Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 397 - A Useless Ploy

Chapter 397: A Useless Ploy

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No, she had also included An Jiaxin in the plan!

An Jiaxin was a contradictory figure. Her results were not as good as Ye Ying, and she would be affected by this, leaving a bad impression on them!

She has improved – killing two birds with one stone!

Ye Jian had already seen through her plan. She looked at the students once again and maintained her calmness and composure. “I got in with my capabilities, which is why I’m qualified to stand here, to jump grades! And my results are enough to show that I have entered Provincial No.1 Middle School in a fair and just way, like every student.”

“You might not believe me, but these are the facts. I did not add any points but I’m still able to get into Provincial No.1 Middle School. This is my capability!”

Her voice was very calm, and yet, it was full of dignity. Every word had its weight and sent the students’ hearts trembling.

The confident Ye Jian was like a tall mountain that could not be scaled!

Listening to that, Ye Ying almost laughed. “You can’t even check your results, how can it be fair and just?”

“That’s weird. Ye Ying, didn’t you just say that you have not seen me for more than a year? Why would you mention that my results could not be checked? Have you checked?”

Ye Jian looked at Ye Ying curiously, whose face began to stiffen. “There’s another thing that I don’t quite understand. I’m the only one that knows my student number, and teachers are the only ones that can check the results. Ye Ying, how did you know that my results can’t be checked?”

“You knew how to check my results but didn’t know whether I had gone home. Don’t you think your words are contradictory?”

Ye Ying was not the only one who had improved. After one year, Ye Jian knew how to deal with Ye Ying better.

She saw through her ploy and retaliated calmly.

The students were looking at them. They were all year two students and were two years away from adulthood. Even the students with thick skulls could see that there is something going on with Ye Ying now.

She clearly wanted to humiliate Ye Jian.

“I… I was just wondering if you would come back. That’s why I wanted to check your results. After all, you dropped out of school last year because of your circumstances. Don’t… Don’t be too nervous, just tell us that you got in with your capabilities and it’s good enough.” Ye Ying’s whole body was stiff.

Her eyes flashed unnaturally and she changed the subject. “I believe in your capabilities too. But the other students just need an explanation to know that you got in fairly.”

It was clear that an explanation would not be enough. Even if she got in with her capabilities, Ye Jian knew that some of her classmates would still doubt her and her life in high school would not be too peaceful.

Ye Jian slightly smirked and smiled, “My results can’t be checked, not because I didn’t meet the criteria, but because someone had framed me last year. That’s why to prevent such things from happening, the Provincial Bureau of Education concealed my results.”

After that, she turned her body slightly and said to Mrs. Tong, “Mrs. Tong, I have a request, is it possible to retrieve my test papers, so that Ye Ying can put her heart at ease?”

There was not a tinge of anger in those words, nor did she criticize Ye Ying. It was purely just an explanation!

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