Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 45 - He Is Molesting Me!

Chapter 45: He Is Molesting Me!

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Unlike the boys in town, Gao Yiyang, who was from the provincial capital, looked extremely handsome, with a tinge of arrogance on his face.

He liked wearing T-shirts or sports jackets with jeans in all kinds of colors, issuing a haughty and indifferent vibe which other boys didn’t have.

Usually, he had a cold facial expression. Even when he encountered teachers, he would at most nod at them as a greeting.

“Are you numb?” he frowned impatiently. A hint of disgust flashed in his eyes as he looked at Ye Jian. He turned his head away and said coldly, “I’m going to visit Ye Ying. And you are coming with me.”

“If the school had not forbidden puppy love among students, I would have thought that you have considered yourself as her boyfriend.” Ye Jian raised her eyebrows and said with a faint smile on her face.

“Stop it. Aren’t you afraid that you might get yourself into trouble?” said An Jiaxin, terrified. She was shocked by Ye Jian’s boldness. How dare she speak out loud the words ‘puppy love’ and ‘boyfriend’?

To put An Jiaxin’s mind at ease, Ye Jian smiled at her and said gently, “Relax. Just listen to me.”

“You are in no position to judge my relationship with Ye Ying,” said Gao Yiyang in a higher pitch with his lips pursed. He did not conceal his disgust against Ye Jian in his eyes anymore. Since he was experiencing the period of sound change, his voice became a bit hoarse as he increased his volume.

Realizing such a change, he lowered his voice immediately, “She has been crying. You are her elder sister. Aren’t you supposed to visit her?”

“You are Gao Yiyang, right? Why do you care whether I visit her or not? And you are in no position to judge me if I don’t visit her.” Ye Jian retorted him, smiling. She had no interest in Gao Yiyang.

But anyway, Ye Ying did have a myriad of admirers at school, and Gao Yiyang was one of them.

Perhaps Gao Yiyang was not accustomed to Ye Jian’s transformation, his handsome face became gloomy due to her retort. He reached out his hand to stop Ye Jian from leaving, “Stop!”

“If you stand in my way, believe it or not, I will scream, saying that you are molesting me!” said Ye Jian coldly. She raised her head and glared at him fiercely, “Gao Yiyang, you are from the provincial capital, then you should know what molestation is!”

An Jiaxin shuddered from head to toe out of fear…

Having noticed the terrifyingly gloomy face of the boy, An Jiaxin grabbed the hand of the audacious Ye Jian, and moved away from the boy hastily, leaning her back against the wall.

“You scared the hell out of me.” said the pale-faced An Jiaxin, patting her chest and staring blankly at Ye Jian. She was normally a brave girl. But now, her heart was racing because such taboo words as ‘boyfriend’, ‘puppy love’ and ‘molestation’ were shooting out from Ye Jian’s mouth.

She was nothing more than a middle school student who could hide her secrets quite well. In private, she usually just gossipped with her friends about others’ appearances and scores.

She was different from Ye Jian, who dared to say ‘molestation’ out loud!

“He’s not going to molest you. Gao Yiyang is essentially still a boy,” said Ye Jian while patting An Jiaxin’s shoulders. Her smile was as comforting as breezes stroking the leaves, and her picturesque brows and eyes seemed peaceful.

Shocked by Ye Jian’s appalling speech, the girl, who had barely recovered from her astonishment, coughed loudly, “Ye Jian, stop talking. Let me take a break.”

If she couldn’t take a break, An Jiaxin feared that she might die from fright.

“What are you afraid of if you understood what I meant?” the smiles in Ye Jian’s eyes were as transparent as water. “You know pretty well the distinction between a boy and a man.”

An Jiaxin rolled her eyes at Ye Jian. “I do, but don’t say it out loud!” And then, she burst into laughter.

Establishing friendships were as simple as that.

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