Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 10 - Confrontation

Chapter 10: Confrontation

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While supporting Sun Dongqing and walking toward the pond, the two notorious gossips asked about the incident.

Since the two women wanted to know about the issue and Sun Dongqing intended to spread the rumor, before long, the gathered villagers had realized what had happened.

“Seriously? Did she really seduce her teacher? Alas, she is nothing more than a teenager. Does she know anything about seduction?”

As if she was so frightened that she was about to collapse, Sun Dongqing screamed, “Tell me about it! When my daughter and she came back yesterday, Yingying dared not say anything about it, while she pretended to pass out. I would not have known about this thing myself if Yingying had not told me accidentally today!”

“What did I tell you? Beautiful girls are bound to do bad things. Taking advantage of her beauty, she wants to seduce people. Tut. Tut. Watch out and don’t let her lead Yingying astray.”

As the two nosy women talked one after another, they were convinced that Ye Jian was guilty.

But the other villagers were still in shock and skeptical about such a claim.

“You should all understand that Jian is a naughty girl, unlike my well behaved and obedient daughter. All Yingying knows about is studying! With all this mess, I just hope the school won’t come and visit my family.”

Sun Dongqing wailed even louder, trying her best to defame Ye Jian.

“Aunt Yu, I have never considered myself to be pretty. Neither have I done anything you have accused me of doing. But I don’t think I am worthy of your comment. As you said, I’m just a teenage girl, what do I know about seduction?”

Ye Jian walked towards them and blocked their way. Slightly raising her voice, she said clearly and calmly, “And you, Aunt Qiu, you also know that I’m only an adolescent. Do you believe that I seduced my teacher? Your daughter Wen Li and I are classmates. You can ask Wen Li whether I have done that.”

“Did you two see me seducing my teacher with your own eyes? As the saying goes, people should respect nature, their parents, and teachers. Although my parents are gone, I know that there are boundaries between my teachers and me!!”

The best way to strike back rumors was to face them bravely.

With the experiences from her past life, the 14-year-old Ye Jian finally could stand up to these women confidently, for she had nothing to fear.

Her gaze was pure like the sunshine at this moment. It seemed so crystal clear that no darkness could exist in her sight.

Sun Dongqing was dumbfounded as Ye Jian blocked her way and began talking! How dare she! That wicked girl had started talking back to her, in front of their neighbors!

When she came to herself after the shock, Sun Dongqing thought, damn it, that wicked girl is tough!

But she had a knack for making a scene. As she realized she was at a disadvantage, she started to cry and scream. “My sister! Why did you leave this troublemaker to me? She is retorting me! She’s pissing me off and killing me!”

After hearing Ye Jian’s words, Aunt Yu and Aunt Qiu, who were previously holding Sun Dongqing, couldn’t help but show awkward expressions on their faces. As Sun Dongqing started to be unreasonable, they knew what to do and let go of her.

Ye Jian looked at her aunt indifferently. She pursed her lips and said calmly, “I have lost my parents since I was a child. The whole village knows that. Aunt, you don’t have to remind me of that every day. It is because I have no parents to back me up, I must be more cautious and not cause any trouble!”

“Whenever Ye Ying or Wen Li is wronged and wants to cry, they can go home where their parents are there for them. But I have no parents. I’m not even entitled to cry! Do you think I can cause any major trouble, to seduce my teacher, or to blemish my late parents’ reputation?”

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