Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 399 - Despicable, Laughable

Chapter 399: Despicable, Laughable

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Hearing that, Ye Ying almost tore the test paper in half.

The shock on her face was even more evident as she glared at the test paper. What? Impossible! How is she able to surpass me? She didn’t even study a day in senior high!

“Wow, so amazing! The answer sheet is really neat. Same as the back. She really participated in the World Science Olympiad. The questions at the back are challenging. I would need to try before I can solve them now.”

The female classmate beside Ye Ying was fairly good at science. After seeing Ye Jian’s test papers, she could not stop exclaiming.

She was impressed by Ye Jian but did not pay attention to Ye Ying’s dark facial expressions. It felt as if a storm could happen at any time.

Ye Jian had returned to her seat temporarily. She was tall and stuck out like a sore thumb sitting in front. For the self-introductions afterward, the students who went up would take a look at her before starting.

When it was Ye Ying’s turn, a boy joked, “We all know and remember you.”

Unintentional words can be much more hurtful, especially for people like Ye Ying, who always wanted to show that she was better than others. The joke stabbed her heart like a dagger… She was now the laughing stock of the class.

When she came down, her gloomy eyes swept past Ye Jian. She wanted to warn Ye Jian and show that she was not afraid. However, Ye Jian did not even look at her and a girl behind said something and smirked.

Ye Ying’s eyes were pricked as she looked away. After she sat down, she was like a proud peacock, hiding her vile heart underneath those beautiful feathers.

Half an hour was not enough for all sixty students to introduce themselves. After class, Mrs. Tong seemed to have forgotten to get Ye Ying to solve the math problem. When the bell rang, she said, “The next two lessons are math exams. Students will have ten minutes of mental preparation.”

It was not mental preparation. It was a bolt from the blue.

While everyone was groaning, An Jiaxin rushed over to Ye Jian and glued to her like a koala.

“My Jian, I’m disappointed that you hid this from me.” An Jiaxin had spent the whole summer vacation watching period dramas. She spoke with a weird accent. “Why didn’t you tell me the other day? Ah! Tell me. Why didn’t you tell me?”

Ye Jian almost choked till she fainted. “Because I need to get into senior high peacefully. I didn’t want the same thing last year to happen again. Understand?”

“Okay, reasonable! I’m happy now, so I shall forgive you this time.” An Jiaxin was once again classmates with her good friend. She was overjoyed. She was smiling so widely that her eyes almost formed a line.

The class had only started for ten minutes, but the students who came to speak with Ye Jian found out that she could remember their names after introducing themselves once. After the tests were over, she had already remembered everyone’s names.

“Her IQ and memory are really exceptional. I’m impressed. With her IQ and memory, she will be picking her university.”

“She’s too amazing. There’s no need to compare. Two tests and she handed her paper in just half the time. So stressful.”

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