Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 44 - Who the Hell Are You?

Chapter 44: Who the Hell Are You?

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“Xie Sifeng, you are being unreasonable!” frowning, An Jiaxin spoke up. She could never stand these girls for bullying Ye Jian, and she had criticized them several times. She didn’t stop interfering until she realized that Ye Jian tolerated their mistreatment.

Irritated, Xie Sifeng glared at An Jiaxin and shoved her violently for blocking her way, “None of your own business. Get out of my way!”

Xie Sifeng pushed her a bit too hard. Caught off guard, An Jiaxin fell backward.

As she was about to bump into the desk, a pair of slim hands supported her steadily.

“Go back to your seat. I will take care of this,” said Ye Jian while holding An Jiaxin. Ye Jian’s face was completely frosty. Standing in front of the furious Xie Sifeng, she said in a cold voice, “You haven’t learned from the lesson last night, have you? Do you think the school is your home?”

Xie Sifeng’s dad was a labor contractor. Just because she came from a wealthy family, she looked down on others. She could do anything to make herself happy, regardless of the consequences.

Now that Ye Jian had come forward, Xie Sifeng withdrew by a step automatically.

An eye for an eye. When Xie Sifeng was about to draw back again, Ye Jian raised her hands to give her a shove, just as the way Xie Sifeng had pushed An Jiaxin.

Splash! Bang!

Xie Sifeng staggered and tried to grab onto a desk and a chair to balance herself. Even so, she fell to the ground while her classmates watched on.

Stupefied, Xie Sifeng stared at Ye Jian incredulously. S… she even dared to shove her in front of their classmates!

“Ye Jian!” screamed Xie Sifeng, embarrassed. She got on her feet and lunged at Ye Jian insanely.

But what kind of job had Ye Jian done before? She worked at a security company for several years. Xie Sifeng was just embarrassing herself by trying to clash against her.

Xie Sifeng had lost her mind, but Ye Jian would not.

Ye Jian moved sideways and helped An Jiaxin, who was behind her, get on her feet. Smiling, she watched Xie Sifeng fall forward.

Ye Jian couldn’t bear to look at her anymore…

She closed her eyes. Bam! She didn’t open her eyes until she heard a loud crashing sound. An extremely cold glint flickered in her pitch-black eyes.

Xie Sifeng, who was humiliated repeatedly, buried her face under her arms on the desk and cried non-stop until the class was over.

“That was awesome! I didn’t expect you to shove her,” An Jiaxin said cheerfully. She put her arms around Ye Jian’s shoulders as if they were good friends. “To be honest, if you had not pushed her, I would have got up and pushed her myself.”

She was candid. No wonder she didn’t like Ye Ying.

Pursing her lips, Ye Jian smiled, “There’s no reason for us to tolerate her. We should stand up for ourselves when it is necessary.”

“Is that why you upset your sister?” a hostile and cold voice of a boy interrupted their conversation, “She’s still being hospitalized at the public health center while you are having your moment.”

This boy, as well as his voice, was strange to Ye Jian.

Ye Jian squinted and observed him. His hands were placed in the pockets of his pants. The look in his eyes was cold. And his clothes were different from other students. Oh! Ye Jian thought to herself and remembered who he was.

Gao Yiyang, the number one student from Class One Grade Nine, who was transferred to this middle school last semester. It was said that a special vehicle dropped him off on the first day of school.

Ye Jian was not aware if he came from a wealthy background. But she knew that the boy had a crush on Ye Ying.

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