Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 380 - Hello, I'm Qin Xiu

Chapter 380: Hello, I’m Qin Xiu

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The call took 37 minutes. It was almost 12 noon.

Qin Xiu turned. He smiled and apologized politely again. “I’m sorry to let you wait for so long. Also, my attitude wasn’t good just now. I apologize for that.”

“No problem.” Ye Jian just wanted to send this person away as soon as possible. Even sending a three-year-old child home wasn’t so tiring!

She wasn’t angry so it meant that she really didn’t mind. Qin Xiu pursed his lips as he walked over. He sighed in his heart. He didn’t leave a good first impression on her. He needed to make some amendments.

As someone from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qin Xiu was well-versed in communicating with people. He immediately found a way to leave a better impression of himself.

“We met in the morning. Do you still remember?” He reached out his hand. His fingers were slender and clean. “I’m Qin Xiu. Sorry for taking up so much of your time.”

Since the other party volunteered a handshake, and he was Principal Cao’s nephew, Ye Jian hesitated for half a second before reaching out his hand.

Because of her hesitation, even if it was just for half a second, Qin Xiu knew that this lady didn’t like any physical interactions. He retracted his hand after three seconds and maintained a polite smile. “I’m not good with directions. My body always moves right and left unknowingly as though my body and my brain aren’t connected. Hence, I always make the wrong decision.”

Admitting his mistakes to a stranger required some courage. Ye Jian smiled and replied indifferently, “No one is perfect. But with your sense of direction, Mr. Qin should get a person to stay beside you all the time.”

She didn’t speak too directly. It was a display of her manners.

Qin Xiu smiled deeper. Just as he was about to speak, his cell phone vibrated. He apologized to Ye Jian again before looking at his cell phone.

He started smiling sincerely. He told Ye Jian, “It has been almost 40 minutes since I called my uncle. He must be thinking that I got lost again.” He picked up the call and said, “I’m at the Swan Lake. Her? She’s still here. Okay, I’ll come immediately.”

“Please stop working while you’re walking. Ye Jian still has things to do. Don’t let her accompany you around the school.” Principal Cao felt that his hair had gotten whiter during this half an hour.

So her name was Ye Jian. What a simple name. He could remember it instantly.

It was almost lunchtime so Qin Xiu didn’t receive any more calls. Ye Jian managed to send him safely to the principal’s office.

Principal Cao was already waiting at the door. When he saw them walking over, he hurried forward and welcomed them. “Why didn’t you bring people along with you? If you get lost in this city, I won’t be able to answer to your mother.”

When Ye Jian noticed something wrong with Principal Cao’s expression, she left quietly. The person getting scolded wouldn’t want people to watch him getting scolded.

“I took a call from work so I forgot about the time.” Qin Xiu didn’t take it to heart. Because of his bad sense of direction, he had many people around him ever since he was young. Last time, he had no choice but to accept them. Now, he didn’t bring them along because he didn’t like them. He changed the topic surreptitiously. “I still have to thank…”

He turned and wanted to thank Ye Jian. However, the female student behind him had already left secretly.

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