Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 390: - I Kissed You

Chapter 390: I Kissed You

“Captain Xia, I’m leaving. Goodbye.” When she heard the car door unlocking, Ye Jian immediately opened the door. The moment she tilted her body, her wrist was grabbed.

She turned and looked at her wrist while frowning. “Captain Xia, why are you…”

Something black appeared in front of her eyes. Ye Jian felt the refreshing smell of mint coming closer and closer.

It was like the apple in Eve’s hand. She was unable to reject the temptation.

Something cold landed on her forehead. The cold lips turned warm after a moment.

The lips stayed for a long time on her forehead. So long that her skin seemed to be scalded.

“Okay, you can go down.” Xia Jinyuan saw her tense expression. He went back to his seat. He noticed that she wasn’t rejecting his kiss. She just seemed lost.

He felt warm in his heart. “This is my interest. I came back to get my interest, Little Fox.”

He went all the way to the desert to chase after her. However, he still missed her. He needed to get some interest.

Ye Jian almost fled.

She grabbed her luggage and dashed into the school. She only stopped after entering the school gate.

She turned and saw the car which hasn’t left as well as the man that had come down. Her forehead was slightly hot. She pursed her lips stubbornly. She wanted to say something but in the end, she just turned and entered the school.

Xia Jinyuan smiled lightly. He watched Little Fox as she entered the school and disappeared from his sight. He blinked. He got into the car and left with a good mood.

At first, he wanted to take her first kiss. However, he decided to take a step back and give her a peck on her forehead instead. The results were surprisingly good.

It was good that she didn’t resist. It was normal that she would feel lost too.

His little fox never had any experience with relationships. Well, he didn’t have any experience too. He just went with his feelings.

At 6 am in the morning, only the students who were exercising had arrived in school. Ye Jian was afraid that her roommates hadn’t woken up so she went to the teachers’ office to wait for Mrs. Tong before going to the classroom with her.

Within half an hour, Mrs. Tong came with Mrs. Zhu. They seemed to be discussing something. Ye Jian waited for them to walk closer before greeting them.

“So early? Did you have a good rest today?” Mrs. Tong knew what Ye Jian went to do yesterday. She hurriedly took out her key and opened the office door.

Mrs. Zhu said seriously, “There’s a test this morning. You must display your ability properly. I’ll release the results in the afternoon.

This was a normal thing. On the first day of school, Provincial No.1 Middle School would have a test to remind students that the holidays are over. They should get serious now.

Mrs. Tong smiled and turned. “Mrs. Zhu, don’t scare students with your stern face.” Then, she said to Ye Jian, “There’s no need to leave your luggage in your dormitory. We’ll go to your class together after morning self-study.”

Mrs. Zhu looked at the calm Ye Jian. She rarely smiled in front of students but this time, she did. “This is a bold student. She managed to defeat all the competitors from the other countries. Why will she be scared of a test? Mrs. Tong, let’s change classes today. I’ll give an exam during the first two lessons so that they can wake up faster.”

Ye Jian heard the two teachers planning how to wake their students up quickly so she took out a new textbook and started looking through it.

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