Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 389 - Angry Little Fox

Chapter 389: Angry Little Fox

The door closed once again. She seemed to be running away from the teasing of a gangster.

Outside the door, Xia Jinyuan rubbed his eyebrows with his slender fingers. He looked helpless but his eyes were no longer as cold and distant as before. They were filled with gentleness.

He smiled slightly and muttered to himself, “Stupid girl, if I want to enter, this door won’t be able to stop me.”

He was just teasing her.

He remembered what happened at the reception desk. His gaze turned cold again.

Even a receptionist has different thoughts about the relationship between them. Other people might think the same way too. Rumors about them might even spread.

It looked like Little Fox made the right decision to keep a distance from him.

His leave was ending so he wouldn’t be able to hear all these rumors.

However, Little Fox was different. She was going to stay here for two years. If he appeared occasionally and acted like this all the time, she would be the one handling all the rumors after he leaves.

He wanted to interact intimately with Little Fox but he didn’t consider the trouble hiss actions might cause to Little Fox’s life.

The sound of water splashing in the bathroom stopped after a while.

The door opened. A pair of muscular legs stepped out. Then, a white flash of light was seen. A white towel covered up Xia Jinyuan’s waist and below.

His cell phone at the head of his bed had rung many times. He took another towel and wiped his wet hair. Then, he wore his slippers and walked over to his bed.

A soldier who just came out of a bath was sexy. The defined lines on his body seemed to be the work of God. They were perfect. Every part of his body was mesmerizing.

When he sat down, the abs on his abdomen showed off how strong he was.

“You haven’t slept?” His voice was low. It sounded lazy and elegant as though he was seducing a lady from the village. “You’re not sleeping but I want to sleep.”

“If there’s an adult female next to you, can you sleep?” A lady’s voice was heard. She was Xia Jinyuan’s cousin, the secretary of the provincial leader, the iron lady.

Xia Jinyuan scoffed and replied lazily, “Xia Yiwei, you went to the police station despite how busy you are and then rushed back immediately. You’re really busy.”

How could he not notice someone sizing up his Little Fox so blatantly?

“No matter how busy I am, I’m curious about the underaged lady that had all your attention.” Xia Yiwei placed her feet on the study table. There was a cigarette between her fingers. She was halfway through her cigarette.

Xia Jinyuan understood what she was trying to say. He smiled and said softly, “I’m just protecting an underaged lady now. I’m not so hungry. I won’t have an unhealthy relationship with an underaged girl.”

“Oh, I see. I’ll hang up now. Goodbye.”

She hung up really quickly. She felt at ease that he understood what she meant.

Xia Jinyuan knew his boundaries. If he said he didn’t do it, it meant that he didn’t.

She didn’t know that even if Xia Jinyuan had the intention, he had to see if Ye Jian wanted to do it first.

At 6 am the next morning, Ye Jian hurried to school. When Xia Jinyuan drove his car, his right hand kept gripping around the handbrake.

He said that he would get some interest back from her but after thinking about it the entire night yesterday, he decided to hold himself back. She still had lessons to attend.

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