Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 46 - The Four-Year Plan

Chapter 46: The Four-Year Plan

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On the fourth floor of the school’s office building, Principal Chen was walking out of his office with an elderly whose hair had turned gray. He said, “Grandpa, rest assured, I will take care of Ye Jian.”

Wearing a uniform from the 1970s, the elderly walked as intimidatingly as a soldier, despite his advanced age.

Principal Chen, a world-class sniper, accompanied Grandpa Gen and treated him with the utmost respect. Grandpa Gen was a Class A Master Sergeant that enjoyed lifelong special allowance from the country.

“I feel sorry for her, and I hope you can teach her more.” sighed Grandpa Gen emotionally. “She is intelligent. You instruct her from Mondays to Fridays, and I will teach her when she’s back home. This way, her life will be easier in the future.”

At least, it would be much easier than that of Ye Jian’s mom.

They were walking downstairs. Principal Chen’s right foot, which was about to step on a flight of stairs, paused lightly in the air. Pleasantly, he said, “You read my mind. The thing is, I’m a bit concerned about her current academic performance. But as I heard from Mrs. Yang, she got the full credits in her math quiz today. Perhaps I don’t need to worry about that too much.”

At this moment, Principal Chen’s face became a bit gloomy. “Ye Zhifan and his family are outrageously unreasonable. Have you considered warning them? While enjoying the glory brought by Sun Dongqing’s sister, they have been treating Ye Jian so badly!”

“What goes around comes around. I don’t want to meddle with others’ business now that I have aged. I just want to educate Ye Jian, hoping for her to become a useful person.”

Ye Jian, who was playing badminton with her classmates, had no idea that Grandpa Gen had come into town for her. During their conversation that lasted for two hours, Principal Chen and Grandpa Gen had established a very strict training program for her.

After the evening study session, Ye Jian was called to the principal’s office again.

Mrs. Ke, who delivered this message to Ye Jian, had run out of energy and looked at Ye Jian with a bit of fear.

Why did the principal want to talk to her repeatedly? What if she complained about me in front of Principal Chen?

Although she was only holding two sheets of paper in her hands, Ye Jian felt like they were extremely heavy. After staring at the several large characters on the cover for a while, she raised her head and said with a bitter smile, “Principal, I appreciate that you think so highly of me.”

The Four-Year Plan was designed specifically for her. She would be very much indebted to Principal Chen.

As tears began to well up in her eyes, she said in a slightly hoarse voice, “You value me so much. I… I am really…”

“Girl, you don’t need to thank me. Like your Grandpa Gen, I have no children. If you learn well, you will live up to our expectations.”

Smiling, Principal Chen patted Ye Jian’s shoulder and instructed her as a teacher, a friend, and a senior, “We humans should strive to be upstanding and virtuous.”

“Neither men nor women should do anything immoral to let themselves down.”

“You are a good kid. Leave those unpleasant episodes behind you and focus on your future. Smile when you are happy; and when you are sad, look around you, look at the sky, look at this world. You should fight for your future and be responsible for your life. Do you understand?”

Tears were dropping down from her eyes. Even in tears, Ye Jian still had an incredibly determined look in her eyes, which were reflecting rays as resplendent as that of diamonds. “Yes. I will bear your words in mind and live up to your expectations!”

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