Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 370 - The Anxious Master Xia

Chapter 370: The Anxious Master Xia

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The school wasn’t far from the train station. Ye Jian reached there before 8 am.

The registration was at 9 am but the school had already started taking registration at 8 am.

Ye Jian didn’t ask Xia Jinyuan for help. She finished the entire registration herself. After she was done, she looked up at the shiny ‘Provincial No.1 Middle School’ words. In the end, she came back here. She still chose Provincial No.1 Middle School which was 18 hours away from her home.

Xia Jinyuan looked at her as she walked towards him with the sun behind her. Her short hair danced in the sunlight as she walked calmly among the students. From her smile, he could tell that she liked this school just like how she liked the military unit.

“Let’s put your luggage down first. Where is your dormitory?” After she came closer, Xia Jinyuan smiled sexily. He took out a map of the school. “The male dormitory is here while the female dormitory is close to the Swan Lake. What is your block?”

Ye Jian took out her information booklet. There was nothing inside. She said in a cheeky tone, “I haven’t been assigned a dormitory yet. It might take a few days. I’ll go and look for Principal Cao first. Captain Xia, do you want to…”

“Are you trying to kick me away? Uncle Chen told me that I have to send you personally to him.” Xia Jinyuan understood what she was trying to do. She wanted to chase him away.

His gaze turned dark. Even his tone got more serious. “I’m someone who means what I say. Since I promised him, I’ll do it.”

Ye Jian’s heart dropped when she saw Xia Jinyuan’s stern expression. She moved her gaze away and pursed her lips. After a while, she said, “Sorry to trouble you then, Captain Xia.”

Sigh, if I’m not serious around her, she will definitely chase me away.

He didn’t need to use so many methods when he meets his enemies. However, in front of her, he had to use all the ideas he had.

But this was really interesting.

The more she wants to escape, the more he wants to step closer to her.

Even if she turned 60 or 70 years old, he will continue moving closer to her.

It was hard for him to give up such an outstanding comrade that was able to move forward with him.

Principal Cao was talking to some leaders of the school in his office. There was a teacher at the meeting too. The topic of the meeting was Ye Jian. They were discussing who should be the form teacher of Class 1. Principal Cao smiled. “Don’t try to bargain with me. Mrs. Zhu has already told you everything.”

“You were the one who asked for Ye Jian. I didn’t plan to pass her to you in the first place. I’m afraid that the famous Miss Exterminator will anger Ye Jian and make her leave our school.”

Miss Exterminator, Mrs. Tong, was a special grade teacher. She was one of the treasures of Provincial No.1 Middle School. Along with math teacher, Mrs. Zhu, they managed to send 40 undergraduates to key universities and 14 undergraduates to second-grade universities.

Everyone in the class, besides those that went overseas to study, had their names in the ranking list.

Miss Exterminator was not a nickname given by her students. Mrs. Tong gave herself this nickname. She wanted to exterminate any possibility of not getting into university.

Mrs. Tong was more than 50 years old. She was a vibrant and outgoing teacher. She wasn’t like those teachers that always wore a stern face. She had the strictness of a teacher but she was amiable like an elder too.

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