Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 357 - Results That Couldn't Be Found

Chapter 357: Results That Couldn’t Be Found

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“That’s good. That’s good. As long as she’s able to let them respect her and trust her, I’ll feel at ease.” Grandpa Gen remembered what Xia Jinyuan said. He once told her that Ye Jian was not used to mixing around with other people. This would make her life in the military unit hard. That was why he called the political commissar immediately the moment he got back.

Hence, when Ye Jian entered the military unit, she was tasked to settle the arrogant recruits.

Principal Chen was busy too. By the time he finished his work and contacted Ye Jian, it was the start of August.

He called during the day Ye Jian’s results came out. That day, she was still in the military unit so she received the call in the sentry box.

“Not bad, girl. You managed to achieve what you wanted.”

Before Principal Chen told her the results, Ye Jian, who had some ideas already, said, “Even if you don’t tell me my results, I know.” She said a number.

It was only five points lower than her actual score.

Without the scores from biology and geography, she scored full marks for all her tests except for her essay writing test where she got three points deducted. Ye Jian thought that she would have five points lesser.

She wasn’t the top student but she was fourth in the entire province.

The principal of Municipal No.1 Middle School felt regretful when he heard Ye Jian’s score. They forced away such a good student.

However, he remembered Ye Zhifan’s position now. The Provincial Bureau of Education reminded him that he couldn’t announce Ye Jian’s results to other people so he could only sigh. There was nothing else he could do.

When the results were released, Ye Zhifan, who had been taking extra notice of it, immediately called Old Hu.

The Provincial Bureau of Education purposely hid Ye Jian’s results so Old Hu didn’t know too. He was from the City Bureau of Education.

“I only have the results of the students who managed to get into senior high. Ye Jian’s name is not in the list.” Old Hu didn’t find Ye Jian’s information in his system. He was curious as to why Ye Zhifan was interested in the results of a student so he said, “Old Ye, why are you so concerned about the results of this student? If I remember correctly, you only have one daughter, right?”

He thought about something and teased him, “The student’s surname is also Ye… Is she your illegitimate daughter?”

“As expected of a scholar. You have a great imagination. She is a distant relative of mine. I’ve some grudges with her parents so I’m just curious about her results.” Ye Zhifan was elated when he knew that Ye Jian didn’t score well. He didn’t want Old Hu to probe further so he said, “Let’s have a meal tonight. You want to walk the same path as Secretary Wu right? Assistant Zeng has asked for a meal with Secretary Wu today. If you’re free, you can join us.”

Old Hu liked this suggestion. He forgot about his gossiping heart and thanked Ye Zhifan. Then, he hung up.

Ye Zhifan called Ye Ying and Sun Dongqing after that.

“Wicked girl, I knew that she was useless. She’s not fated to study.” Sun Dongqing looked at her pretty daughter and felt proud. She couldn’t contain her arrogance as she said sarcastically, “Yingying, your sister failed her exam. You should call her and console her.”

Ye Ying raised her chin proudly and laughed shrillingly, “You’re right, I’ll call the village leader tonight and ask him to let Ye Jian take the call.”

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