Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 41 - Relax, Girl

Chapter 41: Relax, Girl

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“It’s not good for you to know too many secrets,” said Xia Jinyuan while taking off his military cap. The smile on his elegant face became more visible. “How did you understand that gesture? Who taught you?”

As gentle and tender his handsome face may seem, it had wound up Ye Jian’s nerves.

Even when he was smiling, his eyes looked extremely sharp, like a pair of swords revealing their chilly glints, which could split a human’s soul in half.

Instead of sitting at the seat that Xia Jinyuan had designated for her, Ye Jian chose the chair closest to the door and faced him sideways. She replied plainly, “No one taught me. I just happened to notice your action.”

“Oh? Are you saying you knew what it meant once you saw it? That’s impressive.” Xia Jinyuan said and raised his eyebrows. His pitch-black eyes became darker. He said calmly, “You have changed a lot, but Grandpa Gen spares no effort to stand up for you.”

He remembered that Grandpa Gen, the 70-year-old Class A Master Sergeant said to the regimental commander in a deep and strong voice, “Jian is absolutely innocent!”

The girl had gained the admiration from a world-class sniper and the support from a Class A Master Sergeant. What other surprises would the girl bring Xia Jinyuan?

Grandpa Gen? Ye Jian moved her fingers. Determination condensed in her calm eyes. Staring at Xia Jinyuan, she said coldly, “Are you suspecting me because I am connected with Grandpa Gen?”

A slightly bad-tempered girl.

Smiling at her, Xia Jinyuan pondered for a moment before he said, “Relax. No need to be nervous. We will never offend our respected Grandpa Gen. I’m not suspecting you of anything. Just trying to warn you.”

“As for Liao Jian, you can treat him like you usually do.”

This was the reason Xia Jinyuan asked Ye Jian to the office. To remind her not to show her knowledge easily, which might cause herself troubles.

Young as she may be, Xia Jinyuan believed that she was mature enough to keep secrets.

Ye Jian didn’t expect that he would warn her directly. Her facial expression became more serious. Looking at Xia Jinyuan in silence with her black and bright eyes, she asked, “Is he connected to the criminals you arrested in the mountain the other day?”

“As far as we know, they are connected in some way. But that’s none of your concern.” Xia Jinyuan had revealed more information to her. “What you should care about is your studies.”

“I was investigating Liao Jian’s file when I inadvertently found the score sheets of your class,” Xia Jinyuan smiled brighter and looked at Ye Jian with teasing in his eyes. “Ye Jian, you need to work harder.”

It’s not a secret. Almost everyone in the school knew about Ye Jian’s disastrous academic performance.

Ye Jian accepted his ridicule peacefully. She pursed her lips and replied nonchalantly, “That’s nothing. I just haven’t shown my actual strength.”

Facing Xia Jinyuan who seemed like a noble prince, Ye Jian didn’t avoid making eye contact with him. Smiling, she stood up, “Well, I should head back to the classroom if you don’t have anything else to say to me. I need to prepare for the quiz that is coming up later.”

She was a girl with a bad temper. Xia Jinyuan was just trying to figure out what information she had possessed, but she immediately set up her shield. Eventually, he couldn’t melt the chillness in her eyes through his friendly teasing.

After seeing her off, Xia Jinyuan leaned back in his chair to relax his back, forming an exquisite and sensual profile from his forehead to his neck.

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