Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 379 - : He Is From the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Chapter 379: He Is From the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Ye Jian didn’t care about all these. She was worried that he was going to turn left again.

Ye Jian had no choice. She blocked the man’s path and used her actions to remind him that he walked in the wrong direction.

A man was serious when he was working. An angry man was not someone you should offend. The man who was reprimanding someone looked up angrily when he noticed that someone was blocking his path. His gaze was intent as he glanced at Ye Jian.

His smile was light but it wasn’t gentle and refreshing anymore. It felt ruthless.

Ye Jian didn’t move. She promised Principal Cao that she would send this person to his office. She would finish what she promised.

The man frowned. He didn’t turn. Instead, he walked past Ye Jian and continued turning left. He walked in the opposite direction of the office building.

Ye Jian looked at his back view and suddenly felt that she understood how Captain Xia felt when she chased him away.

Captain Xia had good manners so he didn’t get angry at her. As for her, her temper was not as good as him. She wanted to scold this person very much.

It was almost 11 pm. She still had to look for Mrs. Tong. Ye Jian sighed. She caught up with the man and stood in front of him again.

“You must bear with the consequences of your mistakes. No one can take the blame for you. The affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the country’s affairs. From the moment you stand beside the leaders of the country, you are responsible for the glory and reputation of the country.”

Ye Jian’s burning flame of anger got put out when she heard this. She didn’t interrupt the man anymore. Under the man’s furious gaze, she let him pass and allowed him to turn left.

After walking for a few meters, the man started speaking in a language she didn’t understand. He sounded polite but firm.

He seemed to be in a discussion but he still maintained his dignity.

Time passed slowly. The man had no sense of direction but he was someone who was able to discover nice sceneries and make himself comfortable.

After ten minutes, he arrived at the Swan Lake. He sat on a long stone bench and continued talking on the phone.

Ye Jian didn’t walk over. She just stood behind him. She was worried that he might walk into the lake. If that happened, she would still be able to save him.

Fortunately, nothing like this happened.

The man didn’t stand up immediately after he hung up. He sat there with a cold aura that made people afraid to get near him. He sat for five minutes. Ye Jian saw him looking up and sighing tiredly. Then, he rubbed his face and got up.

After talking on the phone for such a long time, Qin Xiu finally noticed his surroundings.

He was at a loss. He didn’t know where he was!

The female student that was following behind him, the lady that he was enchanted by this morning, was gone too.

“Hello, are you done with your work? If you’re done, I’ll take you to Principal Cao now.” Ye Jian opened her mouth calmly behind him. She didn’t sound impatient at all. “37 minutes have passed. I think that Principal Cao must be worried about you.”

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