Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 8 - Be A Dignified Person

Chapter 8: Be A Dignified Person

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Grandpa Gen looked at the empty wooden table, and said to Ye Jian in an old but tender voice, “Girl, you will find out who they are in the future. I can’t guarantee you anything, but when you live here, you won’t suffer any grievances.”

Grievances… She would not let herself be wronged again!

Ye Jian nodded gently. After pondering over Grandpa Gen’s words, she blinked wittily. “Rest assured, I won’t say anything about it.”

The world never had a lack of smart people. It was considerate people that were in scarcity. Bursting into laughter, Grandpa Gen looked at Ye Jian with more kindness.”All right, I’ll wait for you to come home.”

After Ye Jian walked out of the house, Heiga appeared again suddenly. Grandpa Gen looked at her and smiled. “Did it scare you?”

A juvenile Tibetan Mastiff was stronger than an adult dog. Ye Jian looked at it and smiled with her lips pursed. “I was not afraid. Intelligent dogs can recognize their owners.”

“You are a brave girl. But this is not an ordinary dog. It’s a Tibetan Mastiff, a very intelligent one.” Grandpa Gen was so happy to see her calm and fearless face. “Let it smell your scent so that it can recognize you when you come home later.”

He clapped his hands. Hearing the clapping sound, Heiga reacted extremely fast and rushed towards him as if it had received professional training.

“Come, Heiga, smell your young master’s scent.” Grandpa Gen bent over and stroked Heiga’s big head gently. He indicated Ye Jian to stretch out her hands so that it could remember her scent.

Audaciously, Ye Jian reached out and put her hands next to Heiga’s mouth, which had sharp fangs. “Heiga, my name is Ye Jian. Nice to meet you.”

It was not easy. A Tibetan Mastiff would usually only admit one master in its life. Only the very intelligent Tibetan Mastiffs would admit more than one master.

Rather than sniff Ye Jian’s scent right away, Heiga first shook its fur. And then, like a proud general, it circled around her feet several times and approached her slowly while barking in a low voice and sniffing.

The sniffing and low barking process lasted for at least three minutes. After that, it lowered its head to rub Ye Jian’s small feet and laid down on the ground obediently. It had recognized her as its master.

While Ye Jian was delighted that Heiga had recognized her as its master, Sun Dongqing had been searching for her throughout the whole village.

She had been drenched in sweat due to her impatience and anger in the early morning.

Where the hell is that wicked girl?! She has been sticking around in my family for the whole time. But now I have something to talk to her, she’s gone.

Standing on the verge of the farmland, Sun Dongqing cursed Ye Jian. Finally, her sharp eyes spotted Ye Jian, who was standing on the bank of a pond.

She was furious moments ago, but now, she squinted her eyes and screamed, “Jian, what are you doing? Come back here! Come back.”

“Hai Da, Hai Da, quick, pull Jian away from there! The wicked girl is so desperate. She wants to jump into the pond!”

Hearing this, the villager—who was walking by the pond bank—dropped the hoe on his shoulders and staggered a bit. His iron-tong-like strong hands pulled Ye Jian away from the pond.

Perhaps he was frightened after all. The strength he exerted was so big that Ye Jian and himself nearly fell into the paddy field beneath the pond.

“Uncle Hai, watch out.” Ye Jian reacted quickly and took hold of the middle-aged man who was about to fall into the paddy field. “I just returned from my home. My aunt’s shouting frightened me.”

Sweating from fear, the middle-aged man pulled a long face after hearing Ye Jian’s words. “Your aunt is always making a fuss! She almost scared the hell out of me.”

And then he said, “But didn’t you fall and pass out yesterday? Why aren’t you staying in bed? What are you doing near the pond?”

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