Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 38 - Was He the Protagonist?

Chapter 38: Was He the Protagonist?

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“His dad knows some powerful people in town. Be careful,” whispered Zhang Bin after he entered the classroom from the back door and sat on his seat. He continued, “It is said that he has connections in the city. My dad has told me not to mess with him at school.”

Zhang Bin’s father was a policeman at the local police station, so he was aware of the bureaucratic connections in town.

Ye Jian smiled peacefully, “It was just an eye for an eye. He knows some influential people. But what is he going to do to me?”

That made sense. Putting his concern aside, Zhang Bin asked curiously, “That was impressive when you gripped his finger. Who did you learn it from?” He could recognize some professional fighting skills because his father was a policeman.

“No one. I watched it and learned it by myself,” Ye Jian smiled and lowered her head. She took out her math course book, put it on her desk and turned to the exercise page. They were about to have a quiz this morning.

After seeing others use such a technique, she could memorize it and learn it on her own.

Her understatement shocked Zhang Bin for a while. He couldn’t help but complain about her quietly. You can master it as soon as you see it. Can you be less impressive?

He felt dejected again.

As the two of them heard neat footsteps from outside the classroom, they sat more upright than any of their classmates.

The first person who came in was Mrs. Ke, followed by three soldiers in military uniforms with dignified and frosty expressions on their faces.

It was not unusual for soldiers to appear at school. Every year, they came here several times to instruct the students about the basic safety measures.

But the soldiers that arrived today took the students’ breath away.

Especially the girls. Eyes widening, they stared at the young major without blinking. Led by Mrs. Ke, the Major walked to the podium.

He was devilishly handsome!

Ye Jian had not expected that it was in her classroom that she would see Xia Jinyuan again. After glancing at him, she lowered her eyes.

“Excuse me for occupying your morning study session without issuing a prior notice.”

“My speech will take 10 minutes. I hope you can listen quietly while I’m speaking,” Xia Jinyuan took off his military cap and put it gently on the podium. The solemn national emblem on it faced the 62 students in front of the podium.

Cap off, his flawless forehead was revealed. His handsome and elegant face stupefied several girls.

His voice was restrained and aloof, with the dignified manners of military men.

He glanced through the classroom from left to right in silence. His eyes didn’t linger on Ye Jian when he looked at her direction. It seemed that he had not recognized her.

His silent stare turned the junior high students into elementary students. Not only did they keep their backs straight, but they clasped their hands behind their backs.

“Excellent,” said Xia Jinyuan. Now that he had intimidated the students by only one look, there was no cold and fierce ray shooting from his unfathomable black eyes.

Hands placed on the podium, he leaned forward slightly. He spoke up slowly in an extremely magnetic voice, “Today we are going to talk about how to remain alert and find out those criminals who are hiding among us and stealing military information.”

As he spoke, Ye Jian raised her head and listened to him carefully, memorizing every word he had said.

After a while, Zhang Bin touched Ye Jian’s back from behind and whispered, “The look in his eyes is terrifying. I bet that he killed someone before.”

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