Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 47 - Live Up to Your Expectations

Chapter 47: Live Up to Your Expectations

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Ye Jian had no idea what she would achieve in the future. All she hoped for was that she could bear the two seniors’ instructions in mind and live up to their expectations.

“Go back to your dorm and rest well tonight. Tomorrow, when your evening study session is over, go to the back entrance of the school and I will send you out,” said Principal Chen. He admired Ye Jian who feared no obstacles.

This kid knew well that she could only rely on herself if she were to achieve success.

Principal Chen also appreciated the perseverance and composure of Ye Jian. Judging from how well she had handled the incident involving Ye Ying, he could see that Ye Jian was a reasonable person.

Ye Jian commenced her training on Tuesday evening.

“Ye Jian, I am a sniper. What I can teach you are all the experiences I have accumulated during my career as a sniper. I will give you one minute to consider whether you want to learn from me.”

Standing in the dark training room with only one dim light on, Principal Chen seemed like a nocturnal leopard. Although you could tell from his voice that he had aged, you could never ignore the lethal energy he had been hiding.

A sniper…

Under the dim light, Ye Jian shivered subtly. As it turned out, the seemingly amiable and kind Principal Chen was a sniper!

No wonder he had been displaying a killing and intimidating temperament.

Ye Jian pursed her lips and controlled her trembling. Her eyes were as calm as an ancient well that had no ripples on its surface. She said calmly, “I have no other options. I will go forward with no regrets!”

“Fair enough! There is no way back from now on!” said Principal Chen in a serious and deep voice. He nodded and placed his hands behind his back. The first training session thus began.

“Snipers are the embodiment of death in the eyes of our enemies, but our comrades deem us as heroes and the most excellent soldiers! We attack our enemies’ camps on our own and gain an upper hand for our army using our guns.”

“Ye Jian, you must get prepared! The snipers trained by me are not going to stay in peaceful countries. You are going to the frontlines of the battlefields of any region and complete the assignments our country has given to you!”

Since Principal Chen had decided to train this girl into an elite soldier, the training program formulated by him was so harsh that an ordinary soldier would have cold feet.

While listening to Principal Chen carefully, Ye Jian adjusted her breathing and kept her mouth closed and her back straight.

“Apart from shooting precisely, a sniper must have a strong and healthy physique and unyielding willpower as strong as steel,” said Principal Chen. In the New Recruit Camp in town, he started to implement the first step of Ye Jian’s Four-Year Plan.

He was a sniper. Hence, apart from teaching Ye Jian how to use all kinds of sniper rifles, he must also train her willpower and improve her physical performance.

“You have much more to learn during this professional sniping training, in addition to mastering the weapon system and carrying out the concept of sniping. You must stick to the end unless you literally collapse during the training!”

“I will obey your orders and never flinch!” Ye Jian nodded solemnly. Her heart was filled with excitement, despite the calm look on her face.

“Get up at 5:00 every morning and jog eight kilometers, which will be increased slowly. You will receive willpower training for two hours every night and return to your school to rest by 10:30,” said Principal Chen grimly. At this moment, he was not a scholarly-looking principal anymore but a ruthless sniper. “You still have one year and a half before you graduate from junior high school. I hope you can make the most of your time!”

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