Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 383 - I Miss You. What Should I Do?

Chapter 383: I Miss You. What Should I Do?

After lunch, Mrs. Tong returned to her office while Ye Jian went to get her luggage from Principal Chen.

Principal Chen was busy with work. Besides the start of school, he was free most of the time.

He liked his job as a librarian. His body condition was not very good. In order to see how far the little girl he groomed could walk, he started to take care of his health.

There was a new batch of books which just arrived. There were all kinds of books. The resources of a hundred-year-old school were much better than the other schools. This could be seen from the books in the library.

Two hours later, Ye Jian left with her luggage after looking at many books.

It was 4 pm. The school was much quieter now. She walked on a stone pavement with huge camphor trees lining it. After turning left from Swan Lake and walking a few meters down, she would reach the female dormitory.

When she reached the Swan Lake, she saw a person sitting on the stone bench under the willow tree. He placed his arm on the back seat of the bench in a relaxed manner and was admiring the beautiful scenery of Swan Lake.

Ye Jian thought for a moment. She decided to walk over.

This was an old friend. If she evaded him, he would tease her the next time they meet.

“You didn’t evade me? Little Fox, I’m surprised.” It was as though Xia Jinyuan had eyes behind his back. Before Ye Jian got near, he had turned his head.

The golden sunlight shone through the willow tree and formed patches of light on his handsome face. It was hard to see his expression.

He saw Ye Jian carrying her luggage so he got up. “I need your help with a serious matter. Do you want to put your luggage on my car first or put them at your dormitory first?”

He was still smiling but the seriousness in his eyes proved to Ye Jian that he was indeed talking about something important.

“If you’re in a hurry, we can leave immediately. If not, I’ll put them in the dormitory first.” Ye Jian lifted her light luggage. There weren’t many things inside. She only brought a few clothes.

Xia Jinyuan had waited for around half an hour. He took the luggage which he had carried for many times today and smiled. “Bring them along then. You might be able to use them at night.”

“I’ll inform you first that we might not be able to go back to school tonight.”

Ye Jian didn’t mind camping outside. Even if she had to stay by the roadside or camp under the bridges, she wouldn’t complain.

When they returned to the car, Xia Jinyuan’s cell phone started vibrating. He glanced at Ye Jian before picking up the call. “Come over in 20 minutes. Book a hotel beforehand. If it’s too late, we’ll sleep at a hotel.”

Ye Jian didn’t ask him what happened. She was used to letting other people speak first.

The car stopped outside the police station. Before it was parked properly, two policemen in uniform ran over with a serious expression.

“The suspect has strong counter-reconnaissance capabilities and is brutal. He might have erased all his traces after committing his crime. All the cameras in the province have sent their images over. The images during the time of the crime are sent over too. We don’t have much time left, We need to find the suspect quickly.”

The moment they got down, one of the policemen instantly reported all their findings. Then other policemen led them to the surveillance camera control room.

“Get all the images of the location of the crime. Also, bring the images from the cameras at the two crossroads nearest to the location of the crime.” Xia Jinyuan started giving out orders. He told Ye Jian, You have a good memory and good distinguishing skills. I’ve prepared a pen and paper. If you discover anything, write it down.”

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