Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 42 - Who Dares to Underestimate Her

Chapter 42: Who Dares to Underestimate Her

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Being taken care of by a Class A Master Sergeant and appreciated by a world-class sniper, Ye Jian would have had a promising future if she stayed on the right track.

How many generations of people from modest backgrounds had dreamt about raising children who could go to college? Sadly, Ye Jian’s uncle, the deputy town mayor never cared about this.

As the bell rang, the first session began. Accompanied by Principal Chen, Xia Jinyuan and his soldiers sat in a jeep, which was heading to the army.

Meanwhile, Ye Jian was answering the first question of her math quiz.

It was a quiz to determine how much the students had learned in the past month. The invigilator was the math teacher of this class. She was a female teacher who dressed formally with a pair of black-rimmed glasses.

As soon as Ye Jian started to write her answers on the paper, the teacher came towards her. Mrs. Ke had reminded her to pay special attention to Ye Jian.

Mrs. Ke was the head teacher of this class. If she put it that way, wasn’t she implying that this student might cheat in the exam?

The teacher took this matter seriously. It only took her several steps before she arrived beside Ye Jian. But during that time, Ye Jian had answered five questions at least!

While other students were still calculating on the scratch paper!

Mrs. Yang hated to see students cheat in exams. Restraining her anger, she stood in silence, staring at Ye Jian’s exam paper with a straight face.

A few seconds later, the serious look in her eyes swayed and she looked at Ye Jian in surprise. Without using the scratch paper, Ye Jian had written the correct answers on her exam paper.

Was she calculating in her head?

Ye Jian raised her head to look at Mrs. Yang who was standing beside her. She smiled as if she had understood something. And then, she lowered her head and continued writing.

“Good for you that you can count in your head. But you might want to be more careful in the exam.” Mrs. Yang bent over slightly to caution this student who had a pure smile in a whisper, “When you finish, you’d better review all your answers.”

At this moment, Ye Jian had completed the quiz. Mrs. Yang, who had remembered every correct answer, had given her the full credit in her mind already.

She collected Ye Jian’s exam paper and asked Ye Jian for a conversation outside the classroom.

Xie Sifeng smiled with contempt on her face. So what Ye Jian had changed? She was still an idiot who couldn’t pass any exams. Tut! Who gave her the right to be cocky?

The whole class had been used to Ye Jian’s handing in her exam paper in advance. Everyone pretty much had the same idea that Ye Jian would end in the last place, as usual.

The two math sessions were taken up by the quiz. After speaking to Mrs. Yang, Ye Jian returned to her dormitory to relax.

In the afternoon, the PE session was canceled. Mrs. Yang came into the classroom, holding the exam paper of the math quiz this morning. The students looked at her nervously. She asked the students to collect their exam paper one by one when their names were called.

“Old rule. I will only read aloud your scores if you have full marks,” said Mrs. Yang. Strict as she may be, she was also considerate about the students’ feelings. “Zhang Wenjin, 100; An Jiaxin, 100…”

Those were the students who were usually excellent in math. When Ye Jian’s name was mentioned, everyone seemed calm because they thought it was a mistake.

Ye Jian was the last one to collect her exam paper. Mrs. Yang required her to stay beside the podium.

Pushing her glasses upward from her nose bridge, Mrs. Yang looked at the students seriously and said in a deep voice, “This time, I’m going to praise Ye Jian in particular. She has scored the full mark. I saw with my own eyes that she finished all the answers within 30 minutes.”

“Now get rid of that incredulous looks on your faces. Don’t assume Ye Jian can’t accomplish the things that are beyond your capacities. She has been working hard when you don’t notice her diligence.”

She tilted her head and said to Ye Jian, “Lend me your math course book and notebook.”

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