Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 40 - I’m Not A Bad Guy

Chapter 40: I’m Not A Bad Guy

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But the thing was, why was she aware of this gesture from the Special Forces?

Without looking at his watch, Xia Jinyuan ended his speech ten minutes later sharp. “If you have any questions or notice anyone suspicious, you can contact the local police officers or our soldiers.”

“See you next time.” he picked up his military cap on the podium and patted its brim before he wore it. The wide brim of his cap covered his handsome forehead, showing only a pair of eyes, sharp and thoughtful like those of a hawk.

When this pair of eyes glanced through the students before the podium, they paused momentarily on the face of Ye Jian. No one had noticed this, except Ye Jian.

Smiling, she made eye contact with him peacefully. Her petal-shaped lips moved subtly, “Hello, Captain Xia.”

An audacious girl. She even greeted him.

It seemed that the smile on Xia Jinyuan’s face became more obvious. “Sorry to bother you,” said Xia Jinyuan to Mrs. Ke politely. Standing next to Xia Jinyuan, Mrs. Ke seemed a bit dejected. With everyone’s attention on him, Xia Jinyuan left the classroom with the two soldiers standing next to the door.

Although the soldiers were there for only ten minutes, Xia Jinyuan had made a significant influence on the students. As soon as he left, the classroom was filled with relentless sighing.

Naturally, the grunting mostly came from the girls, who were still mesmerized by Xia Jinyuan.

They didn’t stop sighing until Mrs. Ke smacked the podium with the blackboard brush as a warning. Sticking out their tongues mischievously, the girls picked up their books to prepare for lessons.

“You are going to have a math quiz in the first class. Listen up, whoever performs poorly in the exam will be required to copy the exam paper 100 times and stand outside the classroom for a week as punishment!”

Mrs. Ke didn’t speak a word until the self-study session was about to end. She glared at some of the students who always performed badly in exams and criticized them angrily. Her glare stayed on Ye Jian’s face for at least ten seconds.

It sounded like she was talking specifically to Ye Jian.

Reading her book, Ye Jian didn’t mind Mrs. Ke’s angry look at all.

The music played by the school broadcast was interrupted. A Ninth-Grade broadcaster said in a mellow voice with her local-accented Mandarin, “Ye Jian of Class Two Grade Eight, please come to the principal’s office immediately.”

Mrs. Ke paused at the classroom door. Her face was gloomy, and she was a bit concerned as she heard the broadcast. Then, she left hastily.

Ye Jian walked to the principal’s office at a fast pace. She knocked and opened the door. But Principal Chen was not there. It was Xia Jinyuan who was sitting in the reception chair.

“It’s me who is looking for you,” said Xia Jinyuan. As he looked at the girl who had a pair of bright eyes, he couldn’t help but smile.

Ye Jian was still standing at the door. She was not intending to enter the office. Xia Jinyuan waved at her and smiled elegantly, “Come in. I want to talk to you about something.”

She looked vigilant. What did she think he would do to her?

Ye Jian sensed that Xia Jinyuan was treating her like a child. She lowered her head and observed her 14-year-old physique. Indeed, she was little. She was a short student in her class.

She closed the door. Before Xia Jinyuan could speak, she pursed her lips and smiled, “Sorry about what happened before. I just wanted to look at that direction automatically,” After a pause, she continued, “I knew who you were pointing at, but I will not tell anyone.”

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