Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 372 - Surpass Everyone

Chapter 372: Surpass Everyone

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Ye Jian had a photographic memory so she recognized Mrs. Tong. The two of them started chatting.

On the other side, Principal Chen and Xia Jinyuan had started their own conversation too. Mrs. Tong asked Ye Jian about her condition. She was a kind teacher with a pair of amiable but stern eyes. She asked Ye Jian about her studies and her personal life. She was very detailed and concerned.

Mrs. Tong liked this quiet and resolute student. She smiled the entire time she was talking to Ye Jian. “All your teachers have looked at your script. You won’t have a problem catching up with the class. You can even jump to the tenth grade if you want to.”

“Your lessons will start tomorrow. You will enter the class with me and do a simple self-introduction. I’ll pass you the details of your classmates so that you can get to know them first. There is no need to worry. The classes just split according to their specialization so everyone is new to one another.”

Ye Jian had met a teacher that wanted to destroy a student for her personal interest. When she looked at Mrs. Tong, she felt that these two teachers were vastly different even though their occupation is the same.

She pursed her lips and smiled. “Thank you for your concern. I don’t have many problems in my personal life. If I need your help with work, I will have to disturb you.” The more polite and well-mannered she was, the more the teacher liked her.

“Sure! You’re really a good student! I’ll hand you the class list in a moment.” Mrs. Tong patted Ye Jian’s hand and said to Principal Cao happily, “Principal, I still have things to do. I’ll make a move first.”

Ye Jian could imagine her interesting senior high school life already. She was lucky to have such a good teacher.

After Mrs. Tong left, Principal Cao walked out from behind his desk and looked at Ye Jian sternly. “There’s one thing I have to inform you first so that you’ll be prepared tomorrow.”

For some reason, Ye Jian looked at Xia Jinyuan. She felt as though looking at him would give her a sense of security.

Coincidentally, Xia Jinyuan looked back at her too. Their gazes met. Xia Jinyuan gave a teasing smile. Ye Jian quickly looked away.

Why did she look at him?

Ye Jian was frustrated that she got caught. She calmed down and asked calmly, “Please say it. I’m listening.

“Ye Ying is also in Provincial No.1 Middle School. You know that, right?” Principal Cao went straight onto the main topic. “I wanted to put you in Class Six where the environment is not so stressful. The form teacher of that class is not bad too.”

“However, Mrs. Tong took much effort to pull you into her class. Because of this, the form teacher of Class Six was unhappy with Mrs. Tong.”

Mrs. Tong even had a quarrel with the leaders of the school because of Ye Jian. She persuaded the form teacher of Class Six for a long time and managed to get the other form teacher to say yes to her. He didn’t know what she said to that form teacher.

By the time he knew about it, everything had been finalized.

“Mrs. Tong has taught 12 batches of students and has 24 years of experience as a form teacher. I’m not worried about her. I’m only worried because Ye Ying is in her class too.”

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