Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 39 - Girl

Chapter 39: Girl

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“Some countries have gigantic intelligence systems that operate in other countries as well as in their own territories.”

“I hope that every one of you can remain alert and stay away from spies, for the safety and prosperity of our country, and for the sake of our happiness and welfare.”

During his speech behind the podium, Xia Jinyuan had been smiling subtly, but the look in his eyes was mysterious and fierce.

No one would mistake him for a tender man, even when he was smiling. You could tell that he was a very serious man at a glance.

At the same time, he was very charming.

He was elegant, handsome and powerful. When he smiled, his eyes seemed as if there were gentle waves rippling over the sea. When he became serious, he gave off a vibe similar to a sharp sword being drawn from its sheath. His every movement was full of the unparalleled noble energy of a military man.

And no one would look better than he did in military uniforms. The golden epaulets made him look dignified, and the dark green uniform fitted him quite well.

Perhaps because he was facing a group of students, Ye Jian saw that Xia Jinyuan had concealed the violent energy that he showed during the chasing and arresting of the criminals that day.

“Even if he has killed someone, it doesn’t make him a bad person,” Ye Jian answered Zhang Bin in a low voice while looking at him. “They are soldiers. It is their responsibility to guard our country with guns. And they only kill those villains who deserve to die.”

Captain Xia had intimidatingly bloody energy, identical to that of the retired Special Forces soldiers, whom Ye Jian had met at the security company. Zhang Bin said that Captain Xia had killed before. Ye Jian believed him with no doubt.

Although they were whispering, Xia Jinyuan had noticed them.

He glanced towards their direction and looked at Ye Jian’s face for about half a second. His eyes dimmed a little. So, this girl was a student of Class Two Grade Eight.

“Although you are only students, the espionage from abroad are making significant efforts to render you rebels from our country,” said Xia Jinyuan. With amusement in his eyes, he paused while looking at a certain direction. With his right hand rested on the podium, he swiftly made a gesture towards the other two soldiers using his left hand.

Concentrated, Ye Jian looked at the direction where Xia Jinyuan was staring. Meanwhile, she tried to see who his ‘target’ was from the corner of her eye.

While she was at it, Xia Jinyuan spoke up suddenly, “The third student counting from the back of Group Five. Can you answer my question I just addressed? What are the usual methods that spies use to lure students?”

The third student counting from the back of Group Five. Wasn’t that Ye Jian?

The moment Ye Jian was asked to answer the question, 60 or so students looked at her, bewildered.

Ye Jian realized that Xia Jinyuan had made that gesture to distract her so that she wouldn’t be alarmed.

Being stared at by the whole class, she stood up with a smile and said slowly, “Aiding students who are looking for jobs, inviting students to participate in researches, and paying students for projects. The spies lure students into traps by conducting such seemingly normal occurrences.”

“Well done. That’s correct. Sit down, please.” Xia Jinyuan pursed his lips and said. The girl had listened to me carefully. Besides, she might have understood my gesture. What an intelligent and cautious girl.

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