Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 371 - I Got Into Provincial No.1 Middle School

Chapter 371: I Got Into Provincial No.1 Middle School

Mrs. Tong looked at Old Chen. He was a new librarian but he was able to attend this meeting. She smiled and said slowly, “How do you know what I want to say before I open my mouth?”

“Come, tell me what you want to say then.” Principal Cao appeared to listen to her intently. He laughed and said, “It looks like our popular Mrs. Tong wants to help her student achieve something.”

Mrs. Tong was popular among her students. Her students sometimes even called her Sister Tong. This showed how close she was with her students.

“Besides forgoing her school fees, do you think you can prioritize her when there are competitions? There are rewards for most competitions so I think that it will be a good way to encourage her to study hard so that she can change her standard of living.”

Principal Cao nodded and agreed with her suggestion. She was thinking for her student.

There was only one reason why he didn’t want to send Ye Jian to Mrs. Tong’s class. Yet, he couldn’t tell her this reason.

As they were speaking, someone knocked on the door. A low voice sounded, “Is Principal Cao inside? I’m Xia Jinyuan.”

Xia Jinyuan…?

Principal Cao looked at the new librarian. “Old Chen, this young man seems more close to you. Is he looking for you?”

“I met him yesterday and asked him to fetch Ye Jian this morning.” Old Chen was Principal Chen. He was now working as a librarian at the school. He stood up and smiled at Mrs. Tong. “Ye Jian should be here. If you have any questions, you can ask her. She is a bold person. She isn’t shy.”

In order to not affect Ye Jian’s training, Principal Chen rejected the position of a director and became a librarian. He wouldn’t have anything to do after his work and he would be free during the summer and winter vacations too.

The door opened. A few leaders of the school left. They smiled when they saw Ye Jian.

“Come in. Major Xia, have a seat too.” Principal Cao shook hands with Xia Jinyuan and then looked at Ye Jian. He couldn’t control his smile.

Last year, he felt pity that he didn’t get such a good student. However, this year, she still came to his school.

She had grown taller and her aura was quieter now. “Ye Jian, I feel at ease that you came. Come inside and have a seat.”

“Your future form teacher, Mrs. Tong, is here. Also…” He tilted his body so that Ye Jian was able to look behind him. He pointed behind him and said, “Old Chen has been waiting for you for a long time. If you didn’t come, he might have gone to the train station to look for you.”

Principal Chen walked over wearing the badge of Provincial No.1 Middle School. He laughed when he saw the stunned Ye Jian. He told Mrs. Tong, “This child doesn’t know that I came to work here. I didn’t tell her so she must be in shock now.”

She was really stunned. So this was why Uncle Gen let her leave without worry. He knew that Principal Chen was working here.

Mrs. Tong was familiar with Ye Jian. She left a lasting impression on Mrs. Tong during the training in Provincial No.1 Middle School last year. That was why she fought for Ye Jian to be in her class.

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