Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 381 - Finally

Chapter 381: Finally

“She left long ago. You’re lucky that you met her. She’s a responsible young lady. She accompanied you for forty minutes in the hot afternoon.” Principal Cao saw his tie and knew that he hurried over from work. “Come in and have a seat to cool down. I’ll arrange for a car. Let’s go out to have lunch.”

“What plans do you have in the afternoon? If you have nothing, you can rest in your hotel. You can go out and play too but you must bring people along with you.”

Qin Xiu retracted his gaze and started chatting with his uncle. “I’ll take notice of it. I want to walk around your school in the afternoon. Your school is a hundred-year-old school. I can rest if I get tired. As long as I don’t go out of the school, you don’t have to worry about me.”

Besides his sense of direction, Principal Cao wasn’t worried about anything else. “Okay. The school just opened today so I have many things to settle. You can take a look around the school. When is your flight? Are you going back to the capital?”

“The day after tomorrow. I won’t be going back to the capital city. I’ll go to Germany with the representative team for work.” As a worker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qin Xiu didn’t spend much time in China. Most of the time, he was on a plane or he was overseas.

Ye Jian pushed the door and entered the teachers’ office. The cold air inside cooled her down.

“Have a seat here. This is Mrs. Zhu’s office table.” Mrs. Tong waved at her and asked her to take a seat at the desk beside her. She pointed to the file and then looked at the time. She smiled kindly. “The list is here. Take a look at it yourself. I have some things to settle so we’ll go to the cafeteria at 12.30 pm. Is that okay?”

Ye Jian smiled and nodded. “Okay. Please continue with your work. There’s no need to worry about me.”

Teachers were often busy on the first day of school. Only Mrs. Tong didn’t leave for lunch in the entire office. Ye Jian took the file from the pile of documents and looked at it carefully.

The first few papers were from the outstanding students. When she flipped to the 15th page, Ye Ying’s picture entered her eyes.

Not bad. She got fairer and her words had become prettier.

She looked at Ye Ying’s specialty. Dance, English… Ye Jian smiled.

It looked like Ye Ying had spent much effort on her English.

She wasn’t shocked. In her past life, Ye Ying was good in English too after she came back from studying overseas.

She didn’t know if Ye Ying knew English when she was in senior high. After all, she never studied after she graduated from junior high.

She sat at Mrs. Zhu’s desk and flipped through the file. She scanned through the names and the pictures. Within ten minutes, she finished looking through the file and had remembered all the names of the 60 students.

As expected of a hundred-year-old school. Class One was filled with elite students.

However, some students’ didn’t have extremely good results. This was reasonable. The school couldn’t let all the good students in the second year of senior high be in one class. Class One just had better results overall.

After Mrs. Tong finished all her matters, she looked up and saw Ye Jian reading through the math textbook.

She looked at the file that was in its original spot. She looked at the quiet student who was looking at the math textbook and smiled. “Why are you looking at the textbook? Have you seen the students’ list? There are photos inside. You can get to know your classmates first.”

She thought that Ye Jian didn’t look at the list.

“I’ve finished looking at the list. You were busy with work so I didn’t want to interrupt you. I took Mrs. Zhu’s textbook to take a look.” Ye Ying closed the textbook in her hand. She didn’t tell Mrs. Tong about her relationship with Ye Ying.

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