Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 391 - I'm Back, Senior High

Chapter 391: I’m Back, Senior High

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At 7 am, the students who didn’t live in the dormitories started coming to school.

Class One of the second year of senior high was the same as every other class. In the new semester, all the students were getting to know their new classmates.

“Hello, I’m Ye Ying. Nice to meet you.” Ye Ying sat down on the first seat on the side of the podium. She started introducing herself. She was pretty and her results were not bad so many students in the class had heard about her. After listening to her self-introduction, they started introducing themselves too.

Some students were in the same class during the last semester so they gathered in their own groups immediately.

Some students used to be from the same class as Ye Ying in year one of senior high. However, when they saw that she was only interested to know the students from the other classes, two girls gave her a look of disdain and started discussing among themselves.

“Just like last time. She’s a social butterfly.”

“This is her ability. We can’t learn it. She’s the flower of the student union.”

They saw her walking towards the top student during year one. It was a male student. She smiled brightly and started introducing herself. The two girls rolled their eyes. Ye Ying always acted in front of guys.

They were not the only people that didn’t like Ye Ying. There was another student that didn’t like her too.

This student told her classmates, “Did you see that girl? She’s my junior high classmate. Be careful of her. She looks good but she is full of bad ideas. Don’t trust her too much.”

An Jiaxin looked at Ye Ying and rolled her eyes multiple times.

As compared to Ye Ying, An Jiaxin was more popular among her classmates because of her tomboy personality.

At least she never had any arguments with her classmates during year one and she never talked bad about people behind their backs.

Her classmates listened to her and nodded.

While Ye Ying was exchanging knowledge with the top student in year one, she saw An Jiaxin chatting with some students from the corner of her eyes.

Her gaze turned cold. She smiled and spoke to the male student before walking over elegantly.

“Hello, An Jiaxin. I didn’t expect us to be in the same class again. You’re the only person that has been in the same class as me in junior high and senior high. Come, let’s shake hands to celebrate.”

Her good manners easily left a good impression on other people.

An Jiaxin didn’t expect her to be so shameless and walk over. She stood up naturally and laughed, “I didn’t expect it too. Please take care of me next time.” She was trying to embarrass her on the first day of school? No way!

Ye Ying’s smile froze. Last time, An Jiaxin would have slammed the table and thrown a tantrum. Why did she suddenly change?

“Look at my old classmate. I’m just a little more enthusiastic and she doesn’t know what to do now.” An Jiaxin took this opportunity to attack Ye Ying verbally. She took her hand back quickly. “Fine, let’s keep a normal relationship with each other and peacefully go through our senior high life. Let’s try not to meet in university. It’s embarrassing.”

Ye Ying reacted quickly. She frowned as she looked at An Jiaxin who seemed to have gotten smarter. After a while, she smiled sweetly and said, “Yes, if we meet in the same university again. I won’t have the heart to know other people. If other people ask about my university friends and I only know you, it’s humiliating.”

“That’s right. It’s humiliating.” An Jiaxin smiled as she replied. As expected, Ye Jian was smart. When faced with someone like Ye Ying, you should always smile when replying to her.

Damn it! Does she think I’m stupid? Why is she looking for trouble on the first day of school?

By now, Ye Ying knew that she was not able to embarrass An Jiaxin so she smiled and turned.

She lowered her eyes to cover the coldness in her eyes. Wait for it, An Jiaxin. I won’t let you have a good time.

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