And now, you are jumping into the pond to kill yourself. You will be in relief if you die. But people will blame and judge me for my whole life.”

“Which bastard taught you to commit such an evil thing? You wicked girl, how dare you jump into the pond? If you are bold enough to die, why can’t you be brave and leave this episode behind you?”

Ye Jian could see these words sputtering from her mouth, accompanied by her exaggerated movements.

To make her worry seem more convincing, Sun Dongqing intentionally missed a step by sticking one foot into the paddy field. After pulling out her foot, she found that her leather shoe was still in the mud. She then pulled it out, put it onto her foot, and started running again.

Within two steps, she fell again. But she didn’t dust off the dirt on her, just to make it seem like she was really in a hurry.

Thanks to her loud voice and the seriousness of the things that she said, the villagers, both at home or farming, all gathered around.

They didn’t know what had happened. But they believed in Sun Dongqing’s yells and thought that Ye Jian had done something so disgraceful that she wanted to kill herself by jumping into the pond!

“What’s going on? What happened?”

“Jian wants to jump into the pond? What happened to that little girl?”

“Let’s go and see what’s going on. Look how scared Sun Dongqing is!”

Ye Jian had to admit that, Sun Dongqing could do anything for Ye Ying. She was a clever woman. Ye Jian had always known that. In Ye Jian’s previous life, Sun Dongqing had inflicted numerous pain on her.

But this time, I will let her suffer extreme humiliation!

“What’s wrong with my aunt today? It seems like she is deranged. Because she is acting just like my late grandpa when he became morbid.” Ye Jian muttered to herself in a gentle voice that could be heard by Uncle Hai who was picking up his hoe.

He raised his head and looked at Sun Dongqing who was yelling and running. He laughed several times and said jokingly, “You don’t say, she does look crazy.” After a pause, he looked at Ye Jian with a smile. “You were only three years old when your grandpa became sick. Did you know that?”

“I did. His disease appeared on April 7th. He ran outside on his own on October 27th. He was found in the reservoir at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.” Ye Jian lowered her eyes. There was sadness in her low voice. Uncle Hai couldn’t help but sigh.

He looked at Sun Dongqing and sighed, “She is babbling now. She is your aunt after all. You should answer her.”

With a bitter smile, Ye Jian said reluctantly in a gentle voice, “A clean hand needs no washing. Uncle Hai, I will go to meet her. Something needs to be addressed.”

“I’ll go with you. Alas, you are an honest child!” Uncle Hai felt compassion for this girl without parents.

On the other hand, Sun Dongqing was pleased to see that the two most notorious nosy women in the village had gathered around. What’s more, she was smug because Ye Jian didn’t respond to her reproach as usual.

She must make that wicked girl responsible for this incident!

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