Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 382 - This Is A Senior High Where You Can Be Wilful

Chapter 382: This Is A Senior High Where You Can Be Wilful

While she was working, Mrs. Tong would wear a simple pair of glasses that were attached to a black string. She took off her glasses and smiled at Ye Jian. “It looks like you hid some of your potentials during the training last year. Ye Jian, you know how to keep a low profile. That’s a rare thing.”

She managed to remember 60 students within such a short time. This wasn’t something a normal person could do. At least she never met any student who could do it after so many years of teaching.

Also, she was curious about how this 16-year-old girl was able to remain calm and know how to keep a low profile.

Ye Jian never mentioned her family much. After Mrs. Tong asked her about it, she took out her registration form and pointed to the column about her parents. “I’m different from the other students. I need to protect myself carefully.”

“Sometimes, keeping a low profile doesn’t mean that you’re weak. It’s a form of protection too. Also, I’m able to be on friendly terms with my classmates if I maintain a certain standard and not appear too outstanding.”

This was her understanding of survival and communication with other people after living two lives.

When interacting with other students, it was better to hide your true potential. This was a place where comparison occurred all the time.

Mrs. Tong was speechless for a moment. She sighed after a while. “Ye Jian, I just want to say that I have no regrets as a teacher after meeting a student like you.”

“However, you must remember that the fittest survive. This is one of the school values. The competition between the students starts the moment they enter school.”

“The same value applies to results. In Class One, results speak for themselves. People might be jealous because of your good results but on the other hand, they respect people with good results too.”

Mrs. Tong was a teacher who had a good teacher’s virtue. She didn’t hope that Ye Jian would hide her abilities to fit into the crowd. She didn’t need to keep a low profile at such a young age.

As a young person, she should live more wilfully.

If she was so cautious in school, she would be even more cautious when she stepped into society.

“It’s alright to be cautious in society but a school is a different place. This is a place where students should be happy. Why should you be careful? The greater your ability, the bigger your stage. Ye Jian, remember what I said today. Provincial No.1 Middle School is a huge stage. Students can do whatever they want here. You don’t have to hide your ability. You study well because you have the capability to do it. Why will the students talk badly about you?”

“Even if they do, you don’t have to take it to heart. There will be people jealous of a strong person. There will be people who respect him too.”

The two of them chatted for half an hour before leaving. Principal Chen and Uncle Gen taught Ye Jian to be independent. Mrs. Tong taught her to be strong but gentle.

She taught Ye Jian how to have a strong and gentle heart at the same time.

In the future, after Ye Jian climbed to the top of the military world with her own strength, Mrs. Tong was one of the people she thanked during an interview.

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