Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 392 - Long Time No See, Ye Ying

Chapter 392: Long Time No See, Ye Ying

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There were more male students than female students in Class One. There were 46 male students and only 14 female students.

Most of the time, there were more males in science classes. The opposite was relevant in the art classes.

Ye Ying and An Jiaxin were good-looking so many male students took notice of them secretly.

Someone said, “We have 60 students, right? There’s still one left.”

As the morning self-study time came closer, the seats in the class filled up slowly. Only the table closest to the door was empty. The other students had all reached.

“There’s only 59 of us. Who hasn’t reached? There are four minutes left till morning self-study.”

“What a bold person. This is the first day of school and he dared to come right on time.”

Even after the bell signaling the start of the self-study rang, the table beside the entrance was still empty.

Some students started muttering, “Is he sick? The teacher will get angry if the student is late.”

Ye Ying glanced at them and smiled coldly.

The competition in Class One was huge. If this student became noticed by the teacher on the first day, it was the same as being at the bottom of the class.

Very soon, footsteps were heard. The students closest to the door got bold and peeked out. They saw Mrs. Tong walking over with a female student. Mrs. Tong had a smile on her face.

“They’re here! It’s a female student. Oh my god, look at her legs. Her skin is so white! She must be a beauty.”

“Really? Quick, sit properly.”

“Keep quiet! Mrs. Tong is our sister. Don’t bully our sister.”

Very soon, the classroom only had the sound of books flipping. This was proof that the students in this class had good self-control.

Mrs. Tong didn’t come in with Ye Jian. She walked into the class herself.

When she saw her students all looking at their books, she walked to the podium and teased them, “You all are good at controlling yourselves. If you don’t gossip, I’ll feel that something is weird.”

The moment she opened her mouth, the students heaved sighs of relief. Some laughed loudly and said, “We’re in class now. We’re all good students who abide by the rules. We won’t ever gossip.”

“Really? I saw you popping your head out just now to see if I’ve arrived.” The person who spoke was the male student sitting near the entrance. Mrs. Tong didn’t reprimand him. She smiled amiably. “Today is the first day of school. You all might not know each other well so we’ll use the morning self-study time to do a self-introduction.”

The students got noisy. Mrs. Tong raised her hand and everyone quieted down. “First, let’s welcome a new student to our class. I’m sure that you all have heard her name but never seen her before. Come, a round of applause for our new classmate.”

Their classmate wasn’t late, she was a transfer student.

Amidst the sea of applause, Ye Jian held her textbooks and entered the classroom. She bowed to Mrs. Tong politely before bowing to her classmates.

“Ye Jian! Why are you here?” Someone suddenly jumped up from her seat and shouted shrilly, “Why are you here?”

It was Ye Ying. She was the only student that stood up. Her pretty features turned hideous. She even raised a finger and pointed at Ye Jian. She was shocked and furious. She couldn’t accept this.

Her voice was very loud and it stood out among the clapping sounds. The girl sitting beside her pulled her dress. “What are you doing? Everyone is looking at you.”

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