Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 43 - Becoming A Role Model Overnight

Chapter 43: Becoming A Role Model Overnight

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Every teacher believed that the diligent students would work very hard by taking notes during class and practicing after class, making their study plans according to what the teachers had taught.

That was also Mrs. Yang’s assumption.

However, Ye Jian could not deliver a single notebook, except for her math course book.

Ye Jian, who hated to lie about even such trivial matters, shook her head. The whole class was gazing at her with mixed feelings. She smiled and said calmly, “Sorry, Mrs. Yang, I don’t have the habit of taking notes.”

Her honesty made the class burst into laughter. But they were not ridiculing her.

Sometimes, the relationships between people were as delicate as that.

Because Ye Jian had embarrassed the teacher in front of everyone, she had gained the affection of many classmates who hated and loved teachers at the same time.

Strict as she may seem, Mrs. Yang was a very tolerant teacher. A hint of a vague smile appeared on her straight face. She said, “You are honest. And you leave me with no excuse to discipline those students who never take down notes.”

With a sense of humor, this session was surprisingly better than any session before.

When the class was over, some students tried to talk with Ye Jian.

“How I wish you could have been like this in the old days. Although we’ve been in the same class for two years, I’ve never realized that this is your true personality.” such icebreakers worked quite well because these students held no grudges against Ye Jian.

Several girls were surrounding Ye Jian and talking to her one after another.

As for Ye Jian, she was cherishing her time as a student after rebirth.

She had engraved in her mind who had hurt her, but she would remain friends with these students who had done nothing evil to her.

“I have figured out a lot of aspects of my life after waking up. It is as if I have been enlightened during my dream,” she answered their questions, smiling. Yes, to everyone’s surprise, she had changed quite a bit.

But it didn’t change the fact that she was still Ye Jian!

The astonishment of others had nothing to do with Ye Jian herself.

The math course representative An Jiaxin was a straightforward girl. She was also the first classmate to be friendly towards Ye Jian.

After hearing what Ye Jian had said, An Jiaxin said with a smile on her dignified face, “Good for you. You have finally become a bit normal. Congratulations, Ye Jian.”

“Congratulations to you, too. You don’t have to guess who is going to bully me every day from now on, so you won’t have to worry about losing the bet and packing meals for your classmates for a week,” said Ye Jian while raising her eyebrows and blinking mischievously. Those incidents in the past were facilitating their friendship now.

“Ha-ha. You knew about that! I lost twice in the last semester!” An Jiaxin burst into laughter. “It was in winter! I had to pack breakfast for them for two weeks consecutively!”

As the girls were surrounding Ye Jian like she was a celebrity, Xie Sifeng felt utterly resentful.

Bam. She threw her math course book on the desk and walked towards Ye Jian, gritting her teeth. “Don’t be cocky after scoring full marks in one quiz! It’s nothing! Who knows whether you had cheated! Tut! Yingying can get full marks in every exam!”

Ye Jian felt that Xie Sifeng was ridiculous as she was defending Ye Ying with all her might. She stood up and looked askance at Xie Sifeng, smiling, “It’s not impressive. But I’m still better than you.”

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