Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 395 - I Won't Let You Get Off The Stage

Chapter 395: I Won’t Let You Get Off The Stage

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She didn’t boast that she jumped levels. She spoke calmly as she used ‘age’ to explain why she jumped to year two directly.

Before Ye Jian even got off the stage, An Jiaxin stood up with a proud expression among all the applause. She was rejoicing in her heart.

With a swaying voice, she exclaimed, “Ye Jian is really awesome. When we were classmates, the ninth grade seniors would ask her for help with their homework! And she has an excellent memory. She can remember the contents of a book, like this book on politics, just by browsing it once! Really just once!”

When she said that, the other students became louder. One of the male students stood up and looked at Ye Jian with sparkling eyes. “I know, I know. Ye Jian, I know who you are.”

“You won the gold medal two years back at the World Science Olympiad. In the oral quiz, you would always be the first one to answer, winning points for the Chinese contestants.”

“I also know that you were supposed to be studying at Anyang city last year, but you didn’t want to be an associate student and couldn’t accept the false accusations, which was why you tore the admission notice.”

“I also…”

The boy was idolizing her, and the other boys became exhilarated and started to hit their tables.

“Ye Jian, I know you too! Tearing the admission notice is only something you would dare to do! Only you have the guts and confidence!”

“I really didn’t think that I would be in the same school as Ye Jian. Oh my, I have to tell my parents when I get back.”

“It turns out you took a gap year. We all thought that you changed schools.”

Every sound that Ye Ying heard pierced her ear and antagonized her. Underneath her desk, she gripped the edge of her skirt tightly, and her bloodshot eyes were filled with rage.

Ye Jian, Ye Jian! Damn it! She is my nemesis, my nemesis since birth!

Why did you come back?

She must have done something unspeakable and used underhanded methods to get into Provincial No.1 Middle School!

She should not have appeared in Provincial No.1 Middle School, and should not be standing in the classroom again. What is she to enjoy the praises from the students and teachers?!

Why? Why!

The students’ never-ending praises for Ye Jian were like a stimulant, and Ye Ying’s jealousy grew like a weed, devouring her sanity bit by bit, causing her to be unable to calm down.

The atmosphere of the class was driven up and it only started to stop when Mrs. Tong appeared. She cleared her throat and smiled, “All of you should learn from Ye Jian. If your results are good, and you can take a year off and still get into university, I won’t stop anyone from leaving school.”

Mrs. Tong’s voice was like the last straw, crushing the last bit of calmness that was left in Ye Ying. But her brain was sober and she even came out with a vicious plan to deal with Ye Jian.

Does she want to go to school? Heh! I’ll let her go to school with ‘grandeur’!

Ye Ying slowly stood up and glared at Ye Jian, who had been accepting the praises from the students. The classroom went quiet as she got up, till the point where you could hear a pin drop.

The students’ gazes stopped on her. No one knew why she stood up again.

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