Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 396 - Confrontation

Chapter 396: Confrontation

“Ye Jian, the scores to enter Provincial No.1 Middle School is extremely high. How did you manage to get in after taking a year off? It was difficult to get in and we had to pass the admission criteria. Even if your results are good, how did you get in without scores for biology, geography, and sports?”

Ye Ying asked slowly with a calm voice and there was even a smile. “Sorry, I don’t mean anything. I just want to know how you were able to get into Provincial No.1 Middle School and jump grades under such circumstances. You even got into the toughest class.”

“I’m not targeting you. All I ask for is fairness and justice.”

This was not the voice of Ye Ying alone. She was smart. She had asked a question for those who did not recognize or acknowledge Ye Jian’s capabilities.

Seeing that some of the students had nodded their heads, Ye Jian laughed. Ye Ying, seeing that you are not afraid of being disgraced, I shall play with you.

She looked at every student clearly and calmly said, “Since everyone relied on their own capabilities to enter this school, I did the same thing too.”

“Just as Ye Ying said, I did not have scores for biology, geography or sports. However, these subjects don’t affect my grading test, and it was not an obstacle for me to enter Provincial No.1 Middle School.”

Before she could even continue, some of the students stood up. “I believe in Ye Jian. She’s someone who went overseas for examinations. How can she not be able to get into Provincial No.1 Middle School just because she took a gap year?”

When the first one stood up, others followed suit.

“Me too. I participated in the Provincial No.1 Middle School competition qualifiers with Ye Jian. Her answers were always fast and accurate, and she didn’t make any mistakes during the test!”

Her capabilities two years ago left a deep impression in those that knew Ye Jian before. They had seen and believed it for themselves.

The exchange of words was enough to form a huge wall to resist the rumors.

An Jiaxin, who had been tolerating it for some time, finally rushed to the front of the classroom and declared, “I am Ye Jian’s junior high classmate. I guarantee with my life that Ye Jian was admitted to Provincial No.1 Middle School with her capabilities!”

After finishing, she glared at Ye Ying and gritted her teeth. “Ye Ying, you’ve been the same since junior high. Despicable! Both of you are family! This is ridiculous! When have you treated Ye Jian as your family? Your mother had repeatedly…”

If that went on, it would make things worse. Ye Jian did not want to cause any trouble and stopped her. “Jiaxin, there’s no need to talk about the past. Thanks for being on my side. Let me handle the rest.”

After saying it, Ye Jian glanced at Ye Ying. She suddenly realized that there was deep disappointment in her eyes. It sent a warning to her. Ye Jian became solemn. Did she miss out on anything?

Then, she caught a glimpse of Mrs. Tong at the corner of her eye. Mrs. Tong was now calm and she looked stern. Ye Jian finally caught on and understood what she had missed.

Ye Ying wanted to expand her influence to the point where the school leaders would be alerted and make a move! So that she would leave a worrying impression on them on the first day of school!

As a result, many opportunities would slip by because she was someone who would cause trouble!

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