Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 398 - A Laughing Stock

Chapter 398: A Laughing Stock

Killing with kindness. As long as they were not blind, anyone could see who was likable, who was evil and who was easier to get along with.

Mrs. Tong favored Ye Jian, who was gentle, and yet, strong and able to keep her calm. Hearing that, she smiled, “I had actually prepared this beforehand.”

“This year’s entrance examination questions were generally tough. We have also seen it. We can say that it was hardest for the past five examinations.” Mrs. Tong opened the drawer and took out a brown paper file holder. Inside was Ye Jian’s test paper. “With such difficulty, Ye Jian managed to achieve fourth place in the province without the three subjects. That kind of result is more than enough for Provincial No.1 Middle School.”

Now that Mrs. Tong had finished speaking, everyone took a breath of cold air.

She managed to get fourth without the three subjects… Isn’t that full marks?

The classroom was silent. No one was whispering and no one ever looked at Ye Jian with suspicious eyes. It was unbelievable that she could get fourth in the province after retaking the exams.

Fair and just. Ye Jian showed the class that she entered Provincial No.1 Middle School with her capabilities. Who dared to question?! Who dared to doubt?!

“Besides deducting three marks from the essay, Ye Jian got full marks for everything. If she had those three subjects, she would be the top scholar.” Mrs. Tong walked down the stage and put the papers on Ye Ying desk and sighed, “You kids, if the examination was not fair and just, the whole education system will collapse.”

“After years of hard work, Ye Jian experienced unfair treatment, but she was not discouraged and once again entered the school with her capabilities. Ye Ying, your results are not bad. Look at the math problems, then close the test papers and solve the last few problems again on the blackboard.”

Ye Ying received the test paper. Her face was like a dye factory, with different colors interlaced together.

Gradually, tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at Mrs. Tong. Ye Ying sniffled, “Sorry, teacher, I didn’t mean it. I just wanted to know why.”

“Ye Ying, I have no objections with you knowing why. But your actions have once again hurt a student who had been treated unfairly. You should be apologizing to Ye Jian, not me.”

If those were crocodile tears, then in Mrs. Tong’s eyes, Ye Ying was not worthy of forgiveness nor sympathy.

She put a physics test paper in front of a boy, a chemistry test paper into the hands of another, and a language test paper in front of a girl. “You can see for yourself. Whether it is fair and just, it’s all in these test papers.”

“As for why Ye Jian was able to jump grades, I didn’t want to put pressure on you initially. Now, I can tell you that Ye Jian took the same exams as you did, and her scores are not a problem.”

“How many of you can be like her and achieve such a score? The most important thing is that Ye Jian even took a gap year.”

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